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Mailgirls vs. Maik-lings

“This is the best!!” exclaimed Ngo-kwang as they gingerly picked their way down the rocky path that wound down to the shore. Then she added -- “What the -- ?”

It was another group of naked girls, hiking toward them from the other direction!

There were seven of them, looking younger than the Mailgirls, and they were marching as if in a military formation.

When they encountered each other, Tami took the initiative. “Hi, my name is Tami.” As the Mailgirls got a close look they noticed that these girls had deep all-over tans and were even more oblivious to their nudity than the Mailgirls had come to be. Like the Mailgirls, their bodies showed the results of vigorous physical conditioning. Unlike the Mailgirls, their fingernails and toenails were unpainted. They also wore no makeup, and had unshaved legs. Their natural black hair was hacked short and unstyled, though oddly each sported a bow of orange yarn.

“I am Fenfang,” said the first tanned girl. “These are Chyou, Jing, Liena, Mei-yin, Qinyang and ZhenZhen.” They bowed politely, in unison.

“I see you are . . . on an outing like we are?” Huiqing said, still shocked to see other naked girls, let alone meeting them on a hike.

“This is our weekend exercise,” Liena said.

Xifeng said, “I see you are naked too. We’re Mailgirls. See our numbers?” She pointed to her left breast. “We’re required to be naked, while in service.”

“We are Maik-lings,” Qinyang said. “Maik-lings do not wear clothes.”


Qinyang looked at her companions. They all had blank expressions which were a little disturbing. “We never have.”

Tami broke this awkward moment by saying, “I’m sure you want to go down to the lake. There’s a warm spring down there, I’m told.”

This seemed o.k. with the “Maik-lings” so they followed the Mailgirls down to the water. The lake was so pristine and clear that they could see down to the bottom. Tami and Huiqing took the lead, jumping off a rock. When they emerged Huiqing squealed, “This is COLD!”

Tami, not as affected, swam a bit further out. “It gets warmer out here!”

It turned out the hot spring was under the lake. Too far out and the water was bubbling and close to scalding. But about fifty feet from the shore, it was warm and sensuous.

It was the first time the Chinese Mailgirls had swum naked. “This is heaven!” Xifeng said, reveling in the riot of new sensations. For quite some time now they had enjoyed the many advantages of nudity but this was a whole new world. “Oooooo!” Ngo-kwang joined in, as for the first time the girls felt the swish of warm water across their nipples, over their buttocks, into their vulvas and into their butt cracks. For a few minutes they treaded languidly, aimlessly. Like any product of the PRC education system, they were good swimmers, and soon they were slicing through the water in circles and figure eights, venturing into the colder depths and then returning, breaststrokes, front crawls, sidestrokes, backstrokes . . .

There was a wide, smooth rock so close to the surface that a girl could sit on it and the water only came up to her navel. The Mailgirls hopped on and off, splashing each other, squealing like five-year-olds. The Maik-lings dutifully jumped in and gravitated toward where the Mailgirls were. They were expressionless until Yingtang splashed ZhenZhen in the face. The Maik-ling was nonplussed until she splashed back and betrayed a smile. Soon there was a splash fight with the two teams squaring off, the Mailgirls not only outnumbered but soon outsplashed.

“It’s good to see those girls look like they’re enjoying themselves,” Huiqing said to Tami. They had gotten back up on the shore, their wet bodies shivering a bit in the cool air, but knowing they could again plunge into the big warm bath that Nature had provided them.

Xifeng had found another nearly-submerged rock and dragged Ngo-kwang up with her. She stood up, legs spread, while Ngo-kwang inserted her tongue. Xifeng did not take long to reach the crest and go over. Her uninhibited shouts echoed off the mountain, turning seven shouts into fourteen. She was having the best time of her life.

Mei-yin, the shortest of the Maik-lings, swam up to the shore and sat next to Tami and Huiqing. Huiqing expressed their embarrassment at Xifeng’s antics. “Sorry about our friend,” she said. “It’s probably not correct for her to have an . . . orgasm in front of you girls like that.”

“We have orgasms,” Mei-yin said in her tiny voice.

Huiqing, taken aback, said, “Um . . . but she likes to have a lot of them.”

“It is something one has to do,” Mei-yin said. “We are to have forty every day.”

“You have forty orgasms a day??”

“Yes, it is our duty.”

“A strange duty,” Huiqing said. “At least you get a lot of pleasure.”

“Pleasure is not something we think about,” Mei-yin said blankly. “It is our part in the People’s Struggle.” Huiqing didn’t ask what she meant; in China such a comment must be taken as the last word.

After a few seconds of strange silence, Tami said, “You can enjoy the water at least.”

“Yes we can. I’m glad we met you.” Mei-yin stood up and dove off the rock, then enjoyed the splash fest. With a shrug, Huiqing followed her.

Xifeng launched into her second orgasm. After she came back to earth, she bent down and kissed Ngo-kwang on the head, dove back into where the water was almost hot, and floated, treading with her feet, arms extended to the sides, her smiling face turned up to the sun, eyes closed, in a state of bliss.

Ngo-kwang came to the shore and sat next to Tami. They watched as the ten naked Chinese girls dove in and out of the water, splashing each other, playfully grabbing each other by the legs, by the boobs, by the butt.

Tami laughed when Ngo-kwang observed, “If a white guy in the United States could see a film of this, he’d never stop jerking off.”

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