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The spread-eagled, tied up girl was clearly uncomfortable, twisting and twitching, but she was being attacked by ants crawling all over her, and not likely to leave their girl-shaped paradise of sticky syrup. Greater numbers invaded the crease between her buttocks, and her vulva, and her armpits, areas onto which the substance had been laid especially thick. Ants congregated between her toes and all over her face. She could keep her eyes and mouth closed but invasion of her nostrils was unavoidable. Sharp exhales were necessary to expel the tiny invaders. Her agonized whimpering was good acting but probably also genuine.

If I have painted a graphic picture, it is only to illustrate the effectiveness of the scene wrought by the director and his film crew. On the monitors I could see the benefits of the bright, unforgiving klieg lights in extreme closeup: the shadows of Chyou’s large, fear-stiffened nipples were starkly visible, as were the shadows of her individual pubic hairs, even the shadows of the ants. I am told these are harvester ants, which bite! This is only a semi-classified shooting so there were about twenty of us viewing from afar as the beleaguered girl writhed on the brightly lit, elevated table. She was re-tied to spread her legs more widely so that ants could be seen entering the dark space between her labia. Then she was placed in a prone position and her anus opened up with a short tube through which ants were poured into her rectum. More whimpering ensued.

Chyou is bearing up as well as the other Maik-lings have on this assignment. Though no doubt unpleasant, being attacked by ants was not the most difficult thing they have been asked to do. A normal girl would in short order be screaming, driven out of her mind, but little Chyou endured the ordeal of the ants for over an hour as the director took advantage of every angle. An actress who can perform such a scene is a rare treasure. The Maik-lings have given a great boost to the shadow economy as well as making contributions to Guanxi which frankly stun our visitors.

Of course, the producers make sure Chyou is not harmed; physical damage to any Maik-ling is a capital offense. After this scene was shot Chyou, her legs shaking, sticky arms raised away from her body, was led outdoors, where ants and syrup were meticulously scrubbed off her by the four-man crew. Then the rest of the “supporting cast” was flushed out of her with a douche and an enema. The many bites (which would soon disappear) were soothed with lotion.

The rest of the day was taken up with a trip to the mountain where Chyou was filmed climbing rocks. It is quite cold up there but this is of no concern to a Maik-ling. Nor are rocks a trial for her tough bare feet, or the steepness of the climb (she ascended about a hundred meters) for her remarkable stamina. In post-production they will cut it so that it looks like she is climbing a ledge over a bottomless pit. A scene was also shot for use in another film, with two men in full-coverage climbing gear portraying her companions as they scaled the heights together. Apparently this is a film with a plot, where she is leading a commando team in a combat situation. It is interesting that she seems to climb with bare feet more comfortably than the men in their climbing shoes. Why she is the only one naked, I am told, is never to be explained, but her character is nude the entire movie, including a scene where she is addressing a legislature of some sort. Chinese pornography is getting more inventive to the point where some say we are pulling even with the Japanese.

The next day was another arduous assignment for Chyou, again tied down as wax was dripped onto her from candles held by masked men. Wax cools swiftly and does no damage. She was told to struggle in her bonds and scream with every fiery drip. She did that well; in fact all the Maik-lings are good actors. That afternoon was another outdoor shoot, where she portrayed a girl being stripped in the middle of what was convincingly depicted as a public square, with just enough “extras” to make it look crowded. Of course Maik-lings are not allowed to be clothed so another woman, facing away from the camera, played the character as the clothes were being ripped off. Then the totally naked Chyou was told to act embarrassed, hiding her breasts and her pubic area with her hands, cringing and squatting. This was indeed a difficult task for a Maik-ling, a stranger to bodily modesty, and Chyou was not quite convincing. None of the Maik-lings would be, one imagines.

Chyou’s breasts have developed markedly over the past couple of months and this change has been taken advantage of. Much of her “oeuvre” seems to involve her breasts hanging down, bouncing around, tied up in various ways, being jostled or squeezed, or her nipples clipped with clothespins or attacked with ice cubes or jelly. For one pose her breasts were wrapped with coils of ribbon so that they protruded amazingly far away from her body. Of course all this is done within limits so that no marks are left, or rather, any marks created disappear in a few hours.

There was one shoot where I was really concerned. Chyou was on all fours on a pedestal to which her hands and ankles were cuffed, while an immense dildo was being pistoned into her rectum. It pierced her from a 45-degree overhead angle and was driven by a cam. Her large breasts hung down to the pedestal base on which was glued rough sandpaper, and as they swung ponderously to and fro her nipples, proportionally just as large, were scraped over and over. Sandpapering nipples over such a long period of time -- the shoot lasted over an hour -- has to cause damage. However I was shown later that the “sandpaper” was actually burlap. It provided stimulation, helping her achieve (it turned out) four orgasms, while being harmless.

Perhaps it is important to note that I noticed Chyou run into the Maik-ya. Through the window I saw her waiting outside to be driven to the mountain and the Maik-ya was there, waiting to be taken to one of his many assignments. Each was of course surprised; likely it was the first time either had seen a naked person of the opposite gender. Being strangers to clothes and shoes, neither was fazed by the chill wind or the rough gravel. Chyou’s gaze was naturally drawn to the Maik-ya’s considerable genitals, the output of which is as important to the People’s Struggle as the activities of Maik-lings. After a no doubt awkward silence I could see them talking, in the way that age group does, though I could not make out what they were saying.

Evaluation: In strictly economic terms this is perhaps the most important summer assignment for a Maik-ling. It is also the most demanding and efforts at improvement should be focused not on what the girl does but how it could be most extensively exploited.

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