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A Day in the Life of the Sire

The Schreibers had a big room that served as both a kitchen and dining room. The house was small, but elegant and clean with tasteful artwork, what one might expect from college professors. A bay window, an upright piano, and a strange table in the corner that looked like a chiropractor’s table (which Angela knew the purpose of). As they sat down to eat Angela noticed the large white erasable board on the refrigerator. From where she was sitting she was facing it. The green writing was big and clear and round, like a third grade teacher’s. She guessed it belonged to Kai-Kai’s mother. On top was the title “Daily Roster”.

The board listed the impregs for the day, all seven of them, with the names of the women, their homes, the scheduled times, the location (if any) that had been set up for the impreg, and the maximum depth Kai-Kai was allowed to insert his penis into each woman (“pitch”). Surrounding the erasable board were photos of the seven. She noticed a bulging loose-leaf on the counter that she imagined contained photos of all 41 women Kai-Kai was scheduled to impregnate this week, his normal production quota.

Angela was fascinated by the chart. She had already met the I-4, Mrs. Effie Hatwood, who turned out to be from St. Louis, Missouri, and of course the deviously skilled I-5, Grier McDonald, from Brooklyn, N.Y. Also the I-6, Evenk Piri, from Egvekinot, Russia, about whom there was presently so much drama. The I-7 tonight was to be Morag MacGregor, from Inverness, Scotland. The I-1, whom Kai-Kai had impregnated at 6:30 a.m. in his bedroom, was Cristina Gonzalez from Oaxaca, Mexico. The I-2, from 7:15 a.m. in this very living room, was Keiko Murakimi from Osaka, Japan. The I-3, from 10:00 a.m., was Lusala Makemba from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had received the boy’s ejaculation in Room 202 of the Humanities Building, right down the hall from his 9:00 class in Freshman English.

Especially interesting were the pitches for each woman. She knew about Grier and her seven inch allowance; the Goth woman’s husband must have a penis quite a bit larger than average. Angela’s estimate as to Mrs. Hatwood was more or less correct: 5.5 inches. Mrs. Gonzalez could take 4.7 inches, while Mrs. Murakimi could only accommodate 3.1 inches. Mrs. Makemba could take 5.9 inches. Wow — Mrs. MacGregor could take all of Kai-Kai’s 9.1 inches! So he was allowed to go “all the way in” once in a while. Angela wondered if for the last impreg, at 10:00 p.m., when Kai-Kai had to be tired, Ms. Canworthy always set him up with the “deepest” woman of the day, to make his orgasm easier. Of course every woman had to be scheduled during her two or three days of maximum fertility. So many factors Ms. Canworthy had to consider!

As for Mrs. Piri, small woman that she was, she could take only 4.5 inches. Less than half the boy’s length. Angela wondered if in his drained state Kai-Kai could ejaculate with only a partial erection. That way he could go “all the way in” like with Mrs. MacGregor and have an easier orgasm. But she had read somewhere that only older men could do that.

Now at dinner Kai-Kai was their waiter as well as the chef. The nude boy gracefully circled the table as he passed out bowls of salad and got everyone’s soda. He seemed to have momentarily overcome his distress at having empty testicles, so at ease and suited was he to this task. Angela thought: housewife. He was perfect at it. In fact all his talents and preferences, everything about his personality, seemed to be traditionally feminine.

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