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Memos from the Commissar

Dr. Horok assures me that D.’s nipples are in no danger.  She appears to be in pain when the weights are put on but that is simply due to shame and shock.  She can handle 150g per nipple if she is worked up to it gradually.  The Dr. is designing multi-burred claws which grasp at more points.  These should work better than the current clips which do little except compress the nipple unidirectionally.

What is this film of D. sitting on a block of ice and doing nothing?  We should not waste our time on such ridiculous ideas.  Also the film of her picking tomatoes.  Do you really think this will sell?

Tsoa has to be told to persevere if D. starts crying during a pose.  She has been naked for only a month and we will have to expect these spells now and then, for some time.  Either opt for a more “modest” pose at first, or just wait.  She will get used to it.  I am told this happened last week when the first pose called for spreading her legs.  This was a bad idea.  It is no wonder she closed her legs shut, rolled into a ball, and even covered her bare feet with her hands as she started praying.

Since she is no longer allowed shoes her feet must be made tough so as to be able to tread any surface.  Gingerly picking her way through that rock climbing shoot was not attractive and looked almost comic.  Dr. Horok recommends installing pebbly paths throughout the village designed just for her.  The time and expense of installation will be slight.  The pebbles will start out smooth and be replaced on a weekly basis with gradually sharper ones.

Kanto has been working out very well as our mole in the parish office.  You may be amused to find that Fr. Pierre has written a special prayer for D.  It is to be said when she feels especially ashamed, perhaps during posing when her friends or relatives pass by.  It goes: “Dear Lord, I am a modest girl and do not wish to be naked to the world.  Please give me the strength to endure, to be clothed in your gracious mercy, and to draw strength from the approach of the day when I can once again be allowed to cover myself.  Please forgive my tormentors, for they know not what they do.”  Imagine!  “Forgive”!!

It has been decided to progress to explicitly sexual themes because that market is so much more lucrative.  It will have to be done very gradually.  This is a very pious, modest virgin who has already been traumatized by public nudity.  I did not need Dr. Horok to tell me that further traumatization would lead to a psychotic break which would render her useless for our purposes.

D. will have to sleep and live in the special hut provided, monitored by Cadet Orimbato so that we can be sure she is always kept away from any kind of clothing or footwear.  I know there has been debate about this but I think this is the best course.  Her parents, as always, will blame themselves.  How stupid Catholics are!  They pray and pray for forgiveness as if their daughter’s misfortune is somehow due to something they did.  Anyway there is nothing to prevent them from visiting whenever they wish.  Her mother is a dressmaker which perhaps partly explains what is going on in their heads.

This is not the first time I have told you that you are going too fast.  This girl has to be handled carefully, gently.  Do not attempt anal penetration until an enema has been done.  Also use the smallest dildo possible, at least at first.  Similarly, a douche should be done before the first vaginal dildo.  I don’t object to marking up the enema bag so that the viewer thinks she is being filled with tabasco, or cold beer, or bleach, so long as it is really only water.  We absolutely do not want to do any physical damage, outside or inside.

It has been noticed that D.’s friends and relatives sometimes attend a shooting so that afterward they can hug her and comfort her.  I do not see any danger in this.  Her mental health, as I’ve said before, must be maintained.  Her parents never attend, probably because it is too hard for them to watch.  In time I believe they will accept it.

I do not share your concern about taking her out to the savannah next week for that scene where she pretends to escape by running away from the camera.  Yes, she can try to escape for real, but where can she run to, naked and barefoot?  There is no one around for miles and even if she finds a road, the roads are patrolled by our people.  Also she knows there are rattlesnakes.

I hereby veto Tsiry’s idea of erecting a large cross facing the church and tying D. to it, like Jesus, when services are held.  I know these stupid French have come to think of her as a Christ figure, paying for their sins -- the opiate of the masses! -- but this is going too far.  We do not want to provoke them unduly.  Provision 1 has been effective but the French imperialists greatly outnumber us natives in the village and might in anger coalesce into a mob.

