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natural blondes in the Garden of Eden

        “Well let’s go,” Willy said.  “I’ll give you a nice scrub-down all over.”  The two of them jerked the suitcases off the bench and struggled around the bend to the dorm.


        “It’s the least you can do,” Kathy said, the snow sucking up the sound of their voices as they turned out of sight.  “Tonight I’m on top.”

        The friends at the table saw them go and then resumed their contemplation of the snow and the sunshine.  Ahmad, having finished his pear, brought his bag up onto the table.  “Show us your latest,” Lisa said.  Seeing his shy hesitation, she insisted, “Come on! I saw you working on something yesterday.”

        It was a charcoal rendering of a stand of trees, then the quad behind it, the administration building in the distance and the black metal statue, tiny in the distance.  “Good perspective,” Lisa said.

        “You’re getting better and better,” Hank said.  They were too tactful to mention it but drawing in the statue was a breakthrough.  Ahmad still had his inhibitions, the product of an upbringing in conservative Islam, which forbids depictions of the human form as idolatrous.  Secretly he wanted to draw the many naked girls around him, but that day was still quite a ways off.


        And now another unattainable object, Naomi, along with her friends Jason, Maury and Graciela, one white and one brown female approaching with two guys in sweats.  Naomi spoke first with a typical Naomi comment.  “Such gorgeous creation all around us.”


        Naomi was a born-again Christian and one of BSC’s several dedicated virgins, who for some reason tended to gravitate to Alturas.  It was hard for some of the students to believe that there was such a thing as a born-again nudist camp but Naomi’s family had been members of one, down near Santa Barbara, and she had grown up about as uninhibited about nudity as any BSC student.  To Ahmad she was just gorgeous and made even more so by her virginity and her desire to keep it until marriage.  Could he marry her?  Traditional courtship rituals competed in his mind with ideas that were more distinctly his own, for example interdenominational relationships.  He admired her and loved her.  .  .

        “You are very beautiful, Miss Naomi,” he said, nervously, and of course both of them knew what that meant.

        She smiled and said, “You’re a sweetheart, Ahmad.  Why don’t we do a Bible study in the library later?”  Ahmad allowed a raised eyebrow to interrupt his admiring gaze.  She smiled, knowing that she and he had differing ideas about the Word of God.


        And now the wind played with the light blonde curls caressing her bare shoulders, making Ahmad almost swoon.


        Not forgetting his polite request, Naomi walked over to him and, seeing his nod, turned around and bent over, again without shame.  She had often said, “The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, every part is sanctified”.  Ahmad felt sublime as the sun glistened on her dewy, lipless vaginal region which nothing had ever penetrated.  The darkish brown hair -- no jokes about “natural blondes” here, BSC guys were experts on the topic and knew that most girls who have natural blonde head hair really do tend to have darker hair below -- and the tight butt cheeks around it.  Ahmad thought to himself: this is the view Adam had, like Eve looked on the first morning in the Garden of Eden.

        Naomi turned back to face him and he joined her and her friends as they walked off, leaving Corey and Lisa and Hank.  They sat silently.  Far off, in front of the trees, Wendy and Susie and Tommy ran across the field, the last two having a hard time staying even with the naked track star.  Bits of snow flew out behind her (toe thrust!) as she continued what to her was a relaxed pace.

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