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​Tsoa has to be told to persevere if D. starts crying during a pose. She has been naked for only a month and we will have to expect these spells now and then, for some time. Either opt for a more “modest” pose at first, or just wait. She will get used to it. I am told this happened last week when the first pose called for spreading her legs. This was a bad idea. It is no wonder she closed her legs shut, rolled into a ball, and even covered her bare feet with her hands as she started praying.

It has been noticed that D.’s friends and relatives sometimes attend a shooting so that afterward they can hug her and comfort her. I do not see any danger in this. Her mental health, as I’ve said before, must be maintained. Her parents never attend, probably because it is too hard for them to watch. In time I believe they will accept it.

I do not share your concern about taking her out to the savannah next week for that scene where she pretends to escape by running away from the camera. Yes, she can try to escape for real, but where can she run to, naked and barefoot? There is no one around for miles and even if she finds a road, the roads are patrolled by our people. Also she knows there are rattlesnakes.

Dr. Horok assures me that there is no danger to D.’s anus or rectum. It is true that she seemed in agony, and the people in the square were horrified, but it was because what was being invaded was not so much her anal orifice but her (and their) chaste sensibilities. Tell Khu to increase the length to 12 cm and the radius to 1.5 cm, by stages.

No, no, no. Sexual contact with men is still off the table and I think will always be. It would create international law issues which our Revolution wishes to avoid. However female tongues to nipples, vagina and anus might be considered. Ask Fela about this. Also I will make an inquiry to the Taiost Liaison Committee. I hear it is full of lesbians.

I was very glad to hear that, after many frustrating attempts and a great deal of resistance and fear on her part, Onja and his crew finally forced D. to succumb to her first orgasm, during the “water fountain” session. I also understand that her loud howls right afterward echoed off the municipal buildings and resounded through the village. This, combined with the uncontrollable tears, must have made for a very effective film. Please let me see it before it is sent to Distribution.

There has been some objection to my continuing to calculate a clothing allowance for D. into the wages allotted to her parents. It is true that it intensifies the irrational Catholic guilt they already feel, keeping their daughter’s clothing money in their pockets while she lives her days permanently unclothed. However whenever an exception is made to the allotted wages formula unforeseen problems tend to arise. Her parents will eventually think of other ways to spend the allowance for her benefit.

I am glad to hear that she is reaching climax during every shoot now. Dr. Horok tells me that females can have what he calls “multiple orgasms”, one after the other. This has been observed only in older, married women, but he thinks it is worth trying with D. He will send you a protocol on how it (or rather, they) might best be achieved.

Do not pay attention to the official protests in the international press, or the pending resolution at the United Nations. It was inevitable, with such wide circulation of our photos and films, that the project would attract public notice. But according to my figures the governments shouting the loudest represent the countries we sell to the most. The Ford Administration has been very vocal, but oddly, not d’Estaing. You should read the letters we get from Sweden, they are very funny.

I have decided to accept Principal Henri-Levy’s request that films involving nipple suctioning or stretching not be done in the early morning on school days. It takes the nipples a couple of hours to shrink back down to normal size (normal for D., that is) and it is distracting to the other students.

I’ve seen D.’s schedule for the week and, once again, I think it is too strenuous. We are already generating far more income for the People’s Struggle than expected. Give the girl a break. Perhaps, instead of posing all over the village, she can spend her after-school hours tutoring the younger students? Maybe even give her two or three weeks off. Allow her more time to be with her family. Permit more “normal” activities, like being with her friends. Though Provision 1 must be strictly enforced.

I have read the requests from our underground people in South Korea as to what will sell there. In essence we are being asked to make detailed instructional films on gynecology and proctology. There’s no reason we can’t play along. Let me know what extra equipment you need. Do we go all the way on the idea and order white lab coats?

The “ant invasion” shoot went unexpectedly well. After only ten minutes D. showed very visible signs of sexual arousal. To deal with her sense of revulsion (and shame at being aroused) she began reciting what Catholics call the “rosary”, apparently an endless repetition of certain prayers, but that is tolerable because her gasping words can be edited out. However I veto the idea of bees or wasps. We don’t want her stung. Also the type of syrup used seems to have caused a mild allergic reaction, particularly around her anus. Switch to ampalibe syrup, as it is native to our region. We want to minimize any “suspicious” imports.

Surprisingly there has been a market in films of D. doing ordinary daily activities. Onja shot the “garden hoeing” film as a lark but it really took off, particularly in Canada and Brazil. There appears to be an untapped market for naked girls doing ordinary, non-sexual things. Can we use her tutoring sessions? We cannot have anyone underage in our films of course but could they be shot so that the students she is helping are out of camera range? Also her playing hopscotch with her friends, with no other faces showing, though perhaps we can show their shoes and knee-high stockings next to her gritty bare feet which are quite tough by now. I am asking Tsiry to look into a possible nudist market where she is doing enjoyable things such as hiking, sunbathing, climbing a tree, and swimming.

​I have recommended that we close our department in Macao. I keep telling them that their ideas are either unhealthy or physically impossible. It seems to have had no effect.

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