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From:   RJC

To:        C POOLE

Re:       Further Notes on the Maik-lings


        In line with our recent discussion, I have tried to find out more, without making direct inquiries.  I remind you that I am an engineer and am not used to such vague instructions.  Also I cannot be involved in intelligence gathering, if that’s what this is.  My only area of inquiry should be the humming from the vibrators insofar as it might affect the electromagnetic ambience of the physical plant.  I sometimes ask myself why the Chinese agreed to bring us in, when our work does not involve particularly advanced technology and it’s hard to believe they couldn’t do it themselves.  Needless to say I don’t voice these thoughts to Mr. Zhou or to the building manager, Mr. Li.


        20.    You asked me to follow the Maik-lings’ short bus after school, to see where they live, but I would need help to do that.  If it’s just me, I will be detected, especially if, as I suspect, they live out in the hills where traffic would be sparse.  The regular bus driver is a short, middle-aged woman who wears a special uniform, I assume that of the bus company.  She interacts with the Maik-lings normally and pleasantly, as if the girls were wearing clothes, and engages them in chit-chat, too far away for me to overhear.  Note that she doesn’t deal with them when they’re “wearing” their apparatus.  During snowy or icy weather she takes care in helping the girls step off, ice and snow being slippery under their bare feet.  One time there was a substitute driver, in the same uniform, who as might be expected acted less familiar with them.


        21.    The Maik-lings’ nudity, as I mentioned earlier, is total and absolute and permanent and extends through all seasons, no matter how cold or windy.  It seems to be a strict rule to keep them away from any kind of clothing, covering, or footwear, though they don’t seem to mind it.  In the rain they don’t use umbrellas, they just let themselves get wet, though one must admit this has advantages because once inside they dry out more quickly than their companions in wet clothes.  Still, it is startling to see them waiting patiently in the freezing rain to get the dildos inserted, their bodies flushed red with the cold.  They seem oblivious to the cold or the rain, or at least (and this is a wild guess) they are trained not to look like it affects them.  Physically it doesn’t harm them.  As far as I can tell not one of them has ever been out sick, nor have I ever seen one with a runny nose or a cough.  There was strep throat going around in January resulting in a lot of absences, but the Maik-lings were not affected.


        22.    Last Tuesday, once again, the Maik-lings appeared with a bow in their hair (see para. 18).  This time it was not blue but orange.  Once again, it seemed to cause no comment, and the bows were gone the next day.


        23.    I invent all kinds of pretenses to be around the students, teachers, and staff, inspecting outlets, opening up soffets, etc., and my Chinese is improving, but I never overhear anything said about the Maik-lings, by them or by anyone else, as to their nudity, the vibrators, or anything else about the life of a Maik-ling.  This is very frustrating.  The appearance of the orange bows was a further example.  You’d think that at least one of the (clothed) girls would tell a Maik-ling on how nice it looked.  If such comments are made it’s outside of my earshot, but I don’t get the impression that people are watching what they say when I’m around.  I’ve become a familiar sight around the school and everyone says hi to me and waves at me with what looks like unforced friendliness.  I have to say this is a well-run school with high-achieving, happy people, teachers and students alike.


        24.    A school dance was held one night last week and to my surprise all the Maik-lings attended.  They were not in their apparatus, just naked kids among clothed kids.  It seemed like everyone in their grade was there.  The Chinese are hardly wild partiers and the dancing was pretty conservative, as were the formal outfits of the other students, and the music.  Given their behavior in the foyer, and at the Teen Club (para. 17), I assumed the Maik-lings were lesbian, but that seems not to be the case.  Same-sex dancing was apparently not allowed in this conservative culture, but the naked girls seemed fine with dancing with (clothed) boys.  I’m not an expert on this topic but gender attraction is pretty fluid at that age, especially with girls.  Though I wonder what the boys were feeling, holding a naked girl close, one hand on a bare shoulder and another on a bare hip.  I was expecting the Maik-lings to be wallflowers but they clearly were not.  They seemed indistinguishable from the other students, except for the lack of clothing.  Fortunately no bare toes got accidentally stepped on.

