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negotiating via her bottom

They’re “unharnessing” Patty after the Monday session, removing the electrodes and lifting her off the “insertion detectors”. It’s not only the usual assistant Clarissa, a pre-med student at the University, but also Dr. Posen and Dr. Stefan Redl, who is technically Dr. Posen’s supervisor, and Principal Chones. They are standing around in a circle as Patty turns around and gets up on all fours, her butt practically in Chones’s face, which might not be an accident. So far he has not been on the receiving end of Patty’s version of “giving the finger” . . . he again notes the tough soles which allow the school’s only naked student to go barefoot everywhere, in all seasons. Sam and Delores and Georgina are also there, standing back at a distance. They know Patty has to get home but were hoping to stop and grab some pizza with her on the way.

After her second and last orgasm of the session Patty is sweating and out of breath. As she often does, she has complaints. “Those -- new -- sucking -- things -- they’re too rough. It’s bad enough I feel like a -- cow being -- milked. They hurt.” Her breasts are pointing downward and Dr. Posen and Dr. Redl, one on each side, squeeze a nipple and then a little tug.


Dr. Posen notes, “They are slightly inflamed.”

“I c - could have t - told you that.”

Dr. Redl says, “Perhaps we should switch from the abrasive to the gelatin based.”

“Yes -- I -- think -- that would be a good idea.” The naked teenager can get away with this lack of deference because she correctly senses her value to the University. They were pretty damn lucky to find a subject for such an experiment. “Another thing -- why is that -- butt dick -- so long? I feel like I’m being -- drilled up to my -- tonsils.” Clarissa inserts in the anoscope -- “Jesus! Do you keep that f**king thing in the freezer??” -- which clicks once, twice, and then again, until Patty’s much-viewed rectal orifice, still gaping from the “butt dick”, is expanded to 35 mm. Dr. Poser peers inside. “No inflammation here.”

Now Patty, as required, spreads her knees apart and rests her head on her crossed hands, allowing access to her vulva. She suppresses a little jerk as Dr. Redl, aware that the vaginal shaft has been increased in diameter, checks her clitoris. “Miss Kowalski -- does this hurt?”

“You could be -- UNNHH! -- more gentle -- but I suppose -- no.”

Dr. Redl, with both hands, spreads Patty’s vaginal lips wide, giving everyone on his side a view of pink labia minora surrounding the rapidly closing hole. He notes the lack of inflammation there. Clarissa inputs all these observations into her cell phone, the special app which connects directly to the University Hospital.

“Patty,” Principal Chones says, “you might be wondering why I’m here with Dr. Redl. The University is proposing a modification to the experiments.”

Patty, still catching her breath, her head down and her butt still in the air, turns her head to Dr. Redl.

He straightens the vest on his three-piece suit. He has a Polish accent, though Patty can’t identify it as such. To her he just sounds “foreign”. “Miss Kowalski, we were surprised at the readout from last week, which recorded that you reached climax twenty-six times in the space of fifteen minutes.”

Patty closes her eyes, having hoped to banish the memory of that ordeal. “It was a bad surprise. To me anyway. I’m still going to rip that f**king little shit’s eyes out.” Her rough toes wiggle, as if getting ready to kick Kevin Tse in the balls again. Delores and Sam and Georgina look at each other, sharing their disgust at what he did to their friend.

“Be that as it may, we did not know you had such capacity. Being capable of so many multiple orgasms makes you a very lucky girl.”

“Really? Do you want it to happen to you?” Actually of course, for everyone there, especially the males, experiencing one orgasm after another is an unattainable fantasy. “I’d call it more of a c - curse. I felt like I was -- going to lose my m - mind.”

“We believe we can utilize your capacity in these experiments.”

“What?” Patty exhales, still recovering. “You -- already make me -- uhhh -- come twice every t - time. Isn’t that enough?”

“We think a regimen of ten orgasms, one every three minutes, is feasible, and will greatly increase our ability to visualize your colonic and deep vaginal contractions.”

Ten??” Patty blinks her eyes open.


Patty turns her head from him. “No way. F**k that! . . . eeek! Aren’t you done?” She says this to Dr. Posen, who is probing Patty’s sigmoid colon with a 30 cm cannula, checking “post-orgasmic capillary disgorgement”.

“We will increase your compensation from sixty dollars to, well, let’s say it’s a quantitative remuneration. Twenty-five dollars per orgasm, or two hundred fifty dollars per session.”

Patty takes a couple of deep breaths, still recovering from the session, and squirming at the probing cannula. She is trying not to move her hips in response to the wiggling deep inside her, as if trying not to scratch an itch. Sam, Delores and Georgina involuntarily clench their buttocks in sympathy. They have seen Patty’s insides many times but still cannot imagine what it must feel like.

“Still no. You -- folks wear me out -- ahhh -- enough as it is. I have to w - walk half a mile to my house to watch the kids.”

Dr. Posen is done with her probing and she and Dr. Redl look at each other. Principal Chones observes the scene with a stone face. Sam and Delores and Georgina share questioning looks. Now Hank comes in from outside. It’s a cold day and as the door opens a chilly gust hits them and curls up into Patty’s opened rectum, causing a shiver.

“Well I’m sorry you feel that way.” Clarissa gathers up the equipment, and Dr. Posen helps her wipe it off and put back in the large bag.

Patty, still with her head down, her butt in their faces, swallows and takes a few deep breaths. They watch as her anus closes and her rectum once again becomes her own. She is still wrung out. “Wait,” she says in a quiet voice. “I’ll -- uhhh . . . I’ll do it.” She clears her throat. “For forty.”

It all works out. Every Monday and Wednesday Patty stumbles home, her mind still fogged, clutching hidden in her hand the four hundred dollars cash she has earned by having ten orgasms, trying to focus on only one thing, getting back in time so that the kids don’t have to return from school to an empty house. She lands on the couch and is fast asleep when they get home. They know to leave her alone. After a one-hour nap she wakes up, takes a quick shower and, back to her energetic self, starts fixing their supper. She thinks of what can be done with the extra income. Probably get that old Ford back on the road. She’s a “motorhead” and knows how to fix it; it’s a matter of getting the parts, and then the registration, inspection and insurance.

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