I am not the only one to notice a recent listlessness in D.’s “performances”.  We cannot have a situation where she is losing her spirit.  Despite precautions, suicide is always possible.  Therefore I am ordering a feasibility study of Zava’s idea of rescue rumors, to be leaked to the French in subtle ways.  Asara, you are in charge.  Form a five-man committee and report in one week.  Bakoly will make available to you any resources you need.  We benefit from the fact that nobody has been able to transmit to the outside world so as to give the location of the village.  The only 2-way radio set belonged to Fr. Pierre and Major Kaloina destroyed it as soon as his troops took over. Long live the Revolution!

Dr. Horok assures me that there is no danger to D.’s anus or rectum.  It is true that she seemed in agony, and the people in the square were horrified, but it was because what was being invaded was not so much her anal orifice but her (and their) chaste sensibilities.  Tell Khu to increase the length to 12 cm and the radius to 1.5 cm, by stages.

Our instructions when taking over were to avoid killing any of these former colonists.  However I do not have discretion to forego execution if there is treason.  Some of the ex-officials have taken to viewing Tsoa’s photo sessions from afar in small groups.  Kanto believes that this is a pretext and they are actually getting together to talk in code.  Tsoa should, if possible, arrange sessions in more public places, with more foot traffic, so that these conversations can be overheard more anonymously.

No, no, no.  Sexual contact with men is still off the table and I think will always be.  It would create international law issues which our Revolution wishes to avoid.  However female tongues to nipples, vagina and anus might be considered.  Ask Fela about this. Also I will make an inquiry to the Taiost Liaison Committee.  I hear it is full of lesbians.

I am very impressed by Tsoa’s paintings.  The poses are perhaps conventional but he makes good use of the Catholic school as a backdrop and he pays great attention to detail.  He made the stiffness of D.’s nipples very vivid in that chilly early morning pose.  I took art at university and his style reminds me of Razanamaniraka.

I was very glad to hear that, after many frustrating attempts and a great deal of resistance and fear on her part, Onja and his crew finally forced D. to succumb to her first orgasm, during the “water fountain” session.  I also understand that her loud howls right afterward echoed off the municipal buildings and resounded through the village.  This, combined with the uncontrollable tears, must have made for a very effective film.  Please let me see it before it is sent to Distribution.

The hedge trimming series filmed by Hosiri last month has been a big seller.  D. was sweating all over.  The French hate hot weather.  They never should have come to this part of the world!

There has been some objection to my continuing to calculate a clothing allowance for D. into the wages allotted to her parents.  It is true that it intensifies the irrational Catholic guilt they already feel, keeping their daughter’s clothing money in their pockets while she lives her days permanently unclothed.  However whenever an exception is made to the allotted wages formula unforeseen problems tend to arise.  Her parents will eventually think of other ways to spend the allowance for her benefit.

I am glad to hear that she is reaching climax during every shoot now.  Dr. Horok tells me that females can have what he calls “multiple orgasms”, one after the other.  This has been observed only in older, married women, but he thinks it is worth trying with D.  He will send you a protocol on how it (or rather, they) might best be achieved.

Jaya reports that there has been an aggressive change in the intercessions at Mass.  Previously Fr. Pierre would say, “Pray for Douceline, and bring nearer the day when she can wear clothes again.”  Last Sunday he said, “. . . and bring to a quick end this endless injustice and this horrible shame.”  I do not see this as a good sign.  Perhaps Jaya can submit an intercession of her own which takes a middle ground.

After consultation with the Marketing Unit, I have decided to reject the suggestion that, at least some of the time, D. be adorned with minimal clothing, such as a stripper’s G-string, “pasties” to cover the nipples, or heels.  It is believed that even one movie or photo shoot with these items would spoil the image of innocence which seems so central to her appeal.  Along the same lines, they do not think that shaving or even trimming her pubic hair is a good idea; nor is fingernail or toenail paint, lipstick, makeup, or styled hair.  As for extended nipple and breast play, it may seem odd to say this, but Dr. Horok believes it should be postponed until she matures.  She is still technically an adolescent.  All this puts into sharp relief the necessity of prefacing each film with the legal assurance notice in countries where it would otherwise cause trouble.  This is also important internally.

