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      “You were given a brief description of what we would like you to do, though we have to check you out first,” said Seiku, in an accent so thick that Patty had to play it back in her mind.  It was to be a “bondage” shoot.  According to her research, those paid the best and so she explored in that direction.  Japanese S & M shocked her at first, some of those contraptions they used, the antics the girls were “forced” into, but she quickly recognized the “technique”, how things were faked, and came to admire the ingenuity.

        “Yes.  Let’s start.”  Patty took over.  She stood before Hikaru, extending her arms out, then pushing up her breasts.  “You can touch me.”  Hikaru was an experienced porn director, but was nevertheless intimidated as he pinched her nipples, then kneaded one breast then the other.  “Go ahead!”  Patty had had her breasts examined and prodded so many times during those University experiments that her lack of hesitation and modesty was genuine.  It was not showing off; it was just part of her life.  She was a size 34C (not that she ever wore a bra) and all natural of course, though given the lack of scars Hikaru would have been surprised if he felt silicone in there.  He gently squeezed one breast, then the other.  Then the naked teenager turned around and displayed her beautifully formed butt.  She went through the same paces with Seiku.  The men found no blemishes or scars.  Aware of stories of girls being coerced into the porn life, they looked especially carefully for bruises.  None of those either.

        The men cleared their throats, not used to being the uneasy ones.  In Japan even the more experienced actresses were a little self-conscious about displaying their bodies at audition.  And they were given a dressing room and came out in a bathrobe and slippers, taking them off with a vestigial air of hesitation.  But this girl of tender years walked in totally naked and displayed her body like it was a diamond bracelet on the Home Shopping Network.

      Now Patty climbed onto the table and got on all fours.  They were open mouthed as she said, “I suppose you have to see all of me . . . Go ahead, look!”

        The clothed men had no choice but to follow the girl’s orders.  She moved about on her knees as she spread her vagina first for Hikaru, then Seiku.  They obediently drew their heads in for a close view.  Then she spread her butt cheeks to display a perfect wrinkled anus in the valley between her butt cheeks.  They now knew what everybody else knew, that even around her anus Patty Kowalski’s skin was clear and beautiful.  “Um . . . very nice,” Seiku said.

        A young Japanese couple came in with a large box which they opened to set up the props, which included pulleys screwed into an overhead beam and ropes.  They tried not to look at the teenager displaying herself so openly, but it being so unusual, they couldn’t help but steal every glance they could.

        Now to the men’s astonishment Patty opened her handbag and took out a huge dildo, shaped like a penis, complete with bulbous glans and veiny shaft.  As if going through a daily routine she dabbed lubricant on it, then got up on her knees and reached down.  With a grunt she pushed it between her lower lips, then turned her feet outwards as she pushed herself down on it.   She was anchored by her spreading toes as she went down, down, down.  Seiku and Hikaru gulped, trying to suppress the erections growing in their trousers.  They were too embarrassed to look at each other, totally under the control of this girl less than half their age.  Finally Patty’s butt cheeks touched the table.  She grunted again as her hips writhed in a circular motion onto the dildo.  They could picture it precessing inside her, the tip tracing an unseen circle hitting what might have been various pleasure spots.  Maybe her “G spot”.  A slight whiff of female musk was detected.

        “Um . . .”  Seiku was about to say that this display wasn’t necessary; usually the “terms of engagement” were agreed upon verbally and insertions were done only during actual filming.  But his mouth went dry when Patty turned around, extracted the dildo which was now lubricated with her juices, and began to push it into her anus!

        “Don’t worry, I cleaned -- unhh -- myself out,” she said.  Her grunting was more gutteral now.  With her flexibility it was no strain for her to turn her shoulders sideways so as to reach around behind and guide the dildo directly in.  The scent of her recent enema exuded.  “It’s -- strawberry -- do you -- unhh -- like it?”

        “Y - yes, that’s fine,” Seiku said.  He wanted to say, “That’s quite enough -- please take that thing out and put some clothes on!!”  But he had mostly lost the power of speech.  Hikaru felt the same way.  So did the young assistants, who had finished the setup and stood frozen in place.

        Patty now sat on the dildo, and stretched her arms and legs out, intertwining her fingers and toes.  She bounced up and down on it, to demonstrate that it was no strain for her to take in all of its -- what was it?  20 centimeters?  Then she switched to all fours again and slowly pulled it out, with methodical, well-practiced inhales and exhales.

        After she had wiped the dildo and put it away, she brought out a penlight.  The men were then forced to peer through the still-distended sphincter and view her pink, irrigated rectum.

        “I see your girls don’t come very often.  Or maybe they do but it’s hard to see.  I can give you two orgasms in five minutes.”  To the men’s secret horror she brought out a vibrator.  “Here.”  She gave Hikaru a latex glove.  “Stick your finger in my butt.  The average is eleven spasms.”

        She turned the vibrator on, then placed it between her legs as she leaned forward, legs drawn up under her, face down on the table, hugging herself.  Her moans began after a few seconds.  The two assistants walked to the table to see better.  The naked teenager indeed came to two orgasms, the first after two minutes, the second after four.  As she reached climax her head raised up and she shrieked so as to cause her audience to jump back.  They looked around.  Yes, the place was soundproofed -- it had to be, for a porn shoot -- but they had not planned on this decibel level.  Meanwhile as Hikaru felt the girl’s anus contracting around his finger he first looked at Seiku in surprise and then, looking down and concentrating, counted carefully.  “T - twelve,” he squeaked out after the first climax.  “Ten!” after the second.

        For Patty, of course, none of this required much effort.  Not after months of performing at Teaser’s, and the dozens of sessions of University research, right in the lobby of her high school with friends and teachers looking, having orgasms by the clock and getting paid for each one.  She was proud of her much-developed talents and was eager to show them off.        Her aggressive auditioning brought results.  After she finished, sweaty and winded, and sat back down onto the metal folding chair, the whole room now humid with her secretions, Hikaru and Seiku went from shock to gradual realization.  This was a stroke of luck so great that they were having trouble comprehending the extent of it.  They had found a real treasure.  And -- she was not being controlled by some sleazy boyfriend, or the mob.  And -- the filming was out of country, payable off the books.  They had checked out her family history and knew that as far as the authorities went, both she and the transaction would be untouchable.

        Filming was postponed to the next day so that they could re-tool the storyboard.  Patty called Gertrude to pick her up early, having upped her price to $15,000, half of which she was now carrying home in her handbag.  When she got home she found Jimmy and Robbie fighting over who got to sign on to the gaming account, but as always she straightened things out.  It was a usual spaghetti dinner, but she got the inspiration to put chopped up leftovers from last night’s barbecued chicken (a big success) into the sauce, so the kids liked it.  Kathleen dropped some on her new “moon boots”, a strange thing for girls to wear in the summer but since when was style ever logical?  Especially with nine-year-old girls.  Patty took the stains up with baking soda.

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