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life with N’Stange

        “And this is the formal apron the women wore for the traditional Muthirigu dance,” N’Stange says, pointing to an old photograph projected onto the screen.  “This was the Kikuyu tribe, which is my tribe.  I understand that my great-great-great-grandmother was a tribal elder. . . Now here is a simpler apron girls wore.  You can see the shawl also. . . Girls and women, they naturally like to dress up I suppose.”  As she points her breasts wave to and fro.  She is talking with them as well as with her mouth.  “Notice how ornate the beadwork is.”

        “What about the boys and men?” Ms. Stanhope says.  Though N’Stange doesn’t really need such prompting.  Her presentation on Kikuyu culture, well-prepared and delivered in a relaxed manner, is going excellently.

        “Men and boys didn’t wear clothes.  Well, men did sometimes, like the penis sheath you see on this chieftain.  But usually not.  And the boys always went naked.”


        Sharon, Letitia, Kathy, Sonia and N’Stange are at Sonia’s house, making the revised posters with N’Stange’s name on them.  Sonia’s mother brings some lemonade.  Detecting the scent of a coconut enema, she asks politely.  N’Stange temporarily withdraws from poster-making as she puts her butt up and spreads her legs, her face resting on crossed arms, as an experienced tongue slithers through her anus and noodles around in her rectum.  She moans as the other girls exchange conspiratorial smiles.  Pre-earthquake tremors propagate through her breasts as her hips undulate.


         Loaded down with posters, Sharon stands in the hallway, wondering how she will get this done.  Kathy is out sick. Letitia is on a hockey trip.  Hearing the slap of bare feet around the corner she knows it’s N’Stange.  Saved!

        Twenty minutes later, having put up posters in all allowed places, the two go out to the courtyard.  As they talk about how their speeches will go, N’Stange squats and pees, making a yellow hole in the snow.  Looking up at Sharon she says her speech will be brief but will end like Sharon’s will begin.  The two girls agree this will be a nice touch.

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