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clothed students, naked teacher

In spite of her nudity the young teacher controls her class tightly. As I sit in the back observing I notice there is no fooling around. Today she is putting them through their paces as to Spanish verb declensions. Now she gives them a five-minute writing assignment as she goes behind her desk for a short spell on her “apparatus”. She keeps her moans muffled so as to not disrupt the students’ concentration. It is perhaps impossible to have these devices inside her while keeping control of a class, which is why she then rises off the apparatus to teach in simple nakedness. The classroom is cold; her nipples are erect and some of the students, already in full coverage school uniforms, have put on sweaters. Her hard bare feet pace the floor as she calls on a girl in the back row to use the pluperfect subjunctive in a sentence. She calls on a boy in the first row, turning so that not only her eyes but her stiff nipples are pointing at him.

Given their level of academic excellence, it is not surprising that each Maik-ling, on her rotation here, can teach a full day of classes in five different subjects. Most interesting is the fourth class which is orchestra. Most of the students are not very skilled (yet) but as a conductor Liena is top notch. Up on a podium that exposes her nude body to anyone looking, music stand raised up in front of her, she waves her baton in strict time, her breasts bouncing, giving cues with her right hand, at times emphasizing the beat by thudding the podium with her tough bare heel. Observing from behind I see she even flexes her tight gluteal muscles in rhythm. Yet she is patient with those of lesser ability. She stops the music and helps the trumpeter fix that cracked note, corrects the snare drummer with the improper grip. She seems to specialize in strings and gives the second violins a little lesson in vibrato. It is quite enchanting seeing her play, her breasts quivering ever so slightly as she gives soulful expression to a low note on the G string.

Another interesting class is art, for which she is the figure model. She poses on a pedestal for five minutes then goes behind the easels to examine the results. “You didn’t get my breast quite right . . . see here . . .” In showing a student how to “render” she fashions a few left-handed strokes on his newspad; they are skillful. Maik-lings can do anything, it seems, and do it well. Now she poses again, this time stretched out in an “X”. Amusingly, the principal comes by and asks her to sign off on a test score. She quickly looks down at it, signs her initials, and lifts her arms again. Another teacher, an older woman in business attire, arrives to set up the final pose. Liena spreads her legs on the pedestal as the woman applies her skills to Liena’s vulva. A student stands in front with a smart phone. It is less than a minute to orgasm and several photos are snapped. Liena picks one of them and via transfer to a laptop it is projected on the blank wall to the side. The students study it carefully, then set their pencils to their own interpretations of Liena’s face during orgasm, her mouth contorted, eyebrows angled crazily, her eyes opened as if in surprise, or maybe fiercely admonishing her students to do a good job.

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