Do not pay attention to the official protests in the international press, or the pending resolution at the United Nations.  It was inevitable, with such wide circulation of our photos and films, that the project would attract public notice.  But according to my figures the governments shouting the loudest represent the countries that provide the most sales.  The Ford Administration has been very vocal, but oddly, not d’Estaing.  You should read the letters we get from Sweden, they are very funny.

I do not agree that D. should be put on a special diet.  She seems in no danger of going overweight.  We certainly exercise her enough!  If we reduce her to “fashion model” proportions she will lose her curves.

The mechanical double dildo chair must be carefully tested before D. is made to sit on it.  Tsiry recommends a watermelon with holes in the appropriate places.

From the photos it looks like the announcement of “Provision 1” on the church door is too small.  And the wording should be more clear.  The villagers know it already, of course, but they must be reminded that D. is to be naked at all times, and any attempt to give her clothes or shoes will result in “severe punishment”, with HER being the one punished, in the village square.  Get this done before the Regional Director visits next month.

There is a strong temptation, I know, to strip another French girl and have her too pose and perform.  Jaya suspects that three or four in D.’s grade might have bodies almost as “saleable” as D.’s.  However D. is clearly exceptional; I have been told that no actress in the industry looks like that, at least not without surgical enhancements.  The villagers always knew her as a shy girl, sensitive as to having such a body which is why she always dressed so modestly.  Accordingly her usefulness to us as a Christ-figure (in the minds of the townspeople) depends on her being the only one naked in a village of 400.  I recognize the benefits of giving her a “sister” sharing the same plight.  The market for two girls their age in sexual contact is obviously huge.  But do you believe for a second that we could ever force them into a “69” position and make it look convincing?

Although I will not change the rule as to no operations inside the church building, I do like the idea Kanto has about punishing Fr. Pierre (and his congregation) for the more aggressive intercessions.  Recording the girl’s orgasms, and then parking the loudspeaker truck outside the church during service while a loop of the recording is played, is a brilliant idea and I believe it will be effective.  However it should not be so loud that Fr. Pierre cannot conduct the service.

I have decided to accept Principal Henri-Levy’s request that films involving nipple suctioning or stretching not be done in the early morning on school days.  It takes the nipples a couple of hours to shrink back down to normal size (normal for D., that is) and it is distracting to the other students.

The Regional Director’s visit was a success.  He and his five-man committee watched with interest as D. was stretched out on that special stand in the village square and brought to five orgasms.  They had been thoroughly briefed and so were not alarmed by her gasping prayers, or the size of the dildoes and nipple stretcher.  I think they were awed by female sexual capacity!  It was also good to have her up on high, pitched forward, which allowed an unimpeded view from the rear.  It was risky to allow the Director to work the machine himself for the fourth orgasm but it turned out he had a natural touch and the applause he received was unfeigned and not at all sycophantic.  Also they were impressed with the organization of the village.  As you know I decided not to hide the infrastructure deficiencies which of course are not our fault.  It is only right that they give us the resources for further construction, considering all the income we generate for them!

Kanto tells us that Fr. Pierre has consulted with the deacons and has decided to hold a separate mass just for D.  Apparently her nudity in the middle of everyone in their “Sunday best” continues to be distracting, and also he wants to do what little he can to decrease her shame.  My understanding is that the Catholic Church allows a Mass for just one person, so long as the priest is also accompanied by an altar boy.  Which leaves an opportunity for secret plotting between the three of them, of what, I don’t know, but we have to get young Manjaka in there.  He speaks French very well and a pretext can be cooked up for why Francois can’t serve.  Perhaps Mandresy can engineer a reason for him to be away at whatever time this special Mass will be held.  Kanto suspects it will be at 8 a.m., two hours before the regular service, but is waiting for confirmation.

