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not demonic -- II

I was very glad to hear that, after many frustrating attempts and a great deal of resistance and fear on her part, Onja and his crew finally forced D. to succumb to her first orgasm, during the “water fountain” session.  I also understand that her loud howls right afterward echoed off the municipal buildings and resounded through the village.  This, combined with the uncontrollable tears, must have made for a very effective film.  Please let me see it before it is sent to Distribution.

. . . .

I am glad to hear that she is reaching climax during every shoot now.  Dr. Horok tells me that females can have what he calls “multiple orgasms”, one after the other.  This has been observed only in older, married women, but he thinks it is worth trying with D.  He will send you a protocol on how it (or rather, they) might best be achieved.

. . . .

Although I will not change the rule as to no operations inside the church building, I do like the idea Kanto has about punishing Fr. Pierre (and his congregation) for the more aggressive intercessions at Mass.  Recording the girl’s orgasms, and then parking the loudspeaker truck outside the church during service while a loop of the recording is played, is a brilliant idea and I believe it will be effective.  However it should not be so loud that Fr. Pierre cannot conduct the service.

. . . .

The Regional Director’s visit was a success.  He and his five-man committee watched with interest as D. was stretched out on that special stand in the village square and brought to five orgasms.  They had been thoroughly briefed and so were not alarmed by her gasping prayers, or the size of the dildoes and nipple stretcher.  I think they were awed by female sexual capacity!  It was also good to have her up on high, pitched forward, which allowed an unimpeded view from the rear.  It was risky to allow the Director to work the machine himself for the fourth orgasm but it turned out he had a natural touch and the applause he received was unfeigned and not at all sycophantic.  Also they were impressed with the organization of the village.  As you know I decided not to hide the infrastructure deficiencies which of course are not our fault.  It is only right that they give us the resources for further construction, considering all the income we generate for them!

. . . .

Now that the sexual sessions have intensified and D. cannot avoid orgasm, Fr. Pierre has devised a prayer for when she feels that dreaded event approaching.  As you might guess it is short: “Dear Lord, Help me resist this shame!  If I cannot, please have mercy on me!”  I laughed when I heard from Kanto that there is an even shorter version: “Dear Lord: Help!!”  Perhaps she says this in between!

. . . .

No more two-hour orgasm sessions.  I know it was specifically recommended by our committee in Tokyo but the girl was barely sensate at the end and was woozy in school the next day.  If nothing else, the sound of the uneven slapping of her bare feet as she staggered down the hallways was disorienting to the other students.  Also I will have to put my foot down and restrict our use of D. to six hours a week, with no session lasting more than two hours.  Submit your time sheets to Tsiry.

. . . .

The recent “orgasm research” series, of Onja and his friends in lab coats attaching devices to (and within) her spread-eagled body, has been selling well.  I’ve been told that she has become capable of more and more orgasms, despite her resistance, which is also good.  Ironically, resisting makes the orgasms stronger.  An experienced woman would know this, which of course she is not.  Also, I like the idea of a “tantalization” series, where she is tied on top of the village fountain and the spray to her clitoris controlled so that she almost reaches orgasm but is instead kept on the brink.  It would be great if she could be brought to such a frazzled state that she actually begs to be allowed to climax, but that is probably too much to hope for.  (Would Fr. Pierre have a prayer for that?!)

. . . .

Kanto overheard a meeting Fr. Pierre and the deacons had with the naked girl as to her “orgasms”.  I put this in quotes to emphasize that the word had to be explained to her; she had never heard it before, nor did she know the nature of this normal human process, which is not surprising, not that Pierre & Co. would be all that knowledgeable themselves.  Kanto couldn’t see what they were doing but believes they gave her a medical treatise with a bookmarked chapter on the sexual response cycle.  By now the girl has obviously experienced more orgasms in her young life than any woman in the village. Pierre and the deacon assured her that they are not her fault, nor do they have a demonic cause, and that she should pray not for forgiveness but rather for the ability to endure them.  Before a sex-themed shoot they have given her a new prayer to say: “Please Lord, help me get used to these unholy assaults on my chastity.”

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