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Brigid the Majorette Stories

“Did you guys read donnylaja’s Tami Beethoven, Parts 24 & 25?  You have to check it out if you haven’t.  Rod has a dream sequence back to high school and it is the hottest thing I’ve think I’ve ever read on this board and there’re plenty of good story lines and authors out there.

Brigid is this band’s majorette whose uniform is next to nothing and I mean next to nothing and they’re marching in this parade and it is freezing cold out.  And she takes it like a trooper and comes through for her school.

I guess it’s a lead in to Tami being the grand marshal at the St. Patricks day parade which is cool but the Brigid story line is just perfect.  It has all the hot buttons for me.  The seemingly unassuming girl who bares pretty much all as part of her job while everyone else is bundled up in their warm uniforms with their thermals on.  She has to perform a difficult routine while damn near naked and in the freezing cold.  I love it!  On top of that her tiny uniform is a story in itself.  I think being a bit of an exhibitionist myself I admire characters like that.  I think people sometimes like to get the girl naked too quick and keep cowering that way.  I think having her in her tiny uniform is extremely sexy especially when it is so out of place; and the way sex sells today and the way NFL cheerleaders dress it is fairly believable.

I still love Tami but this story is just great.  I hope we can convince donnylaja to take up the story line.  It could be a long novel starting at the beginning of the football season with lots of interesting game stories and maybe some trips to distant parades.”

-- Comment on ASN Story Board, March 17, 2007

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