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             Patty Kowalski, AV Idol

        Patty was getting paid more the usual AV Idol gets, even the experienced ones.  In negotiations she had aimed high and insisted on being paid up front.  She had made internet queries about this guy Seiku, decided he was legit, and arranged an interview on Zoom.  She was interviewing them as well as they her, of course.  When she “entered” their room their first sight was of an anus in a wide valley between two teenaged butt cheeks.  Apologizing in earnest tones for having to straighten out some wires, she turned around, which merely changed their view to lush pubic hair under a well-tanned concave tummy and delicate hip bones.  She sat down and introduced herself.  It appeared to the two men, Seiku and Tomoya, that the rumors were true, that this girl was naked all the time.  For all their experience in interviewing new girls, they found it hard to concentrate, with her breasts, well within camera range, jiggling as she listened and talked and laughed in a way that seemed genuine.

        It was a virtuoso performance even from Patty.  More than they knew.  That dreaded day had arrived when the boiler in their old house finally gave up the ghost, and replacing it had eaten up most of her savings.  The warranty was way expired, of course.  Worse, in tearing out the old one asbestos was found, and when she finally found the homeowner’s policy in the attic, it said costs of abatement were not covered.  She argued and begged and pleaded with the adjusters but they would not budge.  So she needed money, and pretty fast.  What she got at Teaser’s wasn’t enough, and with school out of session there was no modeling to be had at the Community College or at RISD (the Rhode Island School of Design).  There were the offers to be in porn, from guys who sometimes came into Teaser’s. Back in the booths, out of Gamal’s hearing, as they watched her spread her labia for the dildos or push beads into her rectum, they said a girl with her looks and her talents could make lots of money that way.  She had never taken them up on it.  According to the other girls those guys were bad news, involved with drugs and the mob, which may or may not have been true.  But after a while she could sense that, at best, they were all talk.  One night she actually giggled, as one of the most full-of-it guys talked his game while pulling a string of beads from her butt: he’s pulling stuff out of his butt, too!  The giggling caused her insides to jerk around which made the beads pop out.  The guy got a big thrill out of this and gave her an extra $20.

        But then one night Jerry had put Japanese porn on the TV over the bar and, sipping a diet soda on her break, she was transfixed.  This was not the usual videotape American trash, orgasms competing with boobs in fakeness.  This movie was well produced and the girls were stunningly beautiful, looking as young as Patty.  And she smiled to see pubic hair and no tattoos.  This is what set Patty apart from the other girls at Teaser’s; she felt a sense of sisterhood.  At night, after the kids were asleep, she did some research.  Maybe she could do Japanese porn remotely, with a webcam, though she would have to find a place to do it, definitely not at the house.

        Finding that guy Seiku, and chatting via text, might have been a product of desperation, a shot in the dark, but it was not five minutes into their zoom call when she realized she was holding what poker players call a winning hand.  The Japanese men said they were only interested in live filming in one of their studios -- “production values are important to us”.  At first her heart sank.  No way she could leave the kids and go to Japan.  She was forced to say that she would have to film in the Providence area, due to “family responsibilities” -- and the two men (this time it was guys named Hikaru and Chak), after looking at each other, said okay!  Either they already had a studio in Rhode Island (very unlikely), or they would fly here, just to film her!  She was almost out of breath at the possibilities, now that she knew how much she was worth.  She had no idea what the project would cost them but she asked for $10,000 for two days of shooting, and a few minutes later she “reluctantly” agreed to $7500.

        This morning, the beginning of a hot day in July, she chanced putting Jimmy (age 14) temporarily in charge of the house as Gertrude took her to that address on Niantic Avenue, a signless two-story building, and dropped her off in back.  Carrying an old handbag, she was oblivious to the pebbles and broken glass under her tough bare feet as she knocked hard on the metal door and was met by a surprised Hikaru, who looked her up and down.  Yes, she went naked everywhere!

        Seiku and his two assistants were just as surprised when she strode into the “studio”, a bare brick walled cavern betraying its prior use as a storage space by skid marks on the concrete floor and a few snips of plastic binding lying around.  After a few introductions, they asked her for proof of age, namely her driver’s license, which she had already shown them on Zoom.

