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I can fly!

  Dareen tossed and twisted in bed.  She could survive only an hour before she had to throw the covers off.  Her body seemed about to burst out of her bra and panties under the bulky cotton pajamas.  She looked out the window, past the bars of the fire escape.  The lights of downtown glimmered in the distance.  A hot, muggy night.  Think cool thoughts like the ice hat . . .


        She hated getting up in the morning after not sleeping well.  What could she do to get to sleep?  Sometimes warm milk helped, but they were out of milk.  The solution was easy, actually, but she kept trying to push the thought out of her head.  She shut her eyes.  Then gave into temptation and did it.


        She dreamed she was flying over nighttime fields.  With cool rain hitting her from above and below.  Ahhhh . . .


        When she woke she remembered that she was naked.  In the dark, alone in her room, the modest girl instinctively curled her legs up and covered her breasts.  Then looked out the window again.  Through the open bottom half a slight breeze blew in.  Giving in to temptation, she put her arms to her sides and felt the gentle wind waft over her nipples.  Hmmmm. . .  She was a little aroused and thought about pleasing herself, something she did every few days, with silent fingers under the covers and then the blessed gasps.  She idly played with her pubic hair in the dark.


        She didn’t know what made her do it, but she got up and went over to the window.  No one could see her in the dark room, but looking out she saw there was no one to do the seeing to begin with.  The street was still, silent.  In the distance, an airplane descended on Hartsfield Atlanta Airport, ahead of its ripping the air with a far-away scorching sound.  She could see the wing lights, red on the left, blue on the right.  It kept her interest until it disappeared behind buildings.


        And now something really silly, she couldn’t believe it, but she found herself crouching through the open window and stepping out on the fire escape.  At least she could control her eyes, which searched below as her body did this silly thing.  Good, no one around.  She looked up and did a little hop to get out onto the metal-banded floor.

        WHOA!!  Up in the air twenty feet!  She looked down past her bare toes to the fire escape below.  She was floating.  Naked, over Boylston Street, in the middle of the city!  “I must still be dreaming.  But no . . . ”


        She twisted and held her arm out and shot over the street, over the row of buildings to Auburn Street, then banked and turned and flew back, landing softly onto the fire escape again with the pad of bare feet and the slight rebounding of large breasts.  It was so easy, as easy as breathing.


        “Maybe it isn’t a dream but it feels like it.  Why not?  I’m still hot and the air whooshing past feels so good!”  She decided to do a little traveling.  She hopped back into the room to check the time.  “Wait, let me get my watch.  I’ll stay out one hour, then back.  Can’t stop being Responsible Dareen.”  With the watch in one hand, she flew out again, way up to where no one could see her, even though anybody was around, then decided to stay away from the lights.  Clothed by the dark and her own dusky colored skin, Dareen banked a nice easy arc upward and out of town.

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