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a burden on taxpayers


The bitter taste of that “barium milkshake” still lingered in her throat. She had bravely gulped it down as the team stood around her in that cold sterile lab, perhaps taking extra interest in the tectonic tremors of her breasts as she took gulp after nasty gulp. Now, in the brightly lit gym, Dareen turned her attention to the task at hand, the strength test. These were the heaviest barbells that could be obtained, apparently; in her mind she added up the numbers embossed on the weights and came up with more than seven hundred pounds on each. Yet she held one up over her head in her left hand, one in her right, with hardly a thought. She looked up at the weights not for focus but just to avoid looking in front of her, thinking of the ponderous protrusion of each breast, so effortlessly lifted up by the raising of her arms, such that her huge dark nipples seemed to be looking up too, a sight to awaken the most jaded eyes.

Now, three aides carefully rolled another barbell toward the nude young woman, the heavy rolling sound showing that it was at least as heavily weighted as the two she held aloft. Dareen looked down, having been briefed on what to do, and lifted one bare foot, then anchored her toes under the bar. With a flex and a little grunt she lifted the third barbell with her toes as if it were a pair of panties she was picking off the floor. If only! Then when the aides were safely to the side she flipped her foot and the barbell flew across to the wall twenty feet away with a terrific crash that left a crack in the painted cinder block wall. The weights rolled off the bent and now ruined barbell.

The bubbles were a little ticklish and she tried to imagine she was alone in a whirlpool, not that she had ever actually been in one. She looked up at Colonel Mike and the others monitoring her through the glass, then up at the surface, ten feetabove her. She had been submerged for twenty minutes now, using her flying powers in reverse to stay at the bottom. And still felt no need to go up for air. She looked down at her buoyant breasts, right under her chin it seemed, and then looked blandly at the team. What was she supposed to do now, just wait and wait? In boredom she sat down cross-legged, her toes wiggling idly. Then, after five more minutes, she got up and swam from one end of the tank to the other, feeling the water stream past her, wishing she was alone to enjoy that feeling, but in full knowledge that with her sinuous body and buoyant breasts she was giving a show that most men would pay a lot to see.

The walls slid toward the naked subject from both sides. What on earth did they use this for? she asked herself. It couldn’t have possibly been built just to test my body. She looked at the spectators who sat in the safety of the observation booth. Dareen sighed and as the walls closed in she hopped up and extended her legs almost to a ballet dancer’s split, grasping the walls with her toes and then her flat soles. The walls shuddered and quaked and finally fell silent, the unseen mechanism broken, having been built to exert only fifty thousand foot-pounds of force. Dareen stayed perched up there, her split pussy practically in the observers’ faces. First that barbell, now this sliding wall place. I’ve ruined thousands of dollars of government property without hardly trying.

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Always nice to get an update on Dareen's story. Hopefully you can return back to it and give it a satisfactory ending.

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