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Grier McDonald

This is from Part II, Chapter 4 of “The Sire Project”.

It was a little before four o’clock when Angela saw Kai-Kai again, in the Student Union lobby. She had been concerned about him but apparently all was well now, or at least not a crisis. He was leaning on his backpack, bracing himself with one foot flat against the rough brick wall behind him, chatting with Marikit and a very white-skinned woman who looked about 35. The woman was strange looking for this campus and Angela figured she must be a P-3 or a P-4 here for the week. She was dressed all in black in “Goth” style, with nose and ear piercings and a snake tattoo circling her neck. She had on a black leather jacket over a paisley denim miniskirt, and ripped tights and boots with chains on them. She was carrying a long black bag with a strap that went over her shoulder. She was also chewing gum and not smiling.

“Hi, Kai-Kai,” Angela said, trying not to look at this woman too closely. “Glad you’ve gotten thawed out. We were worried about you.”

“Once I got inside again I was all right,” he said.

Marikit was munching on a carrot. She quickly swallowed and said, “Those guys from Siberia found us because they got the description of my car from Mrs. Piri. I had driven her around yesterday to show her the town. So they were waiting for us.”

“It’s all patched up now,” Kai-Kai said. “So don’t worry.”

This resolution seemed oddly pat to Angela, who was replaying the scary scene in her mind, the three big men in suits under umbrellas bearing down on the naked Kai-Kai, drenched in the freezing rain. “I thought those guys were going to strangle you. Or kidnap you in their limo.”

“Well, that was . . . strange,” the Sire allowed.

Angela wondered what had really gone on, and what Ms. Canworthy had said when the naked boy walked into her office dripping wet to report what had happened. Angela knew Kai-Kai would tell her the truth if she asked. But she didn’t feel like exploring the topic in front of this off-putting Goth woman.

“You were great — my brave boyfriend, standing up to the Siberian strongmen,” Marikit said, rubbing Kai-Kai’s arm affectionately. And then kissing him on the cheek, which caused him to blush further.

“Careful with that girl, Kai-Kai,” the Goth woman said. “Save yourself for marriage.” She laughed, a kind of cynical laugh.

Kai-Kai rolled his eyes. To Angela he said, “This is Grier, the I-5 for today. I’m supposed to call her by her first name.”

Angela nodded to Grier uncertainly. Grier said, “He’s lucky to get me. I’m the best.”

The Sire exhaled. Marikit saved the awkward moment. “Not your typical procreator.” She finished her carrot. “Sorry, I’ve gained a couple of pounds. I’m on fruits and vegetables today.” Out of a brown bag she got a plum. She looked at it, deciding where to bite first. It looked twice as big as her mouth. She opened as wide as she could but could only bite off a small piece. This made Grier snort, for some reason.

“Have to change for gym class,” Marikit said in between bites.

“And what class is that?” Grier said, snapping her gum loudly.

“Basketball.” Every student had to take a total of ten physical education classes before graduation. Angela knew that because of his nudity, Kai-Kai was restricted to swimming and track and field, which seemed to suit him fine. He disliked rough sports, didn’t even like watching them. Now Marikit whispered something in Kai- Kai’s ear. She gave him a little peck on the cheek. He hesitated in front of the two older women, then gave her a peck back. Marikit told them, “We’re going to the Freshman Class Dance on Friday.” Again Kai-Kai blushed. Then she was off.

Grier said, “Let’s go.”

The naked boy was hesitant. “I don’t know where we’re supposed to be. No one told me yet.”

“Well I get to decide, right?” She winked at Angela, who was getting to dislike this snooty Goth lady more and more. “Come with us.”

“Well, I really . . .” Angela had seen the impreg with Mrs. Hatwood and believed that seeing one was quite enough.

“No, I’ll need you,” Grier said. Kai-Kai shrugged his bare shoulders at Angela. Then to her great surprise and even a little to Kai-Kai’s, the older Goth woman reached over and grabbed the boy’s penis and pulled him with her, as if she was walking a dog and the penis was a leash. Kai-Kai shrugged at Angela, a little good- naturedly, and the two of them followed the older Goth woman down the path to the old baseball field.

Fortunately it had stopped raining and the sun was now out, not terribly warm but better than before. As Kai-Kai and Angela exchanged quizzical looks they were led toward the old gym building. Grier, still pulling Kai-Kai by the penis, gripping it just behind the glans, led them around the side, past a rusty closed door, to a dirty window that was partly open.

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