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fashionable girl

    Again the teenager was surprisingly verbal.  “I sort of figured that it was a kind of rule.  I see Mr. Cook’s sculptures.  He must use you as, like, inspiration.”   Tami cleared her throat as if it were dry.  “You keep your clothes in the garage?”

        “Yes,” Nina said.  “We don’t like being naked.  In fact we hate it.”   Which was actually a bit of an overstatement for her.

        “Yes, I hate it,” Helen said.  No an overstatement for her.

        With a deadpan expression, Tami said, “You seem all right with it now.”

        “That’s because we’re alone,” Nina said.  “I hate it when people look at me.  Especially men.”

        “Don’t you hate it too?” Helen said, moving too fast, making Nina want to secretly kick her.

        Tami did some more stretching with her legs.  “No.”

        Nina said to herself: if this Miss Smithers was really a dedicated nudist, she would have said, “I love being naked, I believe in it.”  Instead, all she gave was a simple “No”.

        “So where do you keep your clothes?” Helen said.

        “I don’t own any,” Tami said.

        “You go naked everywhere?”

        “Yes.”   Helen sensed that Tami was beginning to close up, so she said nothing more.  Then after a few minutes the teenager got up and left.  “I think I went too fast,” Helen said.  Nina agreed, though she was too tactful to say so.

        Fortunately Tami returned, this time with what looked like a large shoe box.  She squatted down on the concrete and opened it up.  Nina’s and Helen’s casual glances quickly turned into open-mouthed amazement as they saw what the teenager was taking out of the box.  They lifted their sunglasses from their eyes and propped themselves up on their elbows.

        It was two gigantic dildos, one with a ridge of bumps along the top, fitted onto what looked like a leather thong bikini bottom.  There was also a little bra thing and a tube of lubricant and a little towel.  “Excuse me while I do my thing for science,” the naked teenager said.  Nina and Helen cringed and clenched their butt muscles as they saw the poker-faced young girl dab lubricant on the larger of the two dildos and squat onto it.  Impossibly large, and thick too .  .  .  yet it went steadily up into the girl.  When her widely spread butt cheeks finally made contact with the concrete and the dildo was fully inserted Nina judged the tip to be up as high as the girl’s navel, maybe higher.  Then the girl performed a similar insertion up front with the dildo with the ridge.  With well-practiced hands she quickly tied the thong bottom around her, imprisoning the dildos within, then stood up and tied on the top, which was just a couple of strings with knob-like things that covered her nipples and nothing more.  She turned the knobs and then adjusted the strings again.

        Nina and Helen had not been told about -- this!

        The naked teenager stood in front of them.  Nina couldn’t help but blurt out, “What on earth is that -- those things??”

        “I volunteered for research into -- you know .  .  .  Coming.  Um, orgasms.  I have a session at seven in the morning, and another at one o’clock.”   Tami bent over, a little stiffly, and gathered the lubricant and the towel into the box.  “Skin and blood pressure and stuff is -- is recorded on a computer chip in here somewhere.”

        “Doesn’t that -- thing in your -- rear -- ?” Helen said, not knowing how to finish.

        “Hurt?  No, I’m used to it,” Tami said, looking down and checking her straps almost ostentatiously, as if showing off the latest fashion.

        Helen and Nina looked at each other in horror.  Neither had ever had anything up their butts in their lives.  To have something so large up in there was just unimaginable.

        As the young women looked up Tami took a step toward her chair and then her whole body jerked.  “Ohh!” she said softly.  “M - must be one o’clock.”

        Watching her shake as she carefully turned around and lay down on her lawn chair, Nina said, “Are you o.k.?  What’s going on?”

        “The -- ohh -- apparatus vibrates.  I used to have a remote c - control but now it s - starts automatically at seven and at one.  Ohhh!”  Nina and Helen both sat up with a start, watching the teenager’s whole body shake, her hips arching up, her fists clench.

        Nina just had to say it.  “You don’t have to do this, Tami.”

        Tami looked over with an odd look.  Maybe it was because she was trying to speak while so obviously ascending to orgasm.  “It’s o.k.  I v - volunteered.  Ohh!”

        As Nina and Helen looked on, their teenage companion crested into orgasm, her teeth clenched.  Then her body convulsed with spasm after spasm, causing the chair to scrape and shift across the concrete.  The younger girl looked like she was in intense agony -- a typical appearance of a woman in orgasm, but Nina and Helen knew that in terms of intensity of shame this agony was real.  They sat there watching, totally unaware for once of their own nudity, and found tears coming into their eyes.  This poor girl!

        The orgasm spent itself with a couple of ragged jolts, then Tami straightened out her shaking legs and heaved a deep sigh.  “Ohhh .  .  .  God .  .  .”

        Now that the shame was over Nina could not help but express her outrage.  “Tami, this is horrible!  Take those -- those things out of you.  I can’t believe you agreed to such torture!”

        Tami, her eyes narrowed with strain, looked over at Nina.  “It’s not -- ohhh -- excuse me -- I’m -- g - going to -- c - come -- again -- ohhh!” No, the shame was not over.  As the horrified Nina and Helen watched, she crested into her second orgasm within a minute of the first.

        Nina and Helen looked at each other.  Finally Helen said, “Tami, when is this -- session -- over?”

        “When I -- when I c - come five times,” Tami answered breathily.  “If I’m not strapped in on time I double up for -- the -- ohh -- n - n - next session.”   She put her head down and covered her face with her hands and quivered silently.

        Nina got up and put her hand on Tami’s bare shoulder.  “Please, Tami, take this outfit off.”

        Tami said nothing for a few moments.  She seemed to be almost sobbing as she said, “No, I -- I c - can’t.”   Nina took her hand off and stood looking down.  Then Tami apologized again.  “P - please excuse me -- ohhhh!” Head still in her hands, she seemed to be trying to smother her reactions as she once again moaned and spasmed.

        Helen stood up and went to the other side of the suffering girl.  “Please let us help you,” she said.  She and Nina no longer were thinking of whether what they were saying was in line with their plan -- they were thinking only of the teenager’s intense shame and wanting desperately to help her escape it.

        That having two women watching over her might have only increased her humiliation did not occur to them.  They simply watched this horrific scene with morbid curiosity.  When the fifth orgasm had spent itself they realized how useless and ridiculous they looked standing around her, and they sat back down in their chairs.  They watched, immobilized and speechless, as Tami took a few deep breaths and then got up and squatted down next to the box.  With the same neutral expression as before, though this time exuding residual sweat and still catching her breath, Tami expelled the huge intruders from her pussy and ass, went over to the hose to rinse things off, wiped everything up with the towel, then put everything back in the box.  And then she went to the makeshift shower on the slats and rinsed herself off.  Then back to her lawn chair and lay down with a hefty sigh.

        Nina and Helen looked at each other.  They knew to carry out their plan they had to keep cool heads.  Something which was going to be more difficult than they thought.

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