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Debbie Grib

Walking straight ahead, hard bare feet thudding on the pavement, with her companion Heidi Grau behind her. It’s hard not to see Grib, inventor of the “hard nude” idea, with her shaved head, and her shaved armpits and shaved pussy. She does it every day -- using cream, I think -- removes every bit of hair from her body. She looks like an alien, or some other creature, and makes all the other naked girls look downright clothed and modest. A pretty alien, of course -- with a hard, wiry body -- but with a hardness to her face. It seems she’s always scowling.

BSC’s nudity policy might sound weird enough to outsiders, but the habits of Grib (everyone refers to her by her last name) are truly bizarre. I suppose she has a suite room assigned to her somewhere, but she always sleeps outside, on bare concrete, no blankets or pillows. She bathes outside (usually in one of the creeks behind the dorms) and relieves herself right in front of everyone, in the woods but just off the concrete path. She far outdoes the “Total Nudes” or “Absolutes”, those girls who give up makeup, blankets, and jewelry, staying totally uncovered all the time, even off campus and even when classes are out. She makes them seem like wimps -- which is what she calls them anyway. “Wussy Pussies!” is one of her usual taunts as Akeiko and her gang go by. Which is why she’s a problem.

Actually there’s something more than that which I find irritating but at the moment I can’t put my finger on it. Let me list five things that piss me off about Grib:

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