I try not to interfere with how Principal Henri-Levy runs her school but I did overrule her decision as to excusing D. from the annual “field day”, where students run races, play games, climb ropes, tug of war, etc.  There is no reason why D. can’t participate.  It is true that the gravel track would be hard on bare feet but D.’s are so tough by now that she will do well against the other girls in their sneakers.  It was clear that Mme. Henri-Levy’s actual concern was having a naked girl competing among her uniformed classmates with all the parents watching but this is the kind of thing they will simply have to get used to.

I’ve seen D.’s schedule for the week and, once again, I think it is too strenuous.  We are already generating far more income for the People’s Struggle than expected.  Give the girl a break.  Perhaps, instead of posing all over the village, she can spend her after-school hours tutoring the younger students?  Maybe even give her two or three weeks off.  Allow her more time to be with her family.  Permit more “normal” activities, like being with her friends.  Though Provision 1 must be strictly enforced.

Principal Henri-Levy tells me D.’s grades are very good and she might even be the Valedictorian when she graduates in the spring.  What kind of job for her afterwards?  No one from this village has ever gone to university which is fortunate.  Please send me a list of possibilities.  I am told the tradition is to help with the parents’ business and someday take it over.  It sounds crazy but having her assist in her mother’s shop might be the best thing.  It would result in some interesting films.

Yesterday D. was observed chatting with her friends after school, in a natural way, as if she was as fully clothed as they.  For once, she was not covering her breasts and vulva with her hands.  I see this as a positive development.  Our priority is not sadism but financing the People’s Struggle.  It would help if she could overcome any remaining feelings of bodily shame.  Strange as it may seem, increasing her shame by various means would help.  The same desensitization analysis applies to her village.  The more they get used to what she is made to do, the better it is for us.

On the rare occasions when one of the crew has to be in the shot, for example fastening a handcuff or inserting a dildo, it makes for better contrast if he is as fully clothed as possible.  I realize this might be uncomfortable on hot days.  Of course, his face should not be seen.

Scenes inside the school while in session are strictly forbidden.  However I have instructed Principal Henri-Levy to allow filming after hours.  Onja will drill holes into one of their desks to turn it into an “orgasm chair” and, with proper editing, it will look like D. is in the middle of a crowded classroom.

When D. was first stripped the grated entrances to the school and church were replaced with braided mats.  Her feet are now tough enough.  The grates can be restored as they allow better drainage when it rains.

I have read the requests from our underground people in South Korea as to what will sell there.  In essence we are being asked to make detailed instructional films on gynecology and proctology.  There’s no reason why we can’t play along.  Let me know what extra equipment you need.  Do we go all the way on the idea and order white lab coats?

I have been instructed not to punish D. if Mayor LaValle makes a formal protest during our weekly meetings as to our treatment of her.  From now on he can say what he wants.  Not that I care; he is such a dreadful bore that I barely listen to him anyway.  The only reason I allow these meetings is because I am ordered to.  However you should be aware that any protests -- that is, official, FORMAL protests -- are to be unpunished from now on.  This includes the Mayor, Principal Henri-Levy, and Constable Clemenceau, and their staffs.  Of course, do not announce this change in policy.

The “ant invasion” shoot went unexpectedly well.  After only ten minutes D. showed very visible signs of sexual arousal.  To deal with her sense of revulsion (and shame at being aroused) she began reciting what Catholics call the “rosary”, apparently an endless repetition of certain prayers, but that is tolerable because her gasping words can be edited out.  However I veto the idea of bees or wasps.  We don’t want her stung.  Also the type of syrup used seems to have caused a mild allergic reaction, particularly around her anus.  Switch to ampalibe syrup, as it is native to our region.  We want to minimize any “suspicious” imports.

You already have my dispatch as to “stripper” type clothing, painted nails, etc.  However wigs might be different, in that viewers might think it’s a different girl.  Please consider it.  Of course any wig must look like unstyled hair.  Natural-looking curls are acceptable but none of those “permanents” recently popular with white girls.

Now that the sexual sessions have intensified and D. cannot avoid orgasm, Fr. Pierre has devised a prayer for when she feels that dreaded event approaching.  As you might guess it is short: “Dear Lord, Help me resist this shame!  If I cannot, please have mercy on me!”  I laughed when I heard from Kanto that there is an even shorter version: “Dear Lord: Help!!”  Perhaps she says this in between!