        “Yes I’m 18,” she said, her breasts jostling as she put it back into her handbag.  They thought of the metal folding chair which must feel like ice under her bare butt.  “Just like the Japanese girls.”

        “Actually they have to be 21,” Hikaru said, with only a slight accent.

        “Oh.”  Patty was about to say that they looked about 12, what with their slim, slight bodies, unstyled hair and small breasts, but she thought better of it.

        “You were given a brief description of what we would like you to do, though we have to check you out first,” said Seiku, in an accent so thick that Patty had to play it back in her mind.  It was to be a “bondage” shoot.  According to her research, those paid the best and so she explored in that direction.  Japanese S & M shocked her at first, some of those contraptions they used, the antics the girls were “forced” into, but she quickly recognized the “technique”, how things were faked, and came to admire the ingenuity.

        “Yes.  Let’s start.”  Patty took over.  She stood before Hikaru, extending her arms out, then pushing up her breasts.  “You can touch me.”  Hikaru was an experienced porn director, but was nevertheless intimidated as he pinched her nipples, then kneaded one breast then the other.  “Go ahead!”  Patty had had her breasts examined and prodded so many times during those University experiments that her lack of hesitation and modesty was genuine.  It was not showing off; it was just part of her life.  She was a size 34C (not that she ever wore a bra) and all natural of course, though given the lack of scars Hikaru would have been surprised if he felt silicone in there.  He gently squeezed one breast, then the other.  Then the naked teenager turned around and displayed her beautifully formed butt.  She went through the same paces with Seiku.  The men found no blemishes or scars.  Aware of stories of girls being coerced into the porn life, they looked especially carefully for bruises.  None of those either.

        The men cleared their throats, not used to being the uneasy ones.  In Japan even the more experienced actresses were a little self-conscious about displaying their bodies at audition.  And they were given a dressing room and came out in a bathrobe and slippers, taking them off with a vestigial air of hesitation.  But this girl of tender years walked in totally naked and displayed her body like it was a diamond bracelet on the Home Shopping Network.

        Now Patty climbed onto the table and got on all fours.  They were open mouthed as she said, “I suppose you have to see all of me . . . Go ahead, look!”

        The clothed men had no choice but to follow the girl’s orders.  She moved about on her knees as she spread her vagina first for Hikaru, then Seiku.  They obediently drew their heads in for a close view.  Then she spread her butt cheeks to display a perfect wrinkled anus in the valley between her butt cheeks.  They now knew what everybody else knew, that even around her anus Patty Kowalski’s skin was clear and beautiful.  “Um . . . very nice,” Seiku said.

        A young Japanese couple came in with a large box which they opened to set up the props, which included pulleys screwed into an overhead beam and ropes.  They tried not to look at the teenager displaying herself so openly, but it being so unusual, they couldn’t help but steal every glance they could.

        Now to the men’s astonishment Patty opened her handbag and took out a huge dildo, shaped like a penis, complete with bulbous glans and veiny shaft.  As if going through a daily routine she dabbed lubricant on it, then got up on her knees and reached down.  With a grunt she pushed it between her lower lips, then turned her feet outwards as she pushed herself down on it.   She was anchored by her spreading toes as she went down, down, down.  Seiku and Hikaru gulped, trying to suppress the erections growing in their trousers.  They were too embarrassed to look at each other, totally under the control of this girl less than half their age.  Finally Patty’s butt cheeks touched the table.  She grunted again as her hips writhed in a circular motion onto the dildo.  They could picture it precessing inside her, the tip tracing an unseen circle hitting what might have been various pleasure spots.  Maybe her “G spot”.  A slight whiff of female musk was detected.

        “Um . . .”  Seiku was about to say that this display wasn’t necessary; usually the “terms of engagement” were agreed upon verbally and insertions were done only during actual filming.  But his mouth went dry when Patty turned around, extracted the dildo which was now lubricated with her juices, and began to push it into her anus!

