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lucky Tami

This was heaven, she told herself, walking along the row of orange trees in the late afternoon sun. The hired help had knocked off an hour ago; she had watched from her hidden perch in the last tree as they talked to each other in Spanish and piled into their pickup truck.

Oranges, oranges. . . Even the air smelled like orange rinds. She had to have one. With practiced moves she climbed the next tree, not minding the bark scraping her thighs and arms and butt cheeks. She pulled an orange off and discovered something she never knew about freshly picked oranges: it was so heavy and full of juice that she could not bite into the rind to peel it off. It was too squishy. She was stumped only for a few moments; it turned out one could pierce the rind with the pointy end of a branch. She tore off a little piece of the rind, but then found that a full fresh orange was still too squishy even to section.

The naked girl happily hung upside down from the branch, looking down the orchard, straggly hair hanging down, tight breasts with nipples pointing slightly downward, and squeezed the orange, and drinking the most delicious juice she had ever tasted through the little hole, wiggling her toes and wishing only that she had her man with her to share this paradise.

A few minutes of this and she realized that it was actually kind of hard to drink while you’re upside down. She uprighted and found a steady perch, steadying herself by putting a heel on each of two splayed branches, her back against the trunk. She drank one orange dry, then drank another, then another. All the time thinking about Rod and getting horny. There was only one thing to do. Turning her feet outward to prop herself up against each branch, wrapping one arm around the trunk behind her, she pleasured herself, thinking of Rod. A fleeting memory occurred to her of the last time she had been splayed thus in a tree, and of Henry Ross and the Dean interrupting her sweaty grounds crew labors to stare up at her gaping sex and deliver the crushing news that had ruined her initial plan for a summer job. Now, as she crested and came down again, then started on the way to her second orgasm, she felt the soft breeze and savored the delicious orange juice and her memory of Rod and had another fleeting thought, namely that right now she was having a better time than either of those mean old men and this was a kind of sweet revenge.

A sigh and a deep breath and she was feeling sleepy. She looked at the grass below, wonderfully lush and green. Hopping down, confident no one was around, she began to lay down on the soft bed God had prepared for his naked child.


The cold water shot right up into her still gaping pussy and she jumped. An underground sprinkler system was something new to her, certainly the last thing she expected. And the water was cold! Clutching her arms around her breasts, she danced backward --


Another shot of cold water from a sprinkler behind her, this one right at her butthole. She danced forward, only to suffer another shot to the pussy. Jumping to the side, attacked by another sprinkler. They were all around, shooting at her no matter where she jumped. After the initial surprise, the easygoing, post-orgasmic girl giggled and quickly knew that the only thing to do was enjoy the situation. Why not, there was no escape; the sprinklers ran the length of the grass along this row of trees.

It was a shower, something she hadn’t had in days. Though this was the first time the water had come from below. She rubbed the water all over herself, spreading her arms to get at the armpits, bending over to get her face and hair, even squatting right on top of one to clean inside her pussy. She used her trick of opening her pussy and then her butthole to get washed up inside, though feeling the cold water in there chilled her to the bone. She squirted the water out, front and back, and ran down the length of the row, then back. Finally pretending she was in a softball game, she slid head first along the slick grass, feeling it rubbing her nipples and her pussy.

After five minutes the sprinklers stopped. The naked wet girl, bits of grass all over her, was lying full length on her tummy, head resting on folded arms, watching the setting sun and feeling its warmth drying the droplets on her tanned butt cheeks.

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