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Fully Dressed

“What a lebediker your wife is!” That’s Ephraim’s client, Joshua Berger, Special Assistant to the Governor for Eleemosynary Affairs. The two men in tuxedos are watching her from behind as she engages with the Governor’s wife and her friends, talking about some woman’s thing or another. Her completely nude backside contrasts with their formal gowns. Her tight little butt twitches as she laughs, champagne glass in one hand, her little “clutch” purse in the other. She looks down and admires the Illinois First Lady’s sparkly heels, and points to the little embroidered flower with the big toe of her bare foot. Women talk about fashion a lot.

Mitzi turns and one sees that she is fully decked out herself, an emerald barrette in her hair, understated makeup on her face, red lipstick, hoop earrings, gold-plated bracelets on the delicate wrists, and a Star of David necklace which hangs between her breasts, bouncing between one and the other as she moves and talks. The huge nipples which always announce her approach are rouged, with sparkles over her prominent upper slopes. And of course, the big “V” below. There are pearls clipped to the points, via special attachments which she purchased from Maribela’s catalogue, and a tiny conch-shaped brooch which serves to cover the clitoris. Her fingernails are painted a muted burgundy, but her toenails are a shimmering nacreous turquoise and seem to glow. She has an anklet with little hearts dangling from it.

As she approaches one sees that her most prominent features have been especially “dressed up”. The rouge is just a “foundation” for further decoration. The tips of her nipples have been touched with white, like little snowy mountain peaks. Around the base of her nipples is a thin circle of tiny gold stars (the five-pointed kind). And her areolas, which are about three inches across, are circled with bright red glitter. The whole works was carefully applied at the house by Mitzi’s favorite “breast beautician”, Naava. It looks like Mitzi is toting two bull’s-eyes which point at whomever she is talking to, and gently sway with her motions. The effect is both arresting and charming.

Flamboyantly dressed as she is, she is properly modest on the welcoming line as the Governor passes. He clasps her hand as she bows and curtsies, bringing one foot back, the one with the anklet, toenails clicking onto the floor. Having walked around the huge hall for an hour now, her sole is unavoidably blackened, except for the arch. Mitzi has high arches.

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