        “Don’t worry, I cleaned -- unhh -- myself out,” she said.  Her grunting was more gutteral now.  With her flexibility it was no strain for her to turn her shoulders sideways so as to reach around behind and guide the dildo directly in.  The scent of her recent enema exuded.  “It’s -- strawberry -- do you -- unhh -- like it?”

        “Y - yes, that’s fine,” Seiku said.  He wanted to say, “That’s quite enough -- please take that thing out and put some clothes on!!”  But he had mostly lost the power of speech.  Hikaru felt the same way.  So did the young assistants, who had finished the setup and stood frozen in place.

        Patty now sat on the dildo, and stretched her arms and legs out, intertwining her fingers and toes.  She bounced up and down on it, to demonstrate that it was no strain for her to take in all of its -- what was it?  20 centimeters?  Then she switched to all fours again and slowly pulled it out, with methodical, well-practiced inhales and exhales.

        After she had wiped the dildo and put it away, she brought out a penlight.  The men were then forced to peer through the still-distended sphincter and view her pink, irrigated rectum.

        “I see your girls don’t come very often.  Or maybe they do but it’s hard to see.  I can give you two orgasms in five minutes.”  To the men’s secret horror she brought out a vibrator.  “Here.”  She gave Hikaru a latex glove.  “Stick your finger in my butt.  The average is eleven spasms.”

        She turned the vibrator on, then placed it between her legs as she leaned forward, legs drawn up under her, face down on the table, hugging herself.  Her moans began after a few seconds.  The two assistants walked to the table to see better.  The naked teenager indeed came to two orgasms, the first after two minutes, the second after four.  As she reached climax her head raised up and she shrieked so as to cause her audience to jump back.  They looked around.  Yes, the place was soundproofed -- it had to be, for a porn shoot -- but they had not planned on this decibel level.  Meanwhile as Hikaru felt the girl’s anus contracting around his finger he first looked at Seiku in surprise and then, looking down and concentrating, counted carefully.  “T - twelve,” he squeaked out after the first climax.  “Ten!” after the second.

        For Patty, of course, none of this required much effort.  Not after months of performing at Teaser’s, and the dozens of sessions of University research, right in the lobby of her high school with friends and teachers looking, having orgasms by the clock and getting paid for each one.  She was proud of her much-developed talents and was eager to show them off.

        Her aggressive auditioning brought results.  After she finished, sweaty and winded, and sat back down onto the metal folding chair, the whole room now humid with her secretions, Hikaru and Seiku went from shock to gradual realization.  This was a stroke of luck so great that they were having trouble comprehending the extent of it.  They had found a real treasure.  And -- she was not being controlled by some sleazy boyfriend, or the mob.  And -- the filming was out of country, payable off the books.  They had checked out her family history and knew that as far as the authorities went, both she and the transaction would be untouchable.

        Filming was postponed to the next day so that they could re-tool the storyboard.  Patty called Gertrude to pick her up early, having upped her price to $15,000, half of which she was now carrying home in her handbag.  When she got home she found Jimmy and Robbie fighting over who got to sign on to the gaming account, but as always she straightened things out.  It was a usual spaghetti dinner, but she got the inspiration to put chopped up leftovers from last night’s barbecued chicken (a big success) into the sauce, so the kids liked it.  Kathleen dropped some on her new “moon boots”, a strange thing for girls to wear in the summer but since when was style ever logical?  Especially with nine-year-old girls.  Patty took the stains up with baking soda.


        Takeru, one of her “tormentors”, is well over six feet tall, built like a mountain, and has a shaved head with a flaming sword tattoo.  On the set he is capable of the most evil scowl a human face could project.  But Patty is not really surprised when he joins them at lunch, minces around the table, and speaks in a tiny voice.  Very large men, she’s noticed, tend to be teddy bears.  She’s seen that at Teaser’s, both with some of the guys who came in and with Jimmy, the bouncer.

        It isn’t quite idle small talk.  Takeru’s daughter is thinking of applying to Brown University and he wants Patty’s thoughts.  She isn’t exactly knowledgeable about colleges but says it’s in a “trendy” neighborhood with no crime.  Seiku and Hikaru and Jill, the production assistant, listen intently.  Of course Patty cannot eat anything, because they’ve engaged the use of her rectum, but she sips a little soda and begins to direct the conversation to some of the other films their company has produced.  She is subtly searching for future openings.

