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Grib v. Small

      The only time I ever saw Grib really intimidated was the time she taunted Dan Small.  The sympathies were all on Dan’s side, of course.  Everyone likes Dan, a very nice guy, a gentle soul, very quiet, he hardly says two words all day.  He also has the biggest penis on campus.  Not that I’m into guys, but you just can’t help seeing that long thick bulge running halfway down to his knee, even through those long baggy shorts he always wears.  Fortunately at BSC everyone is cool about it.


        Except for Grib.  There she was with Heidi Grau, waiting for him to approach with me and a few others on the way to class, and then she hopped on the table and did her butthole thing, looking at Dan’s crotch and then his face, saying, “Here I am, big boy!”  I rolled my eyes and Ted seemed about to say something like “go away, Grib!”, but Dan walked right up to her, real calm, looking at her face and then at her anus.  He breathed in, and we all saw as his equipment got harder and even longer, pushing the bottom of his shorts out like a tent pole, threatening to poke out the bottom.  He cleared his throat and said, in his quiet voice, “So you want to be touched.  May I -- touch -- you?”

        There was a long pause as they looked at each other and time seemed to stand still.  Then she quickly said “No”, with a deadpan face, and looked at him some more.  Then she broke the gaze.  She hopped off the table and walked off with Grau.  Dan had one of his little smiles and the three of us went to class.  He’d called her bluff.  Looking for hard anal sex?  Well -- !

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