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not what the average freshman girl has to go through

“Miss Smithers has exception rectal tone,” McMasters said, crouching down behind Brendo and pointing. The men crowded around, bent over a little, though because the stage was set so high up, they didn’t have to bend down much. The two little spotlights trained onto the girl’s anal area allowed them to see in minute detail as Brendo pushed the small white dildo through the ring of brown skin. The dildo was less than an inch wide and only five inches long, but to the cold, scared, naked girl, it felt huge.

McMasters continued his little lecture on that universally discussed topic, The Anus of Tami Smithers. “The rectal tone probably accounts for Miss Smithers’s unusually strong sexual response. A major component of orgasm is the contraction of the anal muscles, and if the muscles are strong and well toned, the contractions will be more extensive and numerous.”

Tami wished for a moment that she was one of those women who never had an orgasm. Why did she have to be so responsive? Why did she have to come so much during Dr. Harridance’s research? She took conscious breaths in and out as the dildo slowly invaded her gut. Her ankles shifted in their cuffs and her toes squirmed uneasily. A chill went through her nipples, hard and stiff in the cold air.

“Brendo, how is the insertion?” McMasters said, noticing that his assistant had all but one inch of the dildo in and was holding it in place with one finger.

“Very smooth,” Brendo said. To give his audience a better view he shifted around, changed fingers, and put his clammy, cold hand on Tami’s hard little butt cheek to stretch it open to the side.

“Perhaps one of you would like to hold this dildo in for a moment, to notice the strong rectal tone,” McMasters said. Detecting a little hesitancy, he said, “Go ahead.”

One of the men, an older, distinguished looking man in a trimmed gray beard, crouched forward to put his finger onto the dildo as Brendo withdrew. Tami felt the man’s breath on her butt cheeks. She kept her gaze glued to the floor, praying silently, wishing she could die. Then she felt the dildo being gently pushed in and out in little motions. With each little motion in, she felt pressure such that her eyes would bug out a little. And she knew this was just the beginning.

“I can feel a strong push outward,” the man said, curious and impressed. “You see what I mean,” McMasters said.

Then, to Tami’s horror, the man absently took his finger off the dildo and she felt it glide out of her butt and drop to the floor with a metallic clank. It felt to her exactly like she was taking a shit, right in front of these men.

“Whoops,” Brendo said. “The rectal muscles tend to expel what is inside,” McMasters explained. “That is why when the anal probe was inserted in Miss Smithers during the earlier research, it was flanged so that it could not be spontaneously expelled.”

Tami almost cried with shame. This was a new extreme in embarrassment. She closed her eyes as Brendo went around to the console for a tissue and then returned to pick up the dildo and wipe the floor. She was glad she couldn’t see the dildo; she fervently hoped there were no shit stains on it. Fortunately she had gone to the bathroom just before the appointment and she was pretty sure her bowels were empty.

“Well, we can’t re-insert it now,” McMasters mused. “Though we keep the lab very clean, it must have collected some dust from the floor. I think it’s done its job though. Time to insert the full dildo.”

As the naked girl kept her eyes closed, praying, Mr. Zipkin came around with the long piston rod, at the end of which was the big white dildo that had been shown to Tami the week before in Lab 5. As he put the rod through the hole in the stage and screwed it into the hidden cam below, McMasters said, “I’ve already explained about the lubrication system, let’s see if it works.” Brendo, back at the console, flicked a lever and the men could see gel beginning to emerge from the myriad little holes. “Excellent. Let’s go.”

As the rod slowly pushed up, Mr. Zipkin guided it until it was touching Tami’s butthole. “All right, Miss Smithers, push down, please,” McMasters said.

Tami pushed her rectal muscles and felt the huge dildo slowly open up the ring of her butthole. She could keenly feel every one of the little holes, like little ridges, as they passed through her most sensitive skin, her most sensitive muscle. She began to breathe deeply, almost hyperventilating, as her sphincter was painfully stretched open, wide, wide, wider. This thing was huge. They had assured her it was not much larger than the average penis, but this thing had to be bigger than Rod’s dick. And it was cold and didn’t have any give to it. Rod’s dick was warm flesh and blood, but this was hard, unyielding metal. She opened her eyes and though they were downcast, the people still sitting in front of her could see her eyes open wide in amazement and fear as her insides were slowly filled up.

“Very good,” McMasters said. “Let’s piston it in slowly.” He gave a signal to Brendo, who continued to work the console. The dildo continued in and when it had gone in about four inches, it was withdrawn an inch, then went in an inch and a half, withdrawn an inch . . . In half inch increments the huge, pinhole-covered metal cylinder was carefully inserted.

It was fortunate that McMasters and his assistants, whatever their motivations, really did take care that the teenage girl not be injured. The experience was traumatic enough as it was. To deal with the intrusion Tami took great breaths in and out. The two women in the theater seats, and Henry Ross and Homer Winant and the other men who had stayed in front, watched as her concave tummy moved in and out with her breathing and her wide-open, desperate eyes stared at a fixed point on the floor in front of her. Despite the cold, her naked body was beginning to flush with the exertion. The innocent onlookers assumed that these were simply signs of arousal from an unusually sexually responsive woman.