        25.    I mentioned the vandalism incident at the playground fence (para. 19).  It turns out there was an attempt to cut through it.  I was called in because whoever it was also tried to cut into a power line that’s buried there.  It seemed a stupid thing to do, risking electrocution.  Fortunately the cut didn’t penetrate the insulation and repair was easy.  I was dying to ask questions as to who could have done it, had this kind of thing happened before, etc., but I didn’t dare.  While out there, though, I noticed tire tracks going out to the road to Taerzhen.  I’m sure the Chinese authorities, thorough as they are, noticed this also and investigated.  Interestingly, the power line they tried to cut was right next to one of the lines of the old system (disconnected for two years now), and that line was not damaged.


        26.    I mentioned before (para. 13) that the vibrators apparently have an independent power source.  I asked Mr. Li, as casually as I could, if there were any other power systems on the grounds.  My pretext was telling him I heard some equalization interference in the normal wire whine (a transient, unrecorded finding that cannot be disproven).  He said, “If it’s not in the blueprints, it doesn’t exist.”  I told him in that case the interference might be due to a bad ground somewhere and I would like to check it out.  He seemed not to suspect my motives, and gave permission.  Fortunately checking for bad grounds gives me an excuse to visit almost any area of the building or the grounds.  I’m glad Mr. Li is not an electrician and won’t volunteer to “help me out”.


        27.    I have managed to have a one-on-one interaction with a Maik-ling.  It started out as a shot in the dark where I got lucky.  I went to Mr. Zhou and said, “I need someone to help me up on the roof of the power plant with threading some wires through conduits.  I thought maybe one of your students, if you don’t mind.  Someone pretty strong, because the wires are heavy.”  I was hoping he would suggest a Maik-ling because I’ve seen them assigned to some heavy outdoor tasks (see para. 8).  Mr. Zhou smiled (he has gradually gotten more cordial with me) and said, “I’m sure he or she would be thrilled.”  He looked at a few things on his screen and said, “How about a Maik-ling?  They’re all pretty strong. . . Let’s see . . . ZhenZhen, Fenfang and Jing can be excused next period . . . Also Chyou. . . no, she’s giving a presentation in History class . . . Mrs. Chang, please page Fenfang.”  I was glad to be so free of suspicion that he didn’t mind having me work with a Maik-ling!


        28.    Fenfang is the tallest of the Maik-lings, thin and athletic, with a concave tummy over the belt of her “apparatus”.  Like all the rest, her skin is evenly tanned from constant exposure to the sun and the elements, and her nipples are permanently erect, hard brown pebbles on medium-sized breasts.  Her feet are broad and strong, toes widely spread, my guess is from a lifetime without shoes.  If they do live in the hills I imagine those feet have walked or run or climbed over lots of rough terrain.  While I got the scooter out of the garage she waited silently and patiently, with that odd kind of dignity the Maik-lings all possess.  She helped me load the loops of wires, with no sign of strain, with her toughened bare hands (I had to use gloves).  Like I said, these girls are strong.  I also have to say that they all have very pretty faces.


        29.    The power plant is a squat little building over the hill from the school, about 500 yards away.  It was a little above freezing that day, with patches of snow here and there.  The paths had been cleared and it hadn’t snowed in a while, and the sun felt pretty warm, so I figured being outside wouldn’t be too harsh on this naked girl, knowing the resistance to cold she already possessed.


        30.    We climbed up the ladder to the top of the plant and I immediately saw that there was still over a foot of snow up there.  It went up to her knees.  She helped me heft the loops up and we worked quietly together separating the wires, my overcoat and shirt and gloves next to her bare shoulders and bare breasts and bare hands, my pants next to her bare legs, my boots and thermal socks next to her freezing bare feet buried in the snow.  I worried about her getting frostbite or hypothermia and wanted to hurry it up, but electricians must do things slowly and carefully.  At one point she braced herself by spreading her legs wide and putting one foot up on the chimney, her snow-encrusted toes grabbing the little ledge.  I was discreet but as she turned away from me I got a good look at her apparatus and noticed that the dildos are held in via a tie-on brace device which leaves the base of the dildo visible, probably on purpose.  Fenfang’s front dildo was purple, the one in her rectum was pink.  I still can’t get over how big those things are, thicker than a normal penis both front and rear.  Each had numbers of several digits which unfortunately I can’t remember.  They must have metal inside but the exterior seemed to be hard plastic.  The straps are made of some kind of fiberglass braiding.


