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Her performance during the first of the two weeks she has been assigned here has been admirable. She can haul more than Chyou, in fact almost as much as the men, but that is due to her larger size and greater strength (and not being thrown off balance by large breasts). Unlike the others she can load the carts herself. Her bare feet and lack of clothing allow more agility at such moments. A few of the workers probably envy her nudity while they sweat in their uniforms and boots during these hot days, though of course none dare say so. They also probably envy the short swims she takes before and after, even though the creek, fed by melting snow off the mountain, is icy cold. On the other hand they are glad of their boots when treading the crushed stone on the ballast, though a Maik-ling finds that to be no ordeal even though shoeless. All are continually impressed by these girls’ stoicism even though at times by any objective measure they are overburdened.

All Maik-lings are reticent but Fenfeng is more social than her predecessors. She freely chats with the men during lunch break, which she spends doubly impaled on the apparatus which has been installed on one of the tables. (Given the importance of this precision machinery, with each change of Maik-ling it is disassembled and cleaned and, if need be, recalibrated.) Her lunch has to be sparse, given the unsettlement of her innards. A couple of the guards are learning English and she seems to be doing her best to help them despite enduring what the average female would consider an unbearable distraction. The men have learned the rhythms of her body’s responses, and they withhold their words during what the ancient texts call the “sacred moment”, which she experiences on the average eight times before break is over. After the first, regular contractions, her mind is clearer and she can re-engage.

Exposure of so much bare skin to the hot overhead sun normally requires extensive protection but with their lifelong nudity spent in the sunny mountains the Maik-lings do not need it. The remarkable tan which covers their exquisitely formed bodies without interruption -- their bodies seem to glow at times -- is evidence of this acclimation. Nor do rough surfaces require them to wear shoes. Their feet appear normal (though broad and with widely spread toes) but anyone who feels their soles can vouch for their toughness while being soft as nubuck. As you know any Maik-ling can be freely inspected as to any part of her body and when a new one arrives the other workers immediately go to her feet in wonderment.

As a side note the Maik-ya has been seen marching with the Young Pioneers in town so one assumes changes next week.

Evaluation: Fenfeng can clearly handle more. We recommend the loads be increased by 15% for the remainder of her assignment. Meanwhile her performance is to be marked “excellent”.

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