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“one of the hardest things to do is to be brave, when no one can see you are being brave”

        Rod set himself up in the living room and popped in the first DVD.  Oh God --


        The mechanical, factory-like sound was almost deafening and he had to turn the volume down.  The sweaty, naked body of Tami, seen from the waist up, against the brightly lit background of Lab 6, three years ago.  She was only 18 then and she looked like a child, not quite as muscular as now, with whiter skin.  Her eyes were closed, her breathing ragged.  Her sweat-soaked hair was plastered to the sides of her face.  Her arms were stretched out to the sides -- hands tied to the posts that were out of camera range.  He knew the sliding, clanking sounds were from the unseen dildo shafts below, pistoning on their cams aimed at her widely-spread, tied-apart legs, plunging past her cervix, and deep into her colon, in an alternating rhythm.  Under her ribs he could see her concave tummy lurching slightly forward and back as she was penetrated front and rear, a mixture of chills and sobs going through her frame as she felt the ridges on the front dildo bump past her clit and inside past her G-spot.  Her nipples were stuck in those awful suction tubes that went up and out, bristling and sucking and stimulating...


        Oh Jesus -- entering the camera’s range, the face of Henry Ross!  In his lawyer suit.  And now next to him McMasters in his tacky blazer and open collar.  “Good afternoon Miss Smithers,” Ross said affably.


        Tami’s heavy-lidded eyes opened.  Her lips parted slightly but she said nothing.


        “So as I understand it,” Ross said to McMasters, “during orgasm her eyes dilate?”


        “That is one of the many things we have discovered about female orgasm, thanks to Tami’s participation,” McMasters said eagerly.  “To be precise, her pupils dilate, and her eyes lose focus.”  He looked down, presumably at dials on a console.  “Why don’t you watch on her next orgasm?”


        “You mean she’s had more than one?” Ross said with perhaps too much of a play at naiveté.


        “Good Lord, Mr. Ross, Tami is the most multi-orgasmic girl we ever heard of.”  Looking down again, he said, “She’s been hooked up for about an hour, and has experienced orgasm twenty-two times.”


        “Twenty-two times!” Ross looked at Tami’s face, her eyes now closed again.  “That’s hard for one to imagine,” he said with a convincing tone of innocent wonder.  “The greatest physical pleasure a human being can know, and she’s enjoyed it twenty-two times in just the past hour...  You are a lucky young woman, Miss Smithers!”


        “I’ll say,” McMasters said.  “And each one is an unusually intense experience in its own right.  She averages twelve contractions, which is more than the typical person has.”  He leaned down out of sight and must have turned a knob, as casually as if he were adjusting the throttle on a lawn mower.  Tami’s eyes popped open and she strangled a loud grunt.  “There, I’ve increased the RPM and the depth of insertion somewhat.  She should climax again soon.  Excuse me, Mr. Ross, I have to go down the hall to get a refill for our EKG scroll.  Why don’t you stay here and watch.  I’ll be back in five.  Tami,” he said now in a slightly louder voice, “Remember to open your eyes and look directly at Mr. Ross on your next orgasm, okay?”


        Tami, eyes closed, trying to hold back the quaking of her body, waited a second before slowly nodding once.


        Rod felt miserable.  At the time this was happening, he had no idea.  Neither did Rebecca or Jen or Marisol or anyone else.  They all thought of Tami as a happy, though quiet, girl who had decided to be a nudist.  And he supported her and said he admired her for it!  Tami kept her torments a secret from him and everyone, not wanting to let them down, and especially, as he knew now, not wanting to jeopardize her scholarship.  Totally out of her element, the first person in her family to go away to college, too frightened and intimidated to tell anyone, too frightened to seek legal advice.  He thought of what Rebecca had during her little sermon at their wedding.  “One of the hardest things to do is to be brave, when no one can see that you are being brave.”


        Now, back on the DVD, Ross could be seen watching McMasters leave.  Then he turned to Tami again.


        “Totally naked,” he said, looking her up and down.  “I can see every inch of you, Miss Smithers.  So has everyone else.  How does it feel, to be naked all the time and not cover any part of yourself for even one second? This jacket, for example,” he said, grabbing his lapels.  “I’m also wearing a shirt, pants, shoes, socks, underwear.  Quite comfortable and handy on a chilly day like this.  Yet you have nothing.”


