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Bio 101, in the first person

The girls were not ones to keep secrets; the dorms were abuzz with all the details by Sunday night, and on Monday as Kai-Kai went from class to class he blushingly received compliments on his output, not only from his classmates but from a couple of professors.

Word got to Professor Gladstone who mentioned it that morning at the beginning of the Freshman Bio 101 class.

“Before we begin, as you know from our class a few weeks ago, when we were examining the Sire’s anatomy, I pointed out that the success of the Project depended on maximizing his output of semen and production of sperm, via Sunday drainings. What is the acronym for that model? Ms. Winckel?”

The Prof often called on students without warning but it didn’t bother them too much. He only asked about matters that had already been covered in class, and went gently when someone didn’t know the answer.

Mary Winckel was a cheerful, good-natured blond white girl with freckles, and braces that showed when she smiled, which was often. It was a bit chilly in the classroom this morning so she had on a sweatshirt over her blouse, and jeans and sneakers. “NLI,” she said.

“And what does the N’ stand for?”



“The Sire should have as many orgasms as possible.”

“Correct. And what is the record for most orgasms at a draining?”

“You mean, in the Lab?”

“Yes, sorry. In Lab 6, specifically.”

Mary thought for a moment. “Thirteen.”

“Correct. Finally, what are the best ways to achieve numerosity?”

“Um . . . diet and exercise, hydration, and gentle stimulation at the plateau stage.”

“Correct. Also he must have adequate rest beforehand. . . And what does the L’ stand for? Mr. Rhatigan?”

Godfrey Rhatigan, one of Kai-Kai’s many friends, was a tall, skinny black-skinned boy whose family had come over from Kenya when he was a child. “Length.”


“Kai-Kai’s -- I mean the Sire’s -- orgasms have to be as long-lasting as possible.”

“And how is that achieved?”

“Close monitoring of the contractions, so that stimulation is increased in -- in time with each, um, spasm, as the orgasm is winding down.”

“And what does that do?”

“It extends the number of contractions.”

“Correct. And what is the record number of contractions?”

“At -- any draining?”



“Nineteen!” Varda Krishnamurti called out from the back, in her Indian lilt. Some heads turned and smiled. One person clapped.

The Prof chuckled. “O.K.,” he said, “we’ll get to that in a minute. . . Finally, what does the ‘I’ stand for? Mr. Schreiber?”

“Intensity,” Kai-Kai said. He was in his usual seat, in the fourth row. The chilliness of the room didn’t affect the always-naked boy. Though one could tell it was cold by his erect little nipples. And his flaccid penis, draped across his thigh, was a little smaller than usual and a little wrinkled.

“And what does ‘intensity’ mean?”

“It means that my orgasms should be as intense as possible.”

“How is that measured?”

“Aside from subjective impressions, by the quantity of semen that I ejaculate.”

“What is the most voluminous achieved? In a Lab draining, of course.”

“The most I ever ejaculated there, so far, was 14.3 cc’s.”

“What is the best way to increase ejaculatory volume?”

“Rhythmic stroking of my frenulum, in the direction of my glans, with simultaneous massage of my prostate.”

“Thank you. . . Some of you might wonder why I chose to begin today’s class with this review. Yesterday, during an informal draining’, Kai-Kai was brought to fourteen orgasms in the space of roughly four hours. And one of his orgasms was” -- he drew this out for emphasis -- “nine-teen contractions, a record! It was through the efforts of six women, including two of our students here, Kitty Schroeder and Alana Sandiego. I’d like all three of you to take a bow!”

To much applause, the three freshmen stood up, Kitty and Alana smiling proudly at each other, the naked boy hesitantly, shy and bashful. Those near him looked down at the high-yielding testicles hanging over his desk, applauding them as much as the boy they were attached to. As if to increase his discomfiture, albeit good-naturedly, someone behind him said “M.K.C.C.!” Among the freshmen this was short for the crude expression “Make Kai-Kai Cum & Cum!”. A couple of girls giggled at this. It was just good-natured teasing. Some of the new kids who didn’t yet know the boy went further, making jokes about the hundreds of orgasms he had every day, the gallons of semen he ejaculated, or how big his penis was, but they stopped when they saw he was embarrassed.

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