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new Tami Smithers story

Two new pieces in four days. It’s easy to write with my new, fast keyboard. It’s a Corsair and gets a lot quieter once you install rubber O-rings under the keys (easy to do and cheap). Also I’m now using FocusWriter. Standard word processors are too feature-heavy. I’ve long used Notepad but it doesn’t recognize symbols or “smart quotes". FocusWriter hits the sweet spot for me.

The new “story” (it’s not really that) is called “Tami’s So-Called Life: Episode Guide”. I imagine it can spawn further similar pieces. Click on “Tami Smithers” under “Stories” above, or the direct link is

As always, let me know what you think. Either reply to this post or, if you wish to stay anonymous, you can comment at the box above. Thanks for reading!

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