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nude, female version of Indiana Jones

         For now, she had to, in a subtle way, let people know she had changed.  She worked this into the conversation when Mayree said, “Tam, what did you do all summer?  You seem so different.”


         After all I’ve seen, how could it be otherwise? Tami told herself.  Dawn made it easier to answer when she said, “Everyone changes after their freshman year.”  Tami chose her words carefully.  “I hung out with my old friends, helped my Dad a little at the store.  .  .  I thought about a lot of things.”


         “Well we’re glad to see you.  We were wondering, you were the last person in the wing to show up.  General Frank almost lost his head again, he was so worried.”


         This was a reference to an incident that had happened in March, during the spring thaw at the campus pond, at the end of which was the statue of General Melchizedek Frank, one of the college’s founders, much neglected because (they said) General Frank was a half-drunk womanizer whose name got put on the college only because he donated the land.  One misty day the statue finally fell over and the head went skidding across the pond, coming to a stop in the middle.  The half-melted ice was judged too unsteady to walk on, and hypothermia loomed if a person fell through and got his clothes wet, so the call went out for Naked Tami, who gamely ventured out at the end of a rope tied around her waist in case she fell through.


         By then half the campus had come out to watch, in tense silence, as the naked girl’s bare feet slowly negotiated the slippery wet ice, her arms stretched out to each side to balance, her breasts, flushed with the cold, jiggling ever so slightly.  She bent down very carefully to pick up the head, about the size of a basketball, and then everyone’s mouth opened as a soggy cracking sound reverberated through the sheet of ice.  Tami finally decided to sit down with the General’s head in her lap as the firemen tugged the rope and she gently slid on her bare butt to the shore.  As she stood up at the edge, one foot poking through the ice to step into freezing water six inches deep, and handed the head to the fire chief, there was a cheering ovation and Tami, even more than usual, was the most popular girl on campus.  She then hurried in for a hot shower.  When the weather got good, the statue was reset and patched with concrete.


         Tami smiled, shivering a bit as she remembered that cold ice sliding under her butt, the heavy rough stone head scraping against her breasts and thighs.  She then closed her eyes again.  She felt Mayree slip on a toe ring, felt Dawn finish braiding, smiled with the tickle of Mayree brushing a little rouge on her nipples, then sparkles over the tops of her breasts.  Just like before the Black Formal back in December.


         She heard the door open and felt the gentle waft of air up into her pussy, partly opened between her widely spread legs, and opened her eyes.


         And then opened them some more.  For it was her lover, her big dark prince, and he was darker and more muscular than she remembered.  And not in one of his nerdy shirts, either.  A tank top showed his sleek shoulder muscles, strong legs under his shorts, and a bulge at his crotch he could not hide.  There were still his adorable eyes behind the wire-rimmed glasses, and that cute shaved head, so kissable.


         “Oh, lover,” the naked girl said.  “You look so fine!”


         “Oh Babe,” Rod said, and grabbed her as she jumped up into his arm.  There was a long, deep kiss during which Dawn and Mayree looked at each other with a smile.  And then Rod did something he never did before, picking up his naked white girlfriend and carrying her out of the room as if over a threshold.  Dawn got up and closed the door with a good-natured shrug.  A second later there was a knock.  She opened the door to see Tami, still being carried by Rod, wiggling her newly painted toes and fingers.  “Thanks, guys,” she said.

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