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following instructions

     Orgasms: 9

       Contractions/Last Orgasm: 11

       Total Contractions: 105

       Time Elapsed: 27:12

       The nerdy young med student looked into the naked girl’s eyes with leering fascination, aware of the hardness growing hidden under his dark pants.


       “Ohh - ohh - ohh -- ”


       As she forced herself to maintain eye contact her eyes were contorted in agony, tears streaming from the corners, her face a mask of misery.  Sweat seeped through hair and shone all over her naked, spread, tied-apart body, her hips slowly heaving forward and back as the invading dildos sawed in and out, in and out, deep into her pussy and deep into her rectum.

       Her eyes narrowed a bit and the strain of keeping them trained on the kid’s leering eyes showed itself in deepening furrows between her eyebrows as her teeth clenched and, with a forward heave of her hips, she crested into another orgasm, her eyes bugging out with such urgency that the kid recoiled a bit, but he maintained eye contact, watching her eyes lose focus and the pupils dilate.  The counter switched to “10” and ticked off the contractions.  “1”, “2”, “3”, “4” .  .  .  Below that, “106”, “107”, “108”, “109” .  .  .


       As the last contraction died away, the med student exhaled and shook his head, surprised at the intensity of the experience, and stepped away as the next one on line walked up to the little platform and noticed the nude young female catch her breath and emit more drops of sweat.  Then he looked up at her eyes, which were closed for a while but then obediently opened. . .


       Even in her dire distress and deep shame Tami was careful to follow instructions, still in her distracted state aware of Mr. McMasters looking on from the circular console.  She had tried to control her blush when she arrived here in Lab 6 half an hour ago for her last session of the semester and saw a class full of med students in the “spectator” seats, then listened to Mr. McMasters speak of the purpose of the session -- “research on the physiological process of orgasm” -- while Brendo attached her widely spread legs and hands to the cuffs on the posts. . .  and tried not to notice these students -- almost all male, but a couple of females -- crowding around as the dildos were carefully inserted front and rear . . . and listened as McMasters instructed the students to form a line in front of her so they could see the physiological changes first-hand, in particular her eyes as they lost focus and the pupils dilated.


       Her own instructions, which she acknowledged with a defeated nod, were to keep her eyes open during orgasm, if possible -- “or, Miss Smithers, if because of your intensity of feeling you can’t, the student will stay for the next orgasm, and so on until the next orgasm comes when you can keep your eyes open”.  McMasters then turned to the seated students and said, “It would not be too long a wait.  As you will see, Miss Smithers is unusually responsive and has quite a capacity for orgasm, which she reaches at regular and quick intervals.”


       With these instructions fleeting through the back of her mind, Tami once again raised her head and wearily opened her eyes to look at the next student, this one a short guy with very thick glasses that made his eyes look very big .  .  .

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