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Effie Hatwood

Angela, having some uncommitted time, was going to go to her dorm room for a bit but decided to walk along with Kai-Kai as they went down the hall. In the lobby was a tall, heavy-set black woman of about 45, carefully and elegantly dressed in well-arranged graying dredlocks, a coat covering a long print dress, and heels. She looked like she was going to church. She had a beautiful, large face and a wide, warm smile.

The Sire said, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Hatwood.”

Mrs. Hatwood gave her hand to the nude boy, looking down at his face because she was taller than him. Then with her natural maternal affection she gave him a hug. “Nice to see you again, Kai-Kai.”

He introduced her to Angela and, without mentioning where anyone was going, the three of them walked out onto the quad. Then Angela mentioned going to her dorm but they were all walking in the same direction. It turned out Kai-Kai and Mrs. Hatwood were going to the dorm next to Angela’s. “They’ve set up the dorm director’s room for us. He’s away this week,” Kai-Kai explained.

“I — I didn’t know there was a different place each time,” Angela said. She had only a vague idea as to how impregs were arranged.

“Of course. It’s up to the lady,” the boy said, using his preferred term for the (always much older) woman he was to impregnate. “Usually on campus but anywhere they want. So long as I can get to my classes on time.”

“I wanted something like a regular bedroom,” Mrs. Hatwood said. “Here, why don’t you see. I checked it out yesterday.” She already had a card for the dorm; she swiped it as they entered from the side door. She sounded like she was Angela’s aunt showing a room she had made up for a sleepover, instead of a room she had arranged for herself so that a teenage boy could ejaculate into her vagina.

“Very — nice,” Angela said awkwardly when they entered. It was just a regular dorm room, though unusually done up, with a lot of furniture. She didn’t know who the dorm director was here, but it was obviously a guy, judging from the clothes in the open closet and the posters. In her view campus guys were incredible slobs but this place was pretty neat. She imagined Mrs. Hatwood as the dorm director’s mother in the habit of coming in every day to straighten things out.

Since they’d brought her in there, Angela thought it wouldn’t be inappropriate to ask about what was about to happen. She pointed to the bed in the corner. “So you will do the — the impreg — there?”

“Actually,” Kai-Kai said, “she wants the mattress on the floor.” Angela noticed that Kai-Kai was being more assertive than usual, not so quiet, now that they were setting up an impreg. Well, that kind of figured. Impregs were a frequent fact of his daily life, more common than meals. Not so for the woman, so it made sense that he would be the one to set things up, to put the woman at ease.

Not that Mrs. Hatwood seemed in the least unsure of herself. “Here, next to the window,” she said, as if directing a man to move furniture. “Yes, Ma’am.” The naked boy carefully removed the blankets from the bed and pulled the mattress off the frame, sliding it along the floor to the requested place.

Oh God, Angela, thought — they were about to “do it”! “I - I really should go.”

“You’ve never seen an ‘impreg’ before?” Mrs. Hatwood said, turning her head as if in surprise, her dredlocks passing over her shoulders.

“N - no.”

“I thought you were on the medical team.”

“It’s — not part of my job.”

“Well then you should see one,” Mrs. Hatwood said. “It’s o.k. with me.” Which was clear from the way she had been acting. She had probably checked that box on the application form, indicating that she didn’t mind if her impreg was witnessed. Angela tried to hide her surprise but couldn’t. Mrs. Hatwood comforted her. “George and I have been practicing this moment for weeks. Though,” she said, turning to Kai-Kai, “he’s had a vasectomy so we weren’t worried.” They laughed together, the elegantly dressed 45-year-old housewife, and the naked boy who was about to put his penis into her.

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