        Something has occurred to her.  “I’m glad I could see your work, but how do you make any money?  It seems like anybody could go online and look at it for free.”  She leans back in her chair, casually clasping the edge of the table with her toes as she takes another sip.

        “It’s a huge market,” Seiku says.  “And those businessmen who buy this stuff, it would be a mark of shame for them to ‘steal’ it.”

        Patty seems puzzled by this wide cultural gap.  “Do they watch it with their wives?”

        Hikaru and Seiku laugh and then stifle their laughter, realizing they are being impolite.  “No, they watch it with other businessmen.  It’s the after-work custom.  They don’t get home until late.”

        “Their wives . . . must be like slaves.”

        “It’s changing,” Seiku says.  “But I think you’re still pretty much correct.”

        Not that Patty is about to act like a submissive, of course.  The “script” had four main scenes, various forms of abuse and torture.  They went over it yesterday before shooting began.  She could choose the basic “plot” idea.  She was either a schoolgirl who was caught cheating, or a housewife whose husband owed money to the Yakuza, or a political prisoner being interrogated.  She picked the last -- that way she could act defiant instead of scared.

        She has also set some ground rules.  No clothing, not even a “harness”.  “I gave up clothes,” she explained.  Then a moment later, “I don’t need clothes.”  So they decided that the opening scene -- in which her character, fully dressed, is mugged on the street, stripped and thrown into a van -- would be shot later with another actress, from a distance.

        Her shoulder-length hair presented a problem; her face had to be visible to show her distress.  But she even refused yarn to tie her hair back with.  Instead she showed how she could tie it back in a knot.  As she did this their attention was naturally more arrested by the breasts dancing on her chest as they rode up.  Patty’s breasts are among her many assets.  Japanese women, if they ever get as large as C-cup, don’t get there until their 30s.  Patty is still a teenager and there is no sag at all.

        Also, no manicures or pedicures.  “My nails are fine.”  No makeup or fake eyelashes.  “I’m gorgeous as is.”  Which they can’t deny.  She even suggested that her already-lush pubic hair be fluffed up and combed, though conceded to having a few errant hairs clipped.

        Above all, no sexual contact.  She crossed out the scenes of vaginal and anal rape.  “I’m a good Catholic girl.  I’m saving myself for marriage.”  They were about to laugh at this until they saw she was serious.  Consequently the enema scene was rewritten and expanded, with Patty squirting different colored paints over a canvas on the floor, and then extra-long laser-like shots through a special rubber dildo with a hidden funnel.

        Showing the actress the hooks for the “suspension” scene is a delicate moment in their profession.  The actresses know ahead of time, of course, but the shiny stainless steel implements look bigger “in person”.  Patty, though, did not flinch.  She picked them up and betrayed no surprise at how heavy they were.  In fact she looked at the balls on the ends and said, “I can take bigger than these.”  After some rummaging in the rented car they found the five-centimeter pair.  “It’s safer anyway,” she said, as if with an air of experience, though really the result of assiduous research.  “With the big balls they’re more stable, and won’t poke the wrong way.  Girls are real delicate in there.”  Of course, they did not need to be told this.  Their many Japanese customers included gynecologists and proctologists eager to volunteer opinions as to the extent of what could be safely done.  Patty had figured this out, though she had a real fear that she successfully hid.  The anal one, at least, stretching her sphincter open, would hurt like hell going in, and coming out.  But, as Patty guesses, the bigger balls would make for striking still photos.

        Patty was careful to show respect for Japanese innovation.  The ropes are slick white nylon, but the glare that makes them so ominous under the lights also disguises motion.  The two men, Takeru and Jin, would wear heavy black gloves secretly slicked with vaseline.  They would savagely yank down from the pulleys, in front and behind, seemingly with a lot of strain and effort, putting much of their weight into it, and make it look like they were pulling down half a meter of rope each, but actually the ropes were sliding through their hands with the resulting extra hook penetration being only a couple of centimeters.

