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Gloria Estella Fuentes

2 a.m. and the music stops and the lights go out. Marty locks the door and collects everyone’s cell phones, and the $100 per, expensive but worth it.


This time Patty’s partner is Gloria, over twice her age with a purportedly magic tongue. The stage is lit with a small bore spotlight which cannot be detected from outside. The two dancers embrace and tongue kiss. Patty pulls down Gloria’s panties, then undoes the older woman’s blouse, bra. Gloria steps out of her panties. She keeps her glass heels on. There’s no prohibition against the girls dancing barefoot but Patty is the only one who does it.


A moment later they are on the soft little rug, in “sixty-nine”. Tongues circle around vaginas and then jab inside causing the naked bodies to jolt. There is no music. In the surrounding darkness some of the guys actually take their penises out, surreptitiously, though if they ejaculate on the floor Gamal will never let them back. The two naked females switch, with Patty on top. They spread each other’s butt cheeks and now the serious business begins, the tonguing of each other’s anus. Gloria Estella Fuentes, age 37, and Patricia Mary Faustina Kowalski, age 18, bring each other to orgasm three times. They take turns. Patty’s last is when Gloria spears her tongue into the teenager’s rectum, the spotlight showing every nuance of Patty’s anus as it opens and closes around Gloria’s tongue with each spasm. Patty arches her back and sightlessly stares at the ceiling, gritting her teeth. She is naturally a “screamer” but suppresses herself; people passing outside at this quiet hour might hear something.

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