“Stop,” McMasters said abruptly and the dildo stayed planted about six inches into Tami’s rectum. He reached up to the ceiling and brought down a little camera that was suspended from a retractable stalk, and then demonstrated a feature that he had not told Tami about. “If you could direct your attention to our MRI screen, you can see a live image of Miss Smithers’s pelvic area.”

Tami could not help but look to her side. On a blank white part of the wall was a three-foot-tall image of what looked like an X-ray of a pelvic area. Hers! Yet it didn’t quite look like an X-ray. Tami had never actually seen an MRI, though she had heard of them. She noticed that she could see not only bones but what looked like internal organs. And a lot of tubes that she recognized as intestines. Her insides! She was morbidly fascinated, though this was mixed with shame at the knowledge that now, even her insides were exposed to the full view of others.

McMasters went to the screen and pointed to the outline of Tami’s butt. The naked girl involuntarily clenched her inner muscles as she realized that that solid white thing, sticking halfway up and into the pelvis, was the dildo. But as she did this the image moved and she knew that everyone could see her move her inner muscles. Would Henry Ross consider this clench as a sign of modesty? She bit her lip as she realized she must now control even her inner muscles or attract suspicion. Good thing they couldn’t see inside her mind as well!

“Note that about six inches of the dildo are now inside Miss Smithers’s rectum,” McMasters said. “See how it has come to the end of the normal extension of the rectum for a female of her age and size. Further insertion means negotiating the curve into the sigmoid colon,” he continued, sweeping his finger along the easily-seen tracery of the girl’s large intestine. “Some care must be taken in this, though Miss Smithers has considerable experience with anal intercourse and we really don’t think there is any danger of rupture.”

Tami felt like he was making it sound like she was a perverted slut who liked being fucked up the ass all the time. She also winced at the word “rupture”.

“Nevertheless,” he continued, “we will make a slight adjustment and continue.” Tami inhaled a bit as she felt the shock of Mr. Zipkin’s cold, rough hands grab her firmly on each side of her butt. He twisted her pelvis slightly one way. Then Brendo turned a dial on the console and another inch of the dildo went it. It felt to Tami like her insides had been pushed around to make room for more of the dildo. This was the same kind of feeling she got when Rod pushed his dick in all the way. Her sigmoid colon had been “negotiated”.

“Very good,” McMasters said. “You can see it has entered her sigmoid colon.” Despite her distress the naked girl turned to see the solid white object now up into another part of the ghostly tracery of a tube.

“Now that we are satisfied with an unimpeded insertion, we will proceed,” McMasters said. “Right now, we are at seven inches. Brendo, please increase the insertion to eight inches.”

Tami felt the dildo push even farther in. Her breath was shallow now. She felt like deep breaths were no longer possible. The dildo felt like it was about to emerge from her tonsils and there was no longer any room for her lungs to draw in air.

The dildo lurched in another inch and she grunted.

“We are now at eight inches,” McMasters said. He went up to the stage and pointed to Tami’s pelvis. “Note the slightly tilted pelvis as compared to before. We are now at full insertion.”

As he went back to the console, the naked girl dropped her head down, her hair hiding her face. He looked at the dial and then at Mr. Zipkin, who was still standing behind Tami. “I wonder if we should go to nine inches.”

Tami prayed silently. “Please, no more. I can’t take any more. This thing will tear my poor insides apart. Please, God, no more.” Her lips moved slightly as she mouthed the words to this prayer, fortunately hidden from view by her hanging hair.

McMasters said, “Though eight inches’ insertion is greater than afforded by the average penis, during the experiment Miss Smithers will jerk violently during orgasm. To protect her from injury we have restrained her wrists and ankles. Deeper insertion of the dildos, as the two work together, help as well. The point is to minimize the danger of mal-insertion during a bodily spasm and possible injury. Having one dildo inserted as deeply as possible as the other dildo is about to re-enter helps stabilize the pelvis.” Damn these folks, Tami thought, they have a plausible reason for everything. . .

One of the women in the back raised her hand. “Isn’t nine inches rather, uh, extreme?”

“Actually, no. It is possible, with much practice, to insert objects such as enema tubes much further in. But our goal at this point is to go to the limit of Miss Smithers’s capacity, not try to expand it.” He rubbed his chin and looked at Mr. Zipkin, who shrugged. Finally, McMasters said, “Okay then, let’s go to nine inches.”

Tami felt her eyes getting wet behind her mussed up, hanging, slightly damp hair. Why did she even bother to pray? Things always went against her. Good thing her big prayer, that she be given clothes, would be answered in a few weeks. At least she had that much to comfort her.

The penetration of nine inches through Tami Smithers’s rectum and into her sigmoid colon was achieved, by which time the naked girl felt like a sample butterfly impaled on a pin.

“We will give her a moment to get acclimated to this insertion, then proceed. Brendo, get out the little dildo to open up Miss Smithers from the front . . . ”

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