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from: Ministry of Energy

You have asked for the specifications of the Fuel Boy’s services to Kodiak - Kalinsky District where you are resident.

Your District is on the Fuel Boy’s assigned route for May 12. It is his third required delivery that day (out of four). The point of injection is a P-35 converter at Palmyra Academy, 1325 Maikling Drive, Palmyra. Seating capacity in the converter room is 35. Photos and videorecording are permitted. This route is part of the Southwest Province Tour which extends from April 1 to June 30.

The P-35 model requires two draws per the following formula per the associated protocols:

First draw: target 7.1 cc

T - 8.4%

PR - 14.2%

B - 2.4%

V - 69.3%

A - 0.7%

Protocol: E,PL,I,S,PL,I,S,I,O,H

Second draw within 15 minutes: target 8.8 cc

T - 3.1%

PR - 50.2%

B - 6.5%

V - 40.0%

A - 0.2%

Protocol: S,PL,I,S,I,S,I,S,I,S,I,O

T = Testicles

PR = Prostate

B = Bulbourethral glands

V = Seminal Vesicles

A = Ampullae


E = Excite

PL = Plateau

I = Ignite

S = Suppress

O = Orgasm

H = Hypersensation

Draws are effectuated with a Model X38P sleeve, a Model R118 rectal snake (3-bump version) and Model 217 testicle cups. These are unique to the converter and are on display on days when not in use. Friction, pressure and electrostimulation data is on file.

Rest assured that we have built tolerances into every formula. Your District’s SCA (semenocapacitor array) will be fully recharged even if there are some deviations from the above. If necessary an I-S-I-S-I-S-I-O sequence will be repeated until full compliance. Thus far this has been required in only 0.78% of deliveries.

As always, you are free to converse with the Fuel Boy after the ice water immersion. Those of his age group are particularly encouraged to do so. He then has a 60-minute tutoring session before being driven to his next delivery and students of his level may sit in if there is space. Photos with him may be taken if there is time but note that caps, banners, ribbons etc. must not be placed. Fuel Boy Act of 2033 §17-198 requiring absolute and permanent nudity is strictly enforced. However hoop earrings or other circular jewelry may be slipped over the glans if large enough.

This year the Fuel Boy is scheduled to power 1,178 local and regional grids and to be drawn from 1,424 times. The highest volume delivery, an outdoor event for which tickets are available by lottery, is to the North Country Grid on Energy Day (July 27), an event lasting three hours during which he is drawn from six times. His total projected output this year is 11.5L which is 64% of his theoretical maximum annual production (TMAP). Past, present and projected schedules and TMAP’s are available upon request.

The Fuel Boy has powered your District for 3 years 0 months 12 days. His productive capacity will increase as his glands continue to mature and technology advances. Currently the boy’s ejaculations supply our nation with 6.6 gigawatt hours per year. Thank you for your interest.

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