I share in the general amusement that D. seems to have acquired a “boyfriend”.  His nickname is Jeannot (given name: Jean) and he sits next to her at school.  They have been seen holding hands, eating ice cream together, and he sometimes accompanies her to a shoot.  I see no danger in this.  In fact they make an adorable, if unusual, couple.  Too bad their relationship can’t be the topic of a film; it could open up a new market.

If we are going to insert fruits and vegetables, care should be taken that they do not overly stretch the orifices or cause internal injury.  Be aware that she is allergic to bananas.

Going up to the snow valley resulted in some very effective shots.  Also the film of her shivering after she was tied to the rock for fifteen minutes.  The image of her bare feet in the snow has shock value, to be sure.  Dr. Horok says that despite her obvious discomfort there was no danger of hypothermia or frostbite.  In fact she can endure longer sessions, and further up the mountain where it is colder, if she is gradually acclimated.  He will send you a protocol.

I am glad to see that D. has been picked as one of the new “tea girls” for the village meetings.  I understand the selection was by lottery.

Do not do any more films where D. is exposed to the hot sun for hours.  White people suffer from sunburn, don’t you remember?  She has developed the deepest possible over-all tan but there is no escaping genetics.  Colonel Grenier, whom I served as valet before the Revolution, used to say he was from a strong race with weak skin.  He was right about the last part.

One cannot deny that there is a certain beauty in a girl laboring and sweating.  Even aside from it being filmed, the simple display of D. atop that grain treadmill set up in the village square, as people pass by on the way to Mass, is effective for our purposes.  I especially like the way her breasts jiggle and the sweat drips from her chin and from her nipples.  I encourage you to think of other “public labor” ideas.

Phase II, involving the further stripping of this girl, has been put into place, with all bedclothes and towels removed from the shed.  Henceforth the only covering she will know will be momentary as she dries herself after a shower with a rough towel, which she cannot cover herself with because it is securely fastened to the shower pipe.  About Phase III, the removal of the shed walls so that she is always in public view, I have my doubts.  The idea is good but what will happen during monsoons?  She still needs protection from the weather, at least while sleeping.  As for Phase IV, the removal of the roof so that she must stay always out in the open, clothed only by the air and the stars, this should be reconsidered, and not only because of wind and rain.  She should have shade for her midday nap.

The “monster dildo” scene was very well done.  It really looked like those gigantic prongs were being pistoned into her.  As always her facial reactions did much to “sell” the scene.  Be aware though that Dr. Horok believes that the dildos actually inserted are about the maximum possible for a girl of her age and size.  Also don’t make the “stunt” dildos any bigger; they would look comically fake instead of frightening.

Yes, Khu, in retrospect the public initiation was harsh, the stripping of the girl and the burning of all her clothes right in front of her and her parents in the village square.  But this is how the project had to begin.  Those were my orders and I believe they were correct.  Gradual removing of clothes would not work.  Protests were quickly quieted by Kiru’s fierce whipping of the girl.  Also the warning that any attempt to give her clothes would result in her being whipped further.  Fortunately it has had to be done only three or four times.  We do not want lasting whip marks on her.

No more two-hour orgasm sessions.  I know it was specifically recommended by our committee in Tokyo but the girl was barely sensate at the end and was woozy in school the next day.  If nothing else, the sound of the uneven slapping of her bare feet as she staggered down the hallways was disorienting to the other students.  Also I will have to put my foot down and restrict our use of D. to six hours a week, with no session lasting more than two hours.  Submit your time sheets to Tsiry.

As a minor concession to Mme. Henri-Levy I have decided that despite her lack of clothing D. will be allowed to display the school insignia.  On the full uniforms worn by everybody else the insignia appears over the breast, but that is not possible with D.; nothing should be clipped to a nipple for an entire day.  Therefore I have instructed Mme. LaFarge to mount the insignia onto a small barrette that can be fastened to D.’s pubic hair.  The insignia will hide her clitoris from public view but I think this minimal exception to the rule of complete nudity is acceptable, at least while she is in school.

