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feeling nature in the nude

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I thought about this today, driving past rural areas, the fields and the creeks.

Tami gets a lot of chances like this (as does Dareen), most of which they enjoy very much (provided no one is looking). This is Tami on a warm summer night in southern Ohio. (It’s also about Rod and a foreshadowing of the very last chapter.)

She felt drawn to it, just had to do it. Sneaking a careful look at Wanda she s - l - o - w - l - y turned the knob. Fortunately the door did not creak and, swiftly putting it behind her, she carefully closed it and found herself standing outside naked, her feet bathed with the cool dew as they sank into the grass. She felt devilish and naughty doing this, even though it was nothing compared to the crass exposures to gawkers that were the constant theme of her life. But this felt precious, poetic, because this was the kind of thing she often wanted to do back when she wore clothes, walk outside naked in the middle of the night, but she had never dared to do it, until now.

Smiling, she walked gently out onto the lawn, breathing in the wet cool air. A breeze caused her to look up. That smell . . . it was like . . . what? Bread? She realized it was the field of wheat she was smelling. Not being a country girl, it was a new experience for her. The sweet smell made her happy, gave her energy, privileged to find out another secret about God’s creation. She crept down to her knees and then went all the way down, rolling around in the wet grass, all over her breasts and tummy and butt, squatting down on the grass like an animal, spreading her legs to rub her pussy in it, then spreading her butt cheeks to sit on it, rubbing it around on her most sensitive skin.

Then she ran toward the wheat like a sprinter, arms and thighs pumping. She remembered running around during that rainstorm at college but this was much better, no one around to see. Just her and nature. She loved feeling the grass and dew and air on her skin, all over, caressing her nipples, prying inside her pussy lips, massaging and scraping her bare feet. In a few seconds she was at the edge.

Now what? The wheat was about as high as her waist. Not really considering the question, she plunged in, running into the wheat, feeling the long grassy stalks tickle her thighs and pussy lips and tummy, feeling it get stuck between her toes as she progressed, even bending forward so she could feel it brush her breasts. When she had gone about a minute she stopped, winded, and turned around to see the motel in the distance, all the lights out except for the little floodlight on the grass. She looked the other way, and saw that they were on a rise; in the moonlit valley below she could see a road and an occasional house. Why don’t I just escape now? Make my way to those houses. Surely someone there would give clothes to a girl who appeared naked on the doorstep in the middle of the night. She smiled at this idea, knowing it was not possible. No, running away would be the end, a red flag, a bad idea. Better to escape with my credit card and bank card, making it look like I’m just going back home.

She decided to sit down. She almost squealed with pleasure as she felt some of the stalks poke into her pussy and against her anal ring. She sat cross-legged, then fell backward, then flipped full length onto her belly, enjoying the wheat, rubbing and scraping and massaging it into her skin. She lay on her back again, arms and legs extended, and looked up at the starry sky. Thank you God, thank you for this wonderful creation, thank you for my nakedness and being able to feel nature touching me all over, against me and around me and through me . . .

After a few minutes of reverent, almost giddy meditation she was reminded of another aspect of creation, namely bugs. A swarm of black gnats had gathered around her tummy, with another one swarming over her face. She got up, brushing them away, and with a sigh began stomping through the wheat back to the motel.

When she emerged from the wheat she looked back. She could barely make out the path she had forged, as if she was a friend to the wheat and could pass through it without harming it. She wondered if a clothed person with rugged-terrain boots would make a wider path, causing damage. Probably.

While looking back she caught another gust of wind from the direction of the field, which chilled her now-wet skin and raised goosebumps. As it passed over the wheat she got another strong whiff of the bread smell and with a giggle realized that it also smelled like semen. Rod’s semen, to be exact. She smiled and stretched herself out into an ‘X’, trying to absorb the smell into her body. A naked nymph, being ravaged by the gods through the smell of the wheat. No . . . being ravaged by Rod. Fertile, impregnated. She briefly thought of the beautiful tan-colored child they would have someday and it brought a tear to her eye.

What? A child? Hell yes. . . Rod was her man, she would gladly spend a life with him, have children. In the future when she was wearing clothes, of course. Not only that, but just like in bed, she would be the one to take charge. She would propose to him. By way of a short poem maybe, pressed into his hand on the way to class, letting him react to it after she’d gone.

Shaking her head, realizing the smell of the wheat was intoxicating her and fogging her thinking, the naked girl slowly walked back to the motel, dew and little bits of grass and wheat sticking to her hair, to her wet skin, between her toes. It would be good to wash this off. In the corner of her eye she saw the little swimming pool . . .

It took only a second to decide. With a quick look around at the row of dark rooms, she stealthily walked around the side of the motel and onto the concrete perimeter. The whir of the little chlorine pump was broken occasionally by the lapping of the water at the edges. The naked girl sat down and then slid in.

Glorious, sensual, delicious. As Tami darted around underwater she realized in all her time being naked she’d never swum. A long-time swimmer, on the swim team at high school, she’d never had a chance to swim without that constricting suit. This was heaven, she thought. I’ve finally found the very best thing about being naked. Feeling the cool water all around her, feeling the currents swish past her nipples and her butt and her pussy, she stayed down as long as she could and then, slowly so as not to make a splashing sound, she emerged. With a quick look around at the dark cabins she held her breath and went down again.

The pool was not that small; she could have done some mini-laps. But doing a front crawl or butterfly would be too noisy. She confined herself to swimming underwater, undulating, spreading and closing her legs, slithering along the bottom like an eel. She wished Rod was around to share this. The currents caressing her body were making her horny again. She backtracked and leaned her head back against the side, arms extended up, her feet flat on the bottom, looking up at the stars. Her legs were squirming with desire and finally she gave in and put a hand down there. It took only a few rubs on her clit and a finger inside before she was at the crest. She tried not to moan, but her voiceless breaths got heavier and heavier and finally she gave a low groan as her legs jerked and her whole body shook, making ripples that spread out in circles across the pool, finally a long moment later hitting the other side. “Oh, God . . .” she whispered, partly in relief, partly in prayer.

She couldn’t avoid the sound of dripping from her body as she got out, but otherwise was silent as she made her way back to the back door of their room. With her body totally wet the bugs were all over her, so she opened and closed the door behind her as fast as she could. With a start she realized Wanda had turned on the lamp between the beds. Her erstwhile tormenter was lying there, eyes groggily open. “Have fun?” she said.

“Just a little dip,” Tami said, feeling especial shame now at having her nakedness on view. She quickly dried herself off with some little cloths in the bathroom and when she got back to the bed Wanda had turned the lamp off again. As she turned her back toward Wanda and began to drift off to sleep she couldn’t help but think that her roommate was a little jealous.

(from: The Unintentional Nudist XI: The Long Escape, Ch. 5.)

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