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“let’s see what she does now . . .”

Tami sat on the table staring at the poster in disbelief. Dr. Congi pointed to it and discussed the various parts of the female anatomy it showed.

Tami guessed she should have expected it. The table she had been sitting on was actually a gynecologist’s table, complete with stirrups! The professor reached in and extended one stirrup and then the other. “Tami, if you can get yourself into position we can continue.”

No, no, this can’t be happening, Tami told herself. She just couldn’t spread her legs and expose herself so intimately right here in the dorm lounge. She had undergone two gynecological exams in her life and had been so embarrassed that she cried afterward. And this would be a thousand times worse. She would be exposing herself in front of people she lived with and passed in the hallway every day. Then there was Henry Ross. She shot a quick look at him. He seemed to be leering. To spread her legs for his viewing pleasure was the most loathsome thing she could think of. Is there a way I can get out of this? she thought. I can just tell the professor that I can’t go through with this part. It might mess up her plans for the training, but so what? This would be humiliation beyond humiliation.

But then she saw Ross raising one eyebrow as if thinking, Let’s see what she does now. He had apparently detected her hesitation. Tami knew then what she had to do. She just couldn’t take the chance. She desperately wanted to get back into clothes and end this life of constant embarrassment and shame. The only sure way to do that would be to do whatever the professor asked her to do without any visible sign of hesitation or modesty.

Her face blank and her mind numb, Tami slid back and placed first one bare foot and then the other into the stirrups and then lay on her back. Flexing her toes in the stirrups, she was glad she had just showered and scrubbed her soles. Otherwise they would be dark like they always were after walking around campus barefoot all day. She looked at the ceiling as the professor continued.

“Now here, you see the outer lips, or outer labia,” Dr. Congi said, pointing with her pinky, gently moving her finger up one side and then down the other side of Tami’s exposed vulva. Dr. Congi’s finger accidentally touched a stray pubic hair, making Tami almost jump. “You can also see the inner labia as well. These are pinkish and are usually a bit moist.” She pointed again with her finger.

Dr. Congi’s brow furrowed and then looked out into the lounge. “I don’t think everyone can see well enough. I’d like everyone to gather round, fill up these empty seats up here, sit on the floor or kneel so that you can see this. . . Come on, come on!”

It was like when she asked everyone to touch Tami’s breasts. Everyone was nervous about what to do but Dr. Congi was not going to continue until she was obeyed. As for the guys, they were afraid that their growing erections might show through their pants. Everyone nevertheless gradually assembled around Tami and Dr. Congi. People were standing, kneeling, sitting, in some cases only a couple of feet from Tami’s crotch. Tami could actually feel their breath on her most sensitive body parts. A few were on either side of the table, trying to look down over her tummy, though a couple of them were guys who actually wanted to get a real close look at Tami’s breasts. Tami stared past their faces at the ceiling in utter desolation.

The students, though nervous, were fascinated. The guys thought they were in heaven, being so close to such a beautiful naked female, and being allowed, even encouraged, to look. As for the girls, each of them thought the same thing: I wouldn’t want to be naked like that, but God how I wish I had a body like Tami’s!

Dr. Congi still wasn’t satisfied. “I think we should spread the legs some more.” She went from one side to the other, readjusting the stirrups, and had Tami slide her body a bit forward. “In the clinic the nurse is the only one looking and won’t need to set the stirrups very wide, but for our purposes we need more visibility. Tami is a gymnast and very flexible so it shouldn’t be a strain.” When Dr. Congi was finished the stirrups were very far apart indeed. Tami’s legs were now almost in a split. Dr. Congi was right, as a gymnast Tami was able to do a split without any strain. But it was more humiliating than ever.

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