        Even more impressive is the nipple “stretcher”, clamps mounted on a crosspiece impaled by a long threaded bolt, which braces against a little metal bar between the breasts.  Stretch is increased via a wingnut on the bolt.  On top of that the clamps can be twisted a full turn.  Excruciating and probably injurious if done for real, but it was all done with false rubber nipples which glue onto the girl and look very convincing.  She would feel a little stretching but nothing painful.  Patty was fascinated by the apparatus and kept playing with it as they talked around the table.

        They were fascinated by her too.  They knew about the University research, though not all the details.  Part of the findings were classified.  But she could answer some of the questions.

        “How do you have orgasms on cue?”  This was Jin.

        “Not really on cue.  But give me a few seconds, and I can get my mind to that place.  It’s hard to explain.”

        “You go naked even in winter?”  This was Jill, who despite her name was a Japanese girl in her 20’s who helps with “makeup” (e.g., spraying water via an atomizer to make the actresses look like they’re sweating).

        “It’s not that hard.  Mostly mental.  As long as I don’t stay outside too long.”

        Seiku said, “We have some winter themed ideas that we are having a hard time getting talent for.  Perhaps you are interested?”

        “Of course.”  Patty was trying not to look too eager.

       “Ironic,” Jin said.  “Japanese women used to know about how well females can deal with the cold.  They can withstand it better than men.”

        “You mean those schoolgirls who walk around in short skirts with bare legs, when it’s snowing out?”  She has seen pictures.

        That brought a laugh.  “No -- I mean traditional pearl divers.  They were called Ama.  They could dive all day in cold water wearing nothing but a loincloth.”

        “Really? . . . I’d like to see that.”

        “They’re all gone now.  It’s a lost art.  They did special breathing techniques, or something like that . . . Here are some old pics.”  He punched up something on his laptop and turned it towards her.

        “Wow.”  Patty, who has never been outside New England, is fascinated by the wider world.  What captured her wonder was not the topless women in the foreground of this old photo but the mountains behind their beach.

        The lunch break is over.  Now it’s time for the enema scene.  Patty, naked on the floor, is (mildly) whipped, writhing perhaps not convincingly as Takeru and Jin stand over her.  The problem of how to make whipping look real has not yet been solved, not even by the Japanese.  Then huge syringes of colored water are inserted, first blue, then purple, then green.  On all fours, head down, Patty dutifully squirts colorful effluvia onto one white “canvas” (actually a paper sheet) after another.  This results in the one time she breaks character.  They insert the funneled dildo and, using her considerable rectal muscles, she shoots a thin laser-like needle of orange across the room.  But some air had gotten in and the squirt is accompanied by what sounds like a duck call.  Patty explodes with laughter, expelling the dildo, and places her face sideways on the floor.  “The f**king silly-ass things that turn guys on!! . . . Sorry!”  When everyone has regained their composure they do the final enema.  According to the bottle it’s “white vinegar”, caustic to internal tissues.  Patty’s screams of internal pain are convincing, helped along by spritzing from Jill which has her face dripping with agony sweat.  The scene ends, as all of them do, with the men leaving the room as the camera focuses on the naked girl sprawled on the floor, abandoned and alone.

        Now the vibrator scene, where her hands are tied over her head as Takeru presses the Hitachi Magic Wand into her crotch.  Jin pinches her nipples and then makes a big show of going around to poke his finger into her butt to check for the contractions, though of course with Patty orgasms are always real.  She shows her acting chops by glaring up at Takeru with a look of pure hate as her eyes bulge with spasm after spasm.  Between orgasm number two and number three Jill comes by with an eye dropper so that tears can run down Patty’s face.  Takeru then says something to her in Japanese (apparently asking if she was ready to “confess”).  She spits at him with a surprisingly large gob.  This girl is an accomplished spitter.  She even makes her breasts jiggle as she does it.

