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“Memos from the Commissar”, at least the style, was borrowed from Churchill, specifically the memos in the appendices to his “Second World War” memoirs. (By printing his memos, and not the replies or what he was responding to, he gave the impression that he won the war single-handedly.) Churchill liked to talk, but he also could be concise and wryly funny in the many directives he fired off. In my story, the use of this style by a Communist overseer is in itself some kind of comment (about what, I’m not sure).

The story got a lot of views, probably because of the graphic first sentence. Sometimes I think I’m too subtle. Anyway, the travails of this unfortunate daughter of French colonists, in corrected/revised form, is now under “Stories” above. Which will now be the “canonical” version. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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