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99 days

        Tami stood in the full-length mirror on the back of her dorm door, slowly brushing her dark red hair.  It was getting long now, almost down to her nipples.  It was also thicker and shinier than she ever remembered it being.


        She had gotten up, unable to sleep.  It was just before dawn on Saturday morning.  February 10.  99 days till the semester ended and she would -- she hoped --- start her summer job in another town where no one would know her and she could wear clothes.  99 days.  It sounded less far away than 100, at least.  Tami looked briefly back at her two roommates, both sound asleep in their bunks, then back at her reflection.


        She ruefully smirked as she noticed once again how perfect her body was.  Always on display, always naked, her public breasts and nipples, her public pubic area, even her public butthole.  And totally, depressingly perfect -- she remembered always wanting to have such a killer bod, but to be always naked .  .  .  !  Yet it was nakedness that had made her body so perfect.  From head to bare toes, her skin was clear and beautifully, evenly tanned.  And was it her imagination, or were the sexual parts getting more pronounced?  Her breasts seemed bigger than before, though fortunately they still weren’t sagging, despite not having seen a bra in .  .  .  what was it .  .  .  five months!  They seemed rounder and seemed to stick out more.  Her nipples seemed bigger too, browner, harder.  Her pubic hair seemed fluffier and thicker.  Maybe from being exposed to cold air all the time.  She remembered Rebecca telling her that her brother Jeremiah grew a beard every winter because the cold air made it grow faster and thicker.  The same seemed to be true of pubic hair.  Her body was getting used to the elements.


        Of course there were limits.  She would never try another mile-long dash in zero degrees, like that time she ran to Rebecca’s and Marisol’s.  But she was learning how to handle the cold.  She no longer had to sprint when she went around campus from class to class.  She knew by now that a couple of minutes out in the cold wouldn’t hurt her.  She now strolled, almost casually.  And when the sun was out she appreciated it and tried to absorb the meager warmth it provided on her bare skin.


        She had also learned to appreciate the indirect ways in which she could still be covered.  In the bathroom, for example.  When she was sitting on the toilet with the stall door closed, she was in her own private world and no one could see her nakedness.  Anyone passing by could see the bare feet underneath and know it was Tami Smithers in there, but that wasn’t so bad.  A couple of times Tami even brought a textbook with her so she could spend more time alone and hidden, but she stopped when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror about to go to classes after one such session, and saw the red ring around her butt caused by sitting on the toilet for so long.  It was so humiliating to go out to classes like that -- was so obviously a red ring caused by a toilet seat.  Thankfully she didn’t hear any wisecracks behind her back.  Not only did everyone know when Naked Tami was having her period from seeing the tampon string dangling from her pussy, they also knew when she had been on the pot a long time from seeing the red ring around her butt.  So many intimate things about her were now public knowledge.  It was like being a goldfish in a bowl.

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