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a huge inconvenience

As the Sire stood and waited respectfully, Mrs. Hatwood took off her coat, then reached under her dress to remove her panties. With a little grunt she spread her legs and reached up further and pulled something out. What emerged from under her dress was a dildo covered with some kind of lubrication. It was so big that Angela could not believe it had actually fit inside her, even a woman as large as Mrs. Hatwood.

“What is that?” Angela asked.

Mrs. Hatwood was suddenly out of breath after having pulled the huge object out of her, so Kai-Kai answered. “That is what’s called a retainer,” Kai-Kai said. “The lady is encouraged to put it in a couple of hours before the impreg, or maybe the night before if she can.”


“Um . . . so they can get used to . . . me . . .” Kai-Kai’s voice trailed off and he blushed deeply. Of course the dildo’s purpose was obvious and Angela kicked herself for asking the question and making Kai-Kai answer it. Kai-Kai was embarrassed by the size of his penis, or at least its unavoidably intimidating effect on the women about to be pierced by it. He had a great fear that it would cause pain. Maybe that explained his shy and gentle personality. He didn’t want to stick out, since that other part of him stuck out way too much. He was even sensitive about the force of his ejaculations. During a series of experiments in Lab 6 they found he could launch semen almost three meters. When they congratulated him on his excellent muscle tone, his response was, “Won’t my spurts hurt when they hit the lady’s cervix?”

Angela reflected on all the logistical difficulties the Project had to deal with. Processing applications, interviews, fertility and impreg schedules, controlling public access, logistics . . . Penis size was another one, and one which the Project planners could not have anticipated. Unlike testicle size — the Sire’s testicles could be expected to become extremely large, given the output demanded of them — an overly large penis literally “got in the way”. Kai-Kai had that uniquely perfect DNA; that was why he was the Sire. It would have been even more perfect had the Sire’s penis been just average size, or even better, smaller than average. But the fact that it turned out to be enormous created a new set of difficulties. As Dr. Chatterjee, the Project’s Medical Director, told her once, when Kai-Kai was not around, “In my thirty years as a urologist I have seen perhaps twenty thousand penises. I’ve seen a couple as long as Kai-Kai’s, and maybe a few as thick, but none that were that long AND that thick. . . It’s almost four standard deviations from the norm.”

The extreme size of the Sire’s penis had required substantial restrictions on possible procreators. Angela had read about it in the voluminous Project memos in the “Sire Project Collection” on file at the college library. Originally the women had to be physically fit, fertile, have strictly regular periods (to assist in scheduling), and be in a happy marriage which would not be disrupted by being impregnated by the Sire and raising “his” child as one of the family’s own. So gynecological and psychological tests alone were adequate. But with the added factor of the Sire’s penis size, rather crude physical requirements had to be added: to be over age 30, to have large vaginas as confirmed by standardized measuring, and to have had two pregnancies brought to term via vaginal delivery. These additions only emphasized the “livestock breeding” aspect of the Project, as if the gentle boy and the women he ejaculated into were animals to be matched up, a stud with mares. Unavoidable of course but Project personnel wished they hadn’t been forced to be so obvious about it.

Angela did not know if Kai-Kai had read anything in that vast library collection that was centered on him (or rather, on his reproductive apparatus). But he was well aware that very few women could comfortably accept a penis as large as his. He felt guilty about the resulting logistical problem, even though it was hardly his fault. Fortunately on campus and around town everyone took his size in stride. After all, they saw his genitals all the time due to his constant nudity and got used to the sight. Sometimes (like with Jason) they even made jokey references to it. Angela had even seen people greet Kai-Kai by reaching down and shaking his penis like they were shaking his hand. He was used to other people handling it. He didn’t seem to think of it as really his. It belonged to the Project.

Looking at that retainer dildo again, Angela reflexively squeezed her legs together at the thought of ever trying to get such a thing inside her. It wasn’t even as big as Kai-Kai at full erection, though it didn’t need to be. A real penis, not matter how erect and hard, was not made of unyielding plastic; it had a certain amount of “give”.

Mrs. Hatwood sat down on the mattress. Now out of her pocketbook she got a tube of lubricant. Kai-Kai obediently held his penis out for her as she smeared the jelly all over the glans with four fingers, then continued a couple of inches up the shaft. In the process Kai-Kai’s penis grew almost to full erection. “You’re a lot bigger than my George, so be careful, child,” she said in her maternal way, an instruction entirely unnecessary for this gentle boy.

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