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Angela participated and it was a strange experience. On Monday she was on one of the two-person shifts, attaching the long collection sleeve to Kai-Kai’s penis every hour. It was part of what they joking called the “ejac pack”. Her shift was 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. They met up with the Sire at his house, at the snack bar, and in the hallway after one of his summer classes. She was sure that by 1:15 he dreaded seeing them approaching, though he was too polite and obedient to make any complaint. She and Mikhail would loop the strap around the boy’s waist and fit the tube over his penis. One could say that the always nude boy was now “wearing” something, though it was a cruel article of clothing. They then would apply feathers to his testicles. At 11:15 and 12:15 they found Kai-Kai talking to friends, and at 1:15 with Prof. Audrey after his American Literature class. Kai-Kai kept conversing amid increasing gasps, pausing only at the moment of ejaculation. The Professor waited politely as the boy moaned and spasmed in front of him, and everyone looked down at the thick spurts jetting into the tube. Then the prof continued what he was saying while Angela and Mikhail removed the sleeve, undid the strap, and wiped the penis off with the wet cloth. Finally they placed the end of the penis over a cup and waited for the boy to urinate a few squirts to flush out his urethra. As they left, Kai-Kai, his damp penis soft and a little inflamed, caught his breath and leaned one hand against the wall, as he listened to the prof talking about the American Civil War.

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