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driving with the semen-eating monster

Later that day, Tami’s parents were watching from the driveway as she tucked herself into the passenger seat and Rod tossed her backpack into the back seat.  Tami felt the cold seat under her bare butt and said, “Rod, is there like, any heat in this car?”  She hadn’t been in it before.


         Rod stopped what he was doing.  “Uh . . .”


         Thereupon Tami found a use for the comforter she had gotten for Christmas.


        .   .   .


         The miles went by, Rod driving in his heavy winter clothes, Tami huddled cross-legged in her comforter, only her face showing.


         “This car is c - o - l - d!”  Tami said, watching her breath form little clouds in front of her.


         Rod looked across.  “You look like a primitive cave woman.”


         Tami smiled.  “Huddled up in the fur you got me. . . You captured me from that tribe across the river.  You know, those white people.”


         Rod reached over and felt the top of Tami’s head through the blanket.  “Still have that lump from where I clubbed you?”


         Tami shifted and bent over, her face approaching Rod’s crotch.  “I’d like to see that club again.”


         “Tami -- !!”


         A big bundle of blanket moved slowly onto his crotch, like a leech intent on sucking the life juice out of him.


         “Ohhh -- ”


         Rod breathed heavily and stared dully at the road ahead.  The warm, wet suction continued.  The head of the bundled, blanketed creature bobbed up and down, taking his caveman’s club in deeper and deeper.  In less than two minutes the spurts of semen were shooting out, feeding the blanketed creature.  The creature’s victim moaned loudly.  “OHHHH! . . . OHHH!”


         Tami swallowed every drop and got up, wiping her mouth on the comforter, giggling at what Uncle Robert might think about her use of his gift.  The semen was tasty and salty and a little fishy.  She might have been grossed out with another man, but with Rod the semen tasted like sex, like love, like life.  Mmmm, very good.  Nourishing.


         She looked over at Rod’s wet, slowly deflating penis, saw him shift and try to zip himself back up with one hand while keeping the other hand on the wheel.  “Now I can tell you,” she said.


         “Tell me what?”


         “The white tribe has sent me to kill you.”  Tami pushed Rod’s hand away and once again went down to take his wet penis in her mouth.  “I’m going to make you come to death.  How many loads can you give me before we get to the school?  We’ve got maybe two hours to go, right?”


         Rod looked down at the persistent bobbing blanketed creature, feeling it feed on him again.  This was exquisite torture.  “Nooo . . . Ohhh . . .”  He kept his eyes on the road.


        .   .   .


         Tami, her bare foot carefully swathed in the end of the blanket, trod the gas pedal on Rod’s car as they came up on the highway exit for Campbell - Frank.  She smiled as she looked over to her boyfriend, lying on the passenger seat, head back, snoring.  I really sucked him out!  She enjoyed his being in her power.  She had gotten four ejaculations out of him while he was driving and unable to do anything about it.  He had tried to push her away, but she was strong and he had to keep the car under control.  Finally after the last come, which was just a couple of thin, weak spurts, he said he was sleepy and asked Tami to take the wheel.  Two minutes later he was in dreamland.  That is, if he had enough energy even to dream!


         Tami felt full and satiated.  Her belly seemed to slosh with Rod’s semen, and her horniness had been taken care of by the quick come she had fingered herself to about ten minutes ago.  She sat relaxed, the blanket loose around her shoulders, her bare arms extended, hands on the steering wheel, about as happy as she had been in a long, long time.


         As she pulled in to campus she exhaled.  Well, back to my role as Naked Tami.  I wonder what outrages this semester will bring . . . traffic was heavy as students were pulling in next to dorms and unloading.  Not much for me to unload, she told herself.  Remembering that she was in Wanda/Heather/Dean Jorgon territory now, she pulled the blanket off and tossed it into the back seat.  She wasn’t cold any more, anyway, after all this sex.  In fact inside the car everything was hot and moist.  She smiled as she noted that even the windshield had gotten a little fogged.


         She pulled into the parking lot for Pilgrim Hall, quickly waving to some girls she knew.  She looked over and stuck a bare foot into Rod’s crotch.  “Wake up, stud.”


         The crotch being the numbest part of Rod at the moment, Tami had to shake his head to get him to stir.  As they kissed lazily, Rod said, “You know you taste like me.  In fact your breath smells like semen.”


         Tami giggled.  “I’d better rinse my mouth.”


         Tami strode through the dorm lobby, backpack slung over one shoulder.  Again, that weird feeling of being the only naked person . . . in the midst of fully clothed friends and acquaintances passing by in front of the lounge and on the stairs.  The dorm was clogged with slow-moving people in bulky winter clothes, set off by the naked skin of the campus nudist who glided swiftly through.  Once again, she was Naked Tami.  There were some shocked stares from girls who were mid-year admissions.  Tami tried to ignore them.


         After rinsing her mouth in the downstairs bathroom, she had started up the dorm stairs with her backpack when she ran into Jen, dressed heavily and totally in black.  “You are very, very brown,” Tami said, looking at Jen’s face, almost pitch black from the Caribbean sun.


         Jen grabbed her naked friend, twisted her nipples with gloved hands until the naked girl squealed, and then gave her a wet kiss on the lips.  “I missed you very, very, very . . .”  Jen turned around and they went up the stairs together.


         “Very, very, very . . .” Jen said as they went down the hall.  “MUCH!!”  She turned to hold Tami’s face in her hands and give her a French kiss that almost took Tami’s tonsils out, which she ended when a girl came down the hall and cleared her throat.


         As they broke their kiss Jen smacked her lips critically, tasting something strange.  “Hmmm . . .”


         The naked girl said, “By the way, Rod says hi,” and giggled.


         Half a second of a weird look from Jen.  Then, “Bleechh!! Pppp!! Pppp!!”  Jen gagged, dancing with her finger in her throat, managing to smile throughout.


         As they approached their room, 207, Jen said, “Big surprise!”


         “Wha --”


         Tami stopped in mid-word as the door flung open and she saw a new girl in the bottom bunk.  All Terri’s things were gone and there were new bedcovers, decorations, and pictures on that side of the room.  A rather chunky girl with a pretty face, pale skin, short red hair, blue lipstick, and a nose ring sat on the bunk.


         “Terri got a part time job and moved off campus.  And here is our new roommate -- my old friend, back from her exchange student deal in Belgium, Mandy Rabinowitz!”  Jen said proudly.


         Mandy looked up with smoldering eyes.  In a husky, lusty voice, she said,  “Well hello . . .” looking the naked girl up and down.

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