There is to be NO direct application of electricity to D.’s body.  Not even with a magneto.

Our figures say that our project’s income is now greater than that generated by the “underground” film industries of fourteen countries.  It is indeed gratifying when we beat the capitalists at their own game.  1976 looks to be even better.

Are you sure D. is properly secured in those “scaffold” scenes?  Her spasms during orgasm are so violent as to shake the entire flimsy structure.  I am afraid it will collapse, or that she will break the ropes and fall.  We have to be sure that she is never in danger of injury.  Putting a mattress on the ground, out of camera view, is not sufficient.  Along those lines, note that it is unhealthy for her to be suspended upside down for more than a few minutes.

You might have noticed that I have repeatedly swatted away any suggestions for an “ideological” theme.  Yes, in a true sense we are punishing this white French girl for the sins of her imperialist countrymen, and her slaveowning ancestors, and the oppressive Church she belongs to, and this really is the People’s revenge, but such is implicit in the entire fact of the project.  Being overt about such ideas would place a damper on sales.  I don’t want to see any use of the Tricolor, or the Hammer and Sickle, or the Christian Cross.

I am having Dr. Li, an orthopedist, flown in from China so that she can instruct you as to passive stretching exercises.  D. needs to have a greater range of motion, particularly in the legs.  Also linking her elbows behind her should be made less of a strain, now that you are planning to suspend her that way.  Do not attempt to do this until Dr. Li gives you clearance.

The outdoor open latrine idea is extreme, but it should be tried.  There is nothing more shaming, but it is a simple fact that, though D. has displayed unexpected reserves of willpower, at some point she will be unable to resist “the call of nature”.  Consider an outdoor shower too, without a screen of course.  And film it -- the “hosing down of the overworked slave” film sold well.  What passes for a bathroom in her shed can be converted to storage for the increasing collection of “toys”.

The new padded handcuffs and ankle cuffs are working out well.  They allow much longer sessions.  As a result we find her body can be stretched considerably more than was formerly thought possible, about three or four inches.  Also Dr. Horok says that the “big X stretch”, with her spread-eagled and her body entirely off the ground, results in stronger orgasms.  However she will dehydrate more quickly so more water has to be supplied.  I should note also that none of our “torture” films should give the impression that she is in any way being injured, not even as part of the “plot”.  In real life all she suffers is an occasional rope burn, and maybe some soreness in the nipples and anus, but the viewer is not to be led into thinking that her “character” is suffering much more than that.

No, we will NOT tie her to the cross behind the altar so that everyone has to look at her during services.  I repeat: no operations inside the church building!  However tying her over the gate outside, so that everyone is forced to pass just below her wide-spread crotch (perhaps the “big X stretch”) will be permitted.  There would be no harm in filming this, provided no faces are shown except hers.  Perhaps they can be blurred out in post-production.

The recent “orgasm research” series, of Onja and his friends in lab coats attaching devices to (and within) her spread-eagled body, has been selling well.  I’ve been told that she has become capable of more and more orgasms, despite her resistance, which is also good.  Ironically, resisting makes the orgasms stronger.  An experienced woman would know this, which of course she is not.  Also, I like the idea of a “tantalization” series, where she is tied on top of the village fountain and the spray to her clitoris controlled so that she almost reaches orgasm but is instead kept on the brink.  It would be great if she could be brought to such a frazzled state that she actually begs to be allowed to climax, but that is probably too much to hope for.  (Would Fr. Pierre have a prayer for that?!)

Now that her showers are in the open air, the use of long-handled soapy brushes is a good idea.  I am not averse to having her friends help out.  If this is to be filmed remember to blur out their faces.  To allow full access for the brushes tell her to spread her vaginal lips and her butt cheeks.  This should be second nature to her by now.  Or perhaps Onja and his crew can help out, her body lifted from behind as each foot is grabbed and her legs stretched apart.  She is at the point where she can do a full split.