        He walked around behind her, out of camera range.  “I understand many people have seen your, uh, anus.  Few people can stand to have anything inserted into this, what most people consider their most private spot.  Yet this, uh, dildo like thing is going into you and it is huge.  It must be penetrating deep into your gut.  In...  out...  now in again...  out again...”  Now he moved around in front again, looking down, stroking his chin.  “And this front dildo thing is no less remarkable.”  He bent down, out of range.  “The way it stretches your, uh, vaginal lips wide apart is amazing.”  He stood up again.  “I understand those ridges provide intense sexual stimulation, both inside and outside.”


        He let a moment go by, listening to Tami’s labored breathing and watching her closed eyes.  Now he stood up now aggressively, literally getting into her face, not more than a foot away.  His tone now was menacing.  “Feel those thrills!  And that rear shaft going right up into you!  You can’t escape me, Miss Smithers!  That is ME, going up into you!  ME, driving you to orgasm!  ME, reaching right into your soul at your most vulnerable moment!

        “Ah, I see now you’re beginning to crest up to yet another climax!  You MUST open your eyes and look at me!  Otherwise I will have evidence that you’re modest and you will be exposed as a liar!  ‘Religious nudist’, indeed!  Declaring that you don’t believe in modesty, indeed!  You were just streaking that night, admit it!!  An expellable offense!  Keep your eyes closed and you will be EXPELLED!”


        Tami’s eyes strained open in anguish and terror.  Her body quaked with the onset of orgasm.


        “You really think you can win, Miss Smithers?!” Ross got even closer, looking right into her eyes.  “You think you’re being heroic, don’t you!  The scholarship that made your parents proud!  Sticking it out for your stupid, beer-swilling parents!  And your stupid, N----R boyfriend!!  It won’t work!


        “LOOK AT ME!!  I WON’T GO AWAY!”


        She opened her mouth and her eyes twitched with the strain of keeping open as she launched into a convulsive climax.  Her shouts reverberated through the cold lab.


        “AHHHHH!”  -- “Again!!” Henry Ross shouted into her face, his hateful eyes gleaming into her terrified ones.


        “AHHHHH!”  -- “Again!!”


        “AHHHHH!”  -- “Yes!   More!!”




        Was she berating him?  Yelling at him?  Crying for help?  Shouting a prayer to God?  Her shouts were unearthly, weird.  Rod had heard Tami cry out in orgasm hundreds, possibly thousands of times, but never heard sounds like these.

        The orgasm went on and on.  Of course, everything being done to her was designed to extend and intensify her “pleasure”.  After the last few, irregular cries she dropped her head and started sobbing.  So young, her crying sounded like a little child’s.  Rod was about to cry himself.

        McMasters returned and she raised her head and sniffled, trying to compose herself, though this was not totally possible as the dildos, unaware that she had just suffered an intense, mind-ripping orgasm, kept on pistoning inside her with their constant rhythm.  McMasters looked down.  “I see she just had number twenty-three,” he said genially.  “Did she open her eyes for you?”


        “No, I don’t think she did,” Ross said blandly.  Tami’s eyes opened and she looked dully at the floor.  A tear formed at her right eye and rolled down her face.

        “Well, that’s OK, just wait until she has her next one,” McMasters said.  “Sometimes she’s too distracted to follow instructions, as you might imagine.  At the onset of orgasm ideation and perception become scrambled.  That’s another thing we’ve learned.  She cries, she sobs, she prays out loud sometimes.  Sexual ecstasy can be a religious experience.”

        “So one could imagine,” Ross said.  As they watched her catch her breath he observed, “This could be a disturbing sight.  If one didn’t know she had specifically agreed to it in writing.”


        “Indeed.  We are eternally thankful to her.  Well, like I said, let’s just wait.  It shouldn’t be long.  She’s on a plateau from which she can peak easily, come down a bit, and peak again.  Here,” he said, leaning down.


        Tami’s tortured eyes were forced upon and another cry was ripped from her throat.  Evidently McMasters had intensified the stimulation again.


        “Here she comes, so to speak,” McMasters said as Tami looked up to the ceiling with increased bucking of her hips.  He raised his voice.  “Now Tami -- look Mr. Ross in the eye!”


        Tami’s agonized expression again reluctantly focused on her nemesis, Ross’s vicious, sadistic leer staring into the look of pure terror in her tortured eyes --

        -- Rod couldn’t stand it any more.  He hit the “STOP” button and sat back and covered his face.  “Jesus,” he said.

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