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exempted from school dress code

Nudity seems to be their permanent condition. Aside from the “apparatus” I have not seen any of them wear a single stitch. Their bare skin contrasts greatly with the other students; the dress code is strict and except for the Maik-lings all the rest are in formal full-coverage school uniforms. Not possessing any clothes, the Maik-lings are the only students without lockers, which must be why their bookbags seem twice the size of everyone else’s. They show no sign of being ashamed of their nakedness, surprising since the Chinese are such a conservative culture. Nor of course do they show any sign of showing off or being exhibitionist, despite the perfection of their bodies which are uniformly tanned by the sun. My guess is that none of them has ever worn clothes in their lives, or maybe not in years. Their feet are tough and they seem able to walk on any rough surface quite comfortably. They are also remarkably strong. In helping a teacher move things I saw Fenfang pick up a large chair by herself, hoist it onto her head, and carry it down the hall, breasts bouncing. I saw Jing and Liena working outside with the maintenance crew digging a culvert, their tough bare toes pushing down on the shovels, breasts bouncing with their motions, sweating all over, and pulling up as much dirt as the men. Why they are the only students assigned such physically demanding tasks is not clear.

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