I cannot believe that the recent film showing nothing but D.’s toes wiggling over a water spout sold so well.  Also the graphic film of her defecating in public, with the split screen showing her facial expressions.  Westerners are weird!  And I don’t even want to mention the Japanese.

Zava, you are to be congratulated.  Leaving the partly torn page of that “newspaper” in the barracks was a stroke of genius.  It was made out to look like a page from their old beloved “Tribune”, right down to the same typeface and paper stock, with enough text in the partially missing column for them to deduce that the French Army was planning a military rescue. It even mentioned the name of their village!  After Etienne found it while sweeping he must have shown it to the entire population within an hour.  D. was probably the first person he ran to.  Tsoa says that when setting up one of his “pubic portraits” near the statue of Lenin, D. was in a good mood and actually trying to hide a smile as she spread her legs.  Well done!  This kind of thing should be repeated from time to time, in different ways.  Their hopes have to be kept up, as if rescue will come any day now.  Perhaps the sound of an isolated gunshot from far away?

Kanto overheard a meeting Fr. Pierre and the deacons had with the naked girl as to her “orgasms”.  I put this in quotes to emphasize that the word had to be explained to her; she had never heard it before, nor did she know the nature of this normal human process, which is not surprising, not that Pierre & Co. would be all that knowledgeable themselves.  Kanto couldn’t see what they were doing but believes they gave her a medical treatise with a bookmarked chapter on the sexual response cycle.  They told her that the orgasms (of which the girl has experienced a great many by now) are not her fault, nor do they have a demonic cause, and that she should pray not for forgiveness but rather for the ability to endure them.  Before a sex-themed shoot they have given her a new prayer to say: “Please Lord, help me get used to these unholy orgasms.”

I must commend you on the “sacred rite” film where D. is stretched out on the table, illuminated only by candles, while she is worshipped by chanting men in cossacks.  It is a lovely piece of filmmaking, the camera wandering over her body making the viewer feel like he is in an airplane flying over a mountain range.  Is it true that she actually fell asleep during this shot?

I have recommended that we close our department in Macao.  I keep telling them that their ideas are either unhealthy or physically impossible.  It seems to have had no effect.

I realize she is getting used to being photographed and filmed.  And used to being naked.  What did you expect?

There has been a slight change in policy as to presentation.  From now on, D.’s pubic hair will be trimmed so that it is confined to the immediate vulva area.  Apparently “bushy” females no longer sell well.  It need not be added that the trimming will be done in public, and itself be filmed.  There has been an increasing use of plots in our films and this one would be a good candidate.

I have increased her wages for tutoring by 50%.  She is by all accounts very good at it.

Surprisingly there has been a market in films of D. doing ordinary daily activities.  Onja shot the “garden hoeing” film as a lark but it really took off, particularly in Canada and Brazil.  There appears to be an untapped market for naked girls doing ordinary, non-sexual things.  Can we use her tutoring sessions?  We cannot have anyone underage in our films of course but could they be shot so that the students she is helping are out of camera range?  Also her playing hopscotch with her friends, with no other faces showing, though perhaps we can show their shoes and knee-high stockings next to her gritty bare feet which are quite tough by now.  I am asking Tsiry to look into a possible nudist market where she is doing enjoyable things such as hiking, sunbathing, climbing a tree, and swimming.

I have been told by more than one mole that the townspeople are beginning to realize that the Revolution must be making a lot of money off D.  Otherwise why would we continue with the poses and the films, month after month?  There is no way for us to counter this growing understanding.  Therefore I think it should be encouraged in subtle ways as a way of pacification.  I have requested “Special Attention” status for the village, which will mean an increase in the quality of food delivered, and significant improvements to their physical well-being.  For example, the heating and air conditioning in the school has to be replaced.  Rue Principale will be repaved.  Wages will be increased by 50%, and merchants will have access to better goods.  D.’s mother, for example, will have much finer fabric to work with.  Of course, Provision 1 will remain in force, and our use of D. will continue unaffected.  Combining material benefits with the hope of rescue is an excellent method of control, in my view.


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