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an extensive underworld

We were almost bumping into Tami’s other foot when I finally saw it. There was no little lamp here. It was amazing how the layout of the walls, what must be like a maze or catacomb, blocked out sounds from the little cubbyholes devoted to other parts of her.

And it made it seem like a bigger place than it was. This bare foot had to be only five feet or so away from the other one, yet it was like journeying to the antipodes. Particularly when my eyes adjusted and I saw what was being done here, at what looked like a far outpost of the underworld. Tami’s foot stuck out over a bowl of ice cubes. One of the TL’s was running one cube around and between the toes. The other had a bristly spiky ball, kind of like a rubber porcupine, and was jabbing it gently over the instep. Then they switched places.

Tami’s voice, participating in the meeting above, came through the nearest little speaker: “I know this must be done quickly but -- but we have to cover all bases. I see it taking two weeks if we’re lucky and no - no opposition.”

“This is Betty and Jalisa,” Melissa said. I could barely make out their faces, especially Jalisa’s which was so dark. After they nodded to me and continued their cold, spiky torture of Tami’s toes and foot for a few moments, I whispered to Melissa. “This looks cruel,” I said playfully. “Compared with Tami’s other foot.”

“Who’s over there?’ Betty said, kissing and sucking a toe before she rubbed an ice cube around it. She had overheard me.

“I’m not sure,” Melissa said. “I don’t go there much.” As if it were a faraway country.

“Hermine and Gladys,” I said.

“Whatever they’re doing, I bet it’s fattening,” Jalisa said. As if talking about third cousins whom she doesn’t see often. She got up off her chair and sat down in a different posture. I saw that she was tall and athletic. I thought of the other foot, coated in peanut butter. While this one was being chilled and scraped. It seemed unfair. Though I then smelled coffee and realized that the toes were being sucked by hot mouths. The toes writhed and wiggled with the stimulations, as if expressing their surprise and joy. Very expressive toes.

Melissa and I left this dark, cold outpost, then shortly came to a standing girl who was braced, one foot in front of the other, as she waved one of those long feathers I had seen next to the couch, with a slow, laborious motion. She was in a kind of jumpsuit, suited to athletic exertions. I tried to see where she was floating the feather, but it was too dark. “I’m caressing the midriff and belly button,” she explained. “Want to try?’

I tried. This long thing was heavy. She showed me how to grip it with a minimum of strain. One hand holding it up eighteen inches or so from the end, as a fulcrum, the other at the end controlling the stroke, while I braced one foot well in front of the other. She looked at my hands approvingly, like a teacher watching a good student. I felt proud. And after a few strokes I could feel, subtly, the gentle vibrations and resistance through the feather. Though I couldn’t see her, I could feel the delicate fronds either touching Tami or missing her. I knew that I was gently teasing the side of that tiny waist, the concave tummy, hopefully sending chills through her body. A tantalizing, teasingly gentle stimulation in contrast with all the more direct and intense things that were being done to her. Every activity here carried its own satisfactions.

Tami’s voice continued through the local speaker. “Without their approval it -- w - would be impossible.”

As I wafted the feather up and down I felt a chill going through my own self, as if I were on the receiving end of it. Maybe this was something of what Melissa was talking about: the excitement of exciting Tami. Reluctantly I gave the feather back to the girl. Melissa led me outward and up a couple of steps.

Tami’s hand stuck out from the darkness. Two women were touching it lightly with their hands and tongues, down the wrist and forearm. I remembered the chapter in the loose leaf on “Feet and Hands” where there was a drawing on “nerve patterns”. Apparently there was a pattern to their caressing that stimlulated something up and down the arm.

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