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9. I was not aware of the internal vibrators until I passed Mei-yin while classes were changing. She was walking in my direction in a crazy way, her bare feet slapping against the floor, the heavy bookbag lurching from side to side. To me it was an alarming sight. Then she stopped next to me to catch her breath, leaning against the wall, and that was when I heard the humming. I recognized it as the 50-cycle hum generated by AC current in China (as you know, ours is 60-cycle). She quaked through an orgasm, then when it had spent its course with the last few irregular jolts, she pushed herself onward. She then grunted loudly as she lurched, almost as if in pain, and as I saw her walk away her steps were even more wildly zizagging than before. The hum must be continuous, not stopping even after orgasm. As I saw her go Zhenzhen came toward me, gasping and staggering. The other students are used to this and give the Maik-lings a wide berth at such times. Mei-yin and ZhenZhen, as they passed each other, exchanged a quick glance through dazed eyes.

10. I gradually deduced that vibrators turn on inside the Maik-lings during the entire three-minute time for changing classes. They actuate when the end-of-class bell sounds, and turn off with the beginning-of-class bell. When the girls get to their next class they plop down in their seats and look at the ceiling or close their eyes, as if praying, until the bell rings and the humming stops. When that happens they are visibily relieved, drooping their heads and catching their breath, a sheen of sweat on their bodies, sometimes not paying attention for the first minute or two of class. The teachers make allowance for this and do not ask them to answer questions or stand up until they have recovered.

11. On the average each Maik-ling has about four orgasms during each inter-class break. At first I figured out that this meant each Maik-ling was made to experience thirty-two orgasms during the course of the school day. Yet when school lets out they do not seem tired. I do not know how long they have been subjected to this regimen but they have become used to it.

12. I then found out that during sixth period, when other students have free study time, the Maik-lings are assigned to sit in the open foyer next to the auditorium. There are no chairs or benches there; the girls sit their bare bottoms on the cold floor, then the humming starts and does not stop for the next forty minutes, ending with five minutes left in the period. Whether being brought to orgasm after orgasm for that whole time is pleasure or pain, I don’t know; their cries during that period could be construed as either. They hold hands and hug each other as they writhe on the floor, their sweat causing stains as they pick up dust and rub against each other. The Maik-lings have a special bond and it is especially evident at this time. Sometimes it amounts to a pile-up of naked, sweating, spasming bodies. The foyer is centrally placed and one hears the echoes of their cries from the furthest reaches of the hallways, even upstairs. Then the humming stops and during the last five minutes all one hears is the sound of heavy breathing as they return to normal consciousness. The smell of female musk is by then almost overbearing and one can detect it from down the hall. They go to the gym showers to rinse themselves off and are allowed to be five minutes late to their next class.

13. The vibrators are obviously remotely controlled but I don’t know from where or by whom. It is probably via a software program. As part of the Phase II testing last year I had to shut off electricity for five minutes. It was sixth period and to my amazement, I still heard humming from down the hall, and the echoes of moaning and crying.

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