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Ms. Bloom, strict teacher

“This is our last day on human sexuality,” Ms. Bloom says. She runs a tight class. “Miss Kilkenny, were you here on Wednesday?”


“So you were here for that demonstration with Miss Fairweather in the extended orgasm machine. . . How long did she stay in ‘status orgasmus’?”

“Um . . . two minutes, I think.”

“Two minutes and eight seconds. You saw Mr. Amalthus with his timer. By the way, I’m glad we were able to invite the other class in . . . And how many total orgasms did you have, Miss Fairweather?”

“Um . . . I think I came . . . twelve times.”

Ms. Bloom, again, corrects a slightly wrong answer. “Actually it was fourteen.” Now she cracks a rare smile. “That’s ok, I imagine it’s hard to count orgasms when you’re the one experiencing them.” N’Stange gives an embarrassed smile and the class laughs.

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