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not demonic -- I

“One day, surveying the holding, I heard her sinful cries coming from within the barn.  It was my duty to investigate.  I thought with dread that she was in bestial congress with one of the animals.  When I passed through the opened gate, I saw she was lying on her bed of straw, violating herself with that gross mimicry of a male member.  She looked my way and then, as if I were not there, continued her diabolical pleasures.  Then she” -- Whyte pauses as he finds this hard to describe, such words having never passed his lips -- “achieved the Sacred Moment.”

“Lord have mercy!”  Rydall thinks for a moment.  “Did we see that at -- the mill?”  He has heard of female orgasm but has never actually seen one.  That is, until this visit.

“Yes, truth be told.”  Whyte has never seen one either, except from the naked girl.  It is unspoken but neither man can think of such an unsettling sight as anything but witchery.  It resembles the accounts they have read of demonic possession.  “And that is not the worst. Still not sated, she continued, again barely taking heed of my presence.  She was approaching a second -- desecration -- when I had to turn and flee.”

“So it is only with this rude stick that she violates her maidenhead?”

Whyte laughs.  “I doubt she ever had a maidenhead.  One can write a book about her without need of that word.”

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