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17. Two nights a week the school hosts a “teen club” where the students are free to come by and play various indoor games, such as checkers, air hockey, or basketball. The Maik-lings often attend as a group, and they are fully nude, not in their apparatus. Sometimes two of them lie on a table tennis top, doing oral sex on each other in the “69” fashion. They seem to be really enjoying themselves. The other students pay them no mind, passing them by as they tongue each other to orgasm after orgasm in the midst of everything.

. . . .

24. A school dance was held one night last week and to my surprise all the Maik-lings attended. They were not in their apparatus, just naked kids among clothed kids. It seemed like everyone in their grade was there. The Chinese are hardly wild partiers and the dancing was pretty conservative, as were the formal outfits of the other students, and the music. Given their behavior in the foyer, and at the Teen Club (para. 17), I assumed the Maik-lings were lesbian, but that seems not to be the case. Same-sex dancing was apparently not allowed in this conservative culture, but the naked girls seemed fine with dancing with (clothed) boys. I’m not an expert on this topic but gender attraction is pretty fluid at that age, especially with girls. Though I wonder what the boys were feeling, holding a naked girl close, one hand on a bare shoulder and another on a bare hip. I was expecting the Maik-lings to be wallflowers but they clearly were not. They seemed indistinguishable from the other students, except for the lack of clothing. Fortunately no bare toes got accidentally stepped on.

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