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Blanke Schande etiquette

“Not half as beautiful as you are,” Tommy said. The new girl found herself blushing again. What a sweet thing to say! Yet also an open acknowledgement of her nudity. “Thanks.”

Now an ominous clearing of the throat. And now Scott said, “I’d like you to present for me, please.” He cleared the space in the middle of the tent.

Hyacinth’s heart froze for a second, but then she saw that he was looking at Mac, sitting tall and tanned and strong and so invincible looking. With a poker face Mac shifted over to the middle of the circle, then lay back and spread her legs. Each bare foot extended to the edges of the tent in between Hank and Tommy on one side and Ahmad and Hyacinth on the other. Then she lifted her pelvis seemingly right up into Scott’s face.

Scott bit his lip and was entranced. Mac looked up at him but he kept his eyes fastened on her slightly opened pussy lips. After a long moment he said, “Thank you.”

But Mac didn’t close up; she increased her exposure, bringing her hands around and spreading her lower lips further with her fingers. Now Scott was faced with a wide open vagina, a hole gaping open at him that he fervently longed to put his penis into. Mac undulated her hips and pushed herself even further into Scott’s face, only a foot away now. A faint scent of female whiffed through the tent, and all four penises responded to this natural signal within the cramped quarters of their respective pants. “N - no, that’s enough, th-thank you,” Scott stuttered.

“Have some mercy, Four O’Clock,” Tommy said, only half-jokingly. And with a little smile Mac brought her hips down and retreated cross-legged to where she was sitting before.

This scene puzzled Hyacinth. She was still puzzling when Ahmad said, “I would very much like for you to present to me. Your face is beautiful and I am sure the rest of you is too.” Hyacinth steeled herself. She knew this moment was bound to come. With a little glance at Mac, who gave her a reassuring look, she scooted over to the middle and was ready to lie back when he said, “No, the other way.” Damn! He wanted to see her butthole! Not that he wouldn’t see her pussy too. Feeling awkward in her nakedness, all breasts and butt and bare feet, Hyacinth turned around and got on all fours. This was a well-practiced pose, along with the rest of the standard presenting postures Professor Reddy had the girls go through to begin each “erotocize” class, but Hyacinth always felt awkward doing it “in real life”.

“Spread open, please.” And now she rested her head on its side and reached back to spread her butt cheeks. Though the electric lamp did not provide much light Ahmad would see every wrinkle of her butthole up close, the stretched skin between it and her pussy, every little pussy hair at the bottom of her pussy, the beginnings of her lower lips, then the lips themselves. She prayed there would be no female scent like with Mac. And now she looked back at him, part of the prescribed routine.

Fortunately he didn’t make eye contact, staring at her lower crevice appreciatively. But now came another request. “May I spread your buttocks further?”

The college rules prohibited nonconsensual touching. But this was a request occasionally made. The request had to be specific about what was going to be touched and how. The female had to answer affirmatively; no answer was to be understood as a refusal. The rules were very clear about that. Hyacinth looked up at Mac. Again the small reassuring smile. Well, it wasn’t like he wanted to stick his finger in there. Hyacinth cleared her throat and said, “O.K.”

She felt the hands gently push her butt cheeks apart further. She let go with her own hands and folded them under her turned face. Ahmad pulled and stretched Hyacinth’s buttocks this way and that, and the girl felt her sphincter tugged in different directions. Halfway through, Tommy leaned over to look. A little draft of cold air came in through the slightly-open tent flap and Hyacinth felt it hit right on her sphincter, which clenched reflexively, no doubt to the great interest and attention of the two guys. She closed her eyes, bit her lip, trying to hold down the intense shame. This was the lot of any BSC girl: to be naked all the time, and to have her most secret parts on display and examined closely by any guy at all. Naked and not being able to do anything about it, totally in these guys’ control.

But now she opened her eyes and looked up at Mac, strong and undefeated. How could she be so? Her thoughts were interrupted by Scott, who said, “Mac, I’d like to see you like that too.”

The athletic girl got on all fours opposite Hyacinth; in the cramped tent this meant that her face was right next to the other girl’s. And she stuck her butt up toward Scott’s face. Scott didn’t ask to touch her, content just to look as Mac spread her lower cheeks. No one spoke. There was heavy male breathing, the stirring of hard dicks within undershorts.

Mac turned her face and the girls were face to face, each looking upside down at the other’s eyes. Hyacinth blinked and her eyes got a little wet as the two naked girls looked at each other in comfort and commiseration and with another feeling, a feeling Hyacinth had felt when lying together with her roommates and a feeling that was in the twinkle in Sarah’s eyes, a feeling of . . .

The moment was over when all four guys seemed to say at the same time, “Thank you.” Ahmad let go of Hyacinth’s cheeks. The two girls got up and folded their legs, going back to their spots.

Then Scott said impulsively, “Could you two do a sixty-nine for us?”

Mac glared at him. “NO.”

Scott said, “Oh, come on.”

Mac looked at Hank, who was already looking at Scott. “Hey, man. Give it a rest.”

“No really.”

Mac shrugged and reached over into a corner to get a rolled up sleeping bag. “No offense guys, but we’re going,” she said, and before Hyacinth knew it she was being dragged outside into the freezing black night.

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