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31. I hopped down through the chute and called up to Fenfang to push the wires through the conduit. There were 27 of them, each separately coded. This little building is heated and I felt pretty miserable, standing there inside fully clothed and actually starting to sweat, while a poor naked girl was freezing outside in the snow up on the roof. I tried to think of how we could switch positions but she wouldn’t know where to connect the wires. To make things worse the job took longer than I expected because the junction box covers were stuck and took a long time to pry off. It ended up taking over half an hour. I couldn’t see Fenfang from where I was but I wondered if she was rubbing her arms up there, or wiggling her toes, or somehow trying to get warm.

32. Finally I finished and climbed up. There was no question that Fenfang felt the cold. She was shivering, her whole body covered with goose bumps. I ventured to say, “Everything o.k. up here?” She nodded, quickly and automatically. It was at that point that the bell rang, marking the end of fourth period. She gasped as the humming started. I wanted to get her someplace inside and warm but there was nothing I could do as she shuddered, this time not from the cold but from the intense stimulators deep within her. She writhed and fell to her knees. “Ohh -- ohh -- OHHHH!” Within a few seconds she crested into orgasm, making what sounded like choking noises as every spasm shook her to the core. As I’ve noted, the humming continues during orgasm and goes right on afterwards when stimulation is intensely not desired (para. 9). At this point the girl fell to all fours and, to my horror, started shrieking so loud that it hurt my ears. The screams continued as she was driven to a second orgasm within a few seconds. We were far away from the school and it occurred to me that every Maik-ling wanted to scream aloud like this; their cries and moans in the school were strangled versions of these shrieks. I thought of the iron willpower and self-control these girls must have, smothering the expression of the great thudding waves of pleasure (?) they were feeling.

33. Fenfang finished her second orgasm and then began crying like a baby (with all the lung-power that connotes). Her howls were as loud as her screams. She fell over, her arms and legs twitching and waving as if swimming in the snow which almost covered her now, or trying to escape the buzzing monsters within. And now, to my further surprise, she looked up at me through anguished, tear-filled eyes. I could not mistake that look. Out of the depths of her dire distress she was begging for rescue. But of course I could not do a thing to help her. Was I being observed? Was there a surveillance camera present? I knew the Chinese put them in unexpected places. I couldn’t even be seen watching her ordeal. It was incredibly callous but my only option was to turn away. I gathered the tools and ropes and threw them down to the scooter. I went down and sat behind the wheel and waited. Her crying was different from the shrieks during orgasm, so I could count the climaxes. She suffered (yes, that’s the only word for it) through six of them before the three minutes were up and the humming stopped.

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