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Blanke Schande College, in California, has two campuses, one in Olive Beach (San Diego County), and one in Alturas (in the far northeast corner of the state).  It is like any other small college, except that female students are required to be naked at all times.  Its not what you might think.  Once they get over their initial embarrassment, its the women who have the advantage.  The men can look but they cant touch unless specifically given permission.

Blanke Schande life is not one big orgy.  There isnt any more sexual activity than at other colleges.  The female nudity policy is not about sex, says the college president, Eleanor Grimes Ferguson (who does all official business in the nude).  It is about creating strong, independent women, and men who are strong enough to respect them.

As far as I know, Blanke Schande is a unique concept.  It was created by johnnycancer” in 2002 using photos of clothed men and naked women doing everyday things as if the women were as clothed as the men.  (Its actually pretty hard to find such photos.)  With johnnycancers encouragement I wrote these initial stories about BSC to set the tone.  Others have since written about it since.  Some are on Amazon.


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