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actually a curse

She thought again of all those grown women, straining to accept the Sire’s phallus inside them. Someday (far in the future, after they got married in that fundamentalist church, maybe) Marikit and Kai-Kai might attempt intercourse. How could that possibly happen? He was far too large for her. If a 40-year-old mother of two, who had had intercourse maybe thousands of times with her husband and maybe other men in the past, could barely accept that penis, how could a virginal young woman with a small, thin body? Lately Angela had been thinking of Kai-Kai as being unfortunate in life, despite all the love he received from the community. Having to be naked, a penis that was so huge that it was more a curse than a blessing, no privacy as to his body (inside or out) or his orgasms . . . This was the stuff of pornography, of male fantasies, except for Kai-Kai it was real life. It wasn’t a dream he could wake up from. Angela was convinced that all these things were in fact unfortunate. And inability to have sex with the one woman he was actually in love with would be another cruel trick that Fate had played on him.

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