        Now it’s the last day of filming: the hook scene.  Patty’s hands are “tied” behind her head (actually she just twists the short rope around her wrists) and then Takeru not too gently picks her up, forcing her legs apart, as Jin, smiling viciously, pushes the huge ball of the front hook into her opened lower lips.  He then pulls the hook up into her, with feigned roughness, as the unseen ball goes past her cervix and lodges in the fornix.  They’ve practiced it three or four times before lunch, with Patty standing on top of the lunch table, until they got the angle and the looping motion just right.  As a result the hook goes in amazingly far, right up to the end of the crook.  With practiced fingers Jin ties the other end to the rope hanging from above, that was threaded through the pulley mounted on an overhead joist.

        Takeru, not smiling but dead serious, puts on his scowl as he pulls Patty’s butt cheeks apart and shoves in the ball on the rear hook.  Patty’s grimace is not an act; it does hurt, but as with Jin, she and her co-star have planned the insertion well and the hook is quickly buried deep in her gut.

        The two men pull down on the ropes, until there is no slack.  Patty’s distressed groans get louder as they pull down, down, and on the other side of the pulleys the hooks inside pull her up, up.  Soon she is on her tip toes, gingerly stepping forward or back, depending on which man’s turn it is to pull down on his rope.

        “Your -- fly -- is -- open,” she says to Jin.  Jin looks down and zips up.  Her words would be dubbed over, and the footage of him fumbling with his fly would be cut.  Her input is welcome.  Yesterday, before Takeru applied the vibrator, Jill had to move back because the naked star pointed out she was in camera range.

        Now the men pull down with great exaggerated heaves on the slickened, gleaming ropes, first one then the other, as Patty screams, tip-toeing first forward then back.  Only her big toes and second toes touch the floor now.  Jill adds a little “sweat”.  Seiku and Hikaru are impressed.  It’s very convincing, and it’s all due to Patty.  She had told them that in most of their “hook films” the rope at times was obviously slack, and this was due to the men playing it safe as far as how hard they could pull.  It is better for the girl herself to tell them, so they won’t have to guess.  Patty has designed a signal system with her pinky toes, which are wiggling in the air and free to move.  The left foot is for Jin, the right for Takeru.  Extending the toe towards the tormentor means he can pull harder, extending it away means to back off a little.  So during the hook filming, at no point does either rope appear slack.  In fact one can see the girl’s pelvis tilt forward (as the anal hook is raised) or backward (if the vaginal hook is raised).  The hooks are always fully “seated” deep within her, the ropes always taut.

        Patty has strong, well-practiced toes and can stay “half-suspended” for ten minutes.  After a short break, during which the men let go and Jill massages her feet, they continue.  This time the nipple “stretcher” is attached.  Jin smiles as he works the wingnut and Patty’s “nipples” are stretched grotesquely far out from her chest.  Then he twists and Patty screams.  More sweat is added until the sheen covers her whole naked body.

        It is at this point, during the sweating naked girl’s “dire distress”, that Patty’s cell phone rings.  She curses under her breath and “unties” her hands as Jill brings the phone over.  She has told everyone that due to “family circumstances” she can’t turn it off.  Still on tiptoe, she listens and gasps out some words.  “No, Mrs. Jefferson, it’s -- at ten.  P - pick them up at -- our house.  I’m sure the kids will -- be o.k.  Unghh!”  Takeru has absently switched hands on the rope; Patty can feel the slightest motion deep in her rectum.  “S - sorry.  Remember -- Robbie c - can’t eat -- pea - peanuts.  Th - thanks for inviting him.  Say happy -- birthday to -- G - georgene.”

        “S - sorry.”  With the phone put away they are ready for the “climax” of the scene.  Jin, after a final “twist”, removes the nipple apparatus.  Jill has added blush to Patty’s (real) nipples to make them look inflamed.  Then Jin, working from a red jar, paints some “hot sauce” on them.  This results in the loudest screams of the session.  In fact it’s ketchup and if anything feels soothing.  But Patty is a quick learner and a great screamer.

        Now, finally, Patty is let down onto flat bare feet, and the hooks taken out.  The camera zeroes in on her still-opened lower lips, and behind, her still-opened anus.  The crew’s applause, when she drops to the floor, arms and legs splayed at crazy angles, will be dubbed out.  She smiles a weary smile for the camera, a “prisoner” who has not “cracked”, a strong girl who knows she can’t be defeated.


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