        31.    I hopped down through the chute and called up to Fenfang to push the wires through the conduit.  There were 27 of them, each separately coded.  This little building is heated and I felt pretty miserable, standing there inside fully clothed and actually starting to sweat, while a poor naked girl was freezing outside in the snow up on the roof.  I tried to think of how we could switch positions but she wouldn’t know where to connect the wires.  To make things worse the job took longer than I expected because the junction box covers were stuck and took a long time to pry off.  It ended up taking over half an hour.  I couldn’t see Fenfang from where I was but I wondered if she was rubbing her arms up there, or wiggling her toes, or somehow trying to get warm.


        32.    Finally I finished and climbed up.  There was no question that Fenfang felt the cold.  She was shivering, her whole body covered with goose bumps.  I ventured to say, “Everything o.k. up here?”  She nodded, quickly and automatically.  It was at that point that the bell rang, marking the end of fourth period.  She gasped as the humming started.  I wanted to get her someplace inside and warm but there was nothing I could do as she shuddered, this time not from the cold but from the intense stimulators deep within her.  She writhed and fell to her knees.  “Ohh -- ohh -- OHHHH!”  Within a few seconds she crested into orgasm, making what sounded like choking noises as every spasm shook her to the core.  As I’ve noted, the humming continues during orgasm and goes right on afterwards when stimulation is intensely not desired (para. 9).  At this point the girl fell to all fours and, to my horror, started shrieking so loud that it hurt my ears.  The screams continued as she was driven to a second orgasm within a few seconds.  We were far away from the school and it occurred to me that every Maik-ling wanted to scream aloud like this; their cries and moans in the school were strangled versions of these shrieks.  I thought of the iron willpower and self-control these girls must have, smothering the expression of the great thudding waves of pleasure (?) they were feeling.

        33.    Fenfang finished her second orgasm and then began crying like a baby (with all the lung-power that connotes).  Her howls were as loud as her screams.  She fell over, her arms and legs twitching and waving as if swimming in the snow which almost covered her now, or trying to escape the buzzing monsters within.  And now, to my further surprise, she looked up at me through anguished, tear-filled eyes.  I could not mistake that look.  Out of the depths of her dire distress she was begging for rescue.  But of course I could not do a thing to help her.  Was I being observed?  Was there a surveillance camera present?  I knew the Chinese put them in unexpected places.  I couldn’t even be seen watching her ordeal.  It was incredibly callous but my only option was to turn away.  I gathered the tools and ropes and threw them down to the scooter.  I went down and sat behind the wheel and waited.  Her crying was different from the shrieks during orgasm, so I could count the climaxes.  She suffered (yes, that’s the only word for it) through six of them before the three minutes were up and the humming stopped.


        34.    It has been announced that, beginning in two weeks, sixth period will be extended by ten minutes, so as to give the students more study time for final exams.  This may well be true but it also means the Maik-lings will endure an extra ten minutes of being driven to orgasm on the cold, dusty floor of the foyer.  As noted previously, their grades are excellent, in spite of not being allowed a clear head during sixth period.  They must do extra study at their home(s), wherever that is.


        35.    I doubt whether Maik-lings can converse or concentrate while being “buzzed”.  Occasionally I see another student chatting with one during the three minutes between periods, but it’s always small talk.  Their orgasms are so strong as to be debilitating, as I saw with Fenfang up on that roof.  Certainly I have never seen a Maik-ling pull out a book or a tablet while writing on that floor during sixth period.


        36.    I’m glad I caught this memo before it went out because I have one more thing to report.  ZhenZhen has disappeared.




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