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Jenny Hamilton -- II

References to an incident in “The Long Escape” and to “Jenny's Zoo Story”.

Jenny Hamilton had driven all day and it was time for a rest. It was good to get away from that disaster in Florida, the new job that had lasted just two days. It was hard to get it out of her head -- that photo shoot on the pier for the new company brochure, the sensible sundress she had worn, the fishing boat going by, those awful hooks, seeing her bra and panties fly into the ocean, the local press with their cameras, the local TV news -- she shut her eyes and shuddered. Why do these things keep happening to her? She had been fired on the spot, not that she wasn’t glad to never again have to deal with the people who had seen her embarrassment. Thank goodness Ashley, who had gotten her the Florida job and who had been good enough to cheer her on at the photo shoot -- in fact, Ashley had been at the pier six hours before, chatting with people -- thank goodness Ashley had gotten her this new job in Omaha, helping out at a hospital that did medical research of some kind. She looked forward to having a job that had nothing to do with posing for pictures or wearing skimpy clothing. Someplace respectable at last!

She avoided the interstate, not being in a hurry, driving lazily down this old U.S. route. She had eaten at local restaurants, taken her time, and really liked the people down here. So friendly, and their accents were interesting to listen to, just as they enjoyed listening to hers. Now, tired of driving, wanting to rest a while, she stopped at a little rest area off the road, just a little path and a picnic table, set back in a grove of trees.

Peach trees! She could smell the peachy fragrance in the air. She loved peaches, and these looked ripe. Too bad they were high up and out of reach.

“What? My God . . .”

Looking up she saw a girl in the tree. Or rather, she saw a spread naked pussy in the tree, and a pink cave gaping down at her with such casualness that it made her blush to keep looking and she averted her eyes. She had to look up again, of course, and as she blinked she saw there was indeed a naked girl, legs spread wide as she sat perched up in the higher branches, eating a peach, elbows on her thighs.

Jenny was too shocked to say anything. As she looked again she took in the naked girl’s happy smile, wiping off peach juice that had dripped down to hit a nipple, and recognized her. The naked girl from that rest stop in New Mexico!

“It’s you!!” Jenny said in utter surprise. And then her eyes flashed with anger. “YOU! Do you know what happened to me!” This naked girl, she had figured, who had suddenly disappeared on her, had been playing a trick. And was to blame for her troubles with that police officer who had accused her of making a false report. The strip search, the arrival of more patrol cars, the people staring -- Jenny shut her eyes and cringed and tried to blot out another embarrassing memory.

Recovering her composure, Jenny said, “Why did you run away from me?”

The naked girl shrugged, a casual gesture that Jenny could forgive, figuring the girl didn’t know about the strip search or any of that. “I didn’t want the police to know. I’m sorry. Want a peach?”

“Uh . . . O.K. They look yummy.”

The naked girl reached over and plucked a big one, then said, “Here comes. Catch!”

Jenny staggered and ended up catching it between her breasts, that strained against her tight button-down shirt. “Mmmm,” she said, biting into it. It was big and sloppy and juicy and perfectly ripe.

Like an agile monkey the naked girl descended branch to branch and with a soft footfall landed next to her, still eating the rest of her peach. She finished it off and flung the pit into the woods. “So what happened?” She stood head to head with Jenny, relaxed and friendly, as if unaware of her nudity.

“Mmm -- they -- the police thought I was playing a joke on them when you weren’t there,” Jenny said, slurping and munching, aware she was not being polite talking with her mouth full. “Excuse me.” She wiped some peach juice off on her jeans.

She noticed the naked girl standing with her arms folded. Jenny couldn’t contain her curiosity. “How did you get here? Did you ever get clothes?”

“How did YOU get here? How did your job in Florida go?”

Jenny’s eyes rolled. “O.K., I won’t ask if you don’t ask.”

The two women, one clothed and eating a peach, the younger one stark naked, stood there on the grassy area next to the picnic table.

Finally Jenny finished her peach and, putting her skittish behavior aside for a moment, flung the peach pit into the woods like the naked girl had done. The peach pit looked a lot like the naked girl’s pussy; she blushed at having thought of this.

She remembered, now, how this girl had begged her for clothes. And here she was, still naked. It didn’t seem like she was someone who had an ongoing prank of stripping and then presenting herself naked -- this girl had an all-over tan and looked so at home in these woods. In a flash of realization Jenny asked, “Have you been naked the whole time since we met before?”


“Have you been wanting clothes the whole time?”

The naked teenage girl became solemn. “Yes. I keep asking but nobody will give me anything to wear.”

Jenny’s heart once again went out to this poor girl, who seemed so much like a younger sister to her and who was so comfortable to be with. “Well let’s fix that right now!” She decided to give her this button-down shirt, for starters. She would still be decent, she had a leotard top under it. She started on the top button.

Damn! The button wouldn’t go through its hole. Jenny twisted it and pulled and pushed. “This bloody thing, just give me a minute,” she sighed as she broke a nail in her efforts. “Hold on, my young friend . . .”

The naked teenage girl, arms crossed, watched with increasing bemusement and finally a broad smile. Jenny heard her giggle.

Then, while Jenny’s hands were still on that top button, she saw bare nipples and breasts come into view. And then the naked girl hugging her and saying, “Bye.” As Jenny looked on, puzzled, she saw the naked sprite hop into the woods and run and jump until she could no longer be seen through the trees.

A few seconds later another car pulled up. It was Ashley! “Ashley -- you’ll never believe what I just saw!”

“Never mind that, Best Friend. I’m glad I caught you. There’s this wonderful amusement park only ten miles up the road that I know you’